Fortnite 6.1 drops new Quadcrasher and BR tournaments


Fortnite Quadcrusher
Unleash destruction in the new Quadcrusher.
Photo: Epic Games

Fortnite’s weekly content update has landed and there are big additions to look forward to for Battle Royale regulars.

Players can now navigate the map in the new Quadcrusher vehicle and take part in in-game tournaments. There are also a whole host of big improvements to look forward to across all platforms, including iOS.

Apple employee spotted walking streets wearing giant backpack with sensors


Apple Maps
Google has been doing this for years.
Photo: Dante Cesa

Apple’s mapping fleet is moving on two feet to get a closer look at your local streets.

We’ve seen Apple’s mapping vans roaming the U.S. for years now, but this week an Apple employee was spotted walking around San Francisco with a huge backpack that packed a bunch of sensors to gather data for the Apple Maps revamp.

Check out the setup:


Dragalia Lost
Are you playing Dragalia Lost yet?
Photo: Nintendo

Apple plans to give away its $1 billion TV shows


Apple TV
Apple is loading up with original content.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple’s new TV streaming service will allegedly debut in early 2019 — and all those original Apple TV shows won’t cost customers anything, according to a recent report.

Despite planning to spend more than $1 billion on original content this year, Apple will supposedly give away its original content to customers that already own an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.


Stardew Valley
Stardew Valley is finally going mobile.
Photo: Chucklefish Limited

TrueDepth camera will reveal who to trust in new Game of Thrones game


Reigns- Game of Thrones 2
Coming soon to an iPhone near you.
Photo: Nerial/Devolver Digital

One of the cool things about iOS gaming has been seeing how developers incorporate Apple’s new technologies into the games that they offer. At first, it was features like the accelerometer and now, thanks to the TrueDepth sensors used for Face ID, Apple’s face tracking tech is set to be incorporated into next-gen titles.

One of the first out of the gate is the upcoming Reigns: Game of Thrones. According to a new report, the title will use facial tracking technology in an innovative way: by asking you to carry out stare-downs with the various characters.

Epic will let Fortnite players merge multiple accounts


Rescue your purchases from an old Epic account.
Photo: Epic Games

Epic Games is giving Fortnite players a new tool that will allow them to merge multiple accounts.

The merge will combine all item purchases, V-Bucks, game stats, and Save the World campaign access. It’s perfect for those who were forced to set up a second Epic account to play Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch, or because they were locked out of their original.

Civilization VI marches onto iPhone


Civlization VI
Get ready to give up hours on end!
Photo: Aspyr Media, Inc.

There are some technological feats that just hammer home how far we’ve come in a few short years. One of those is the fact that, through what we can only presume is the software engineering version of witchcraft, Sid Meier’s epic Civilization VI game has been squeezed onto iPhone.

And it’s available in the App Store right now — with a 60 percent price discount if you hurry!