Duolingo for iOS now teaches you Mandarin


Duolingo Chinese
The best language learning app is now even better.
Photo: Duolingo

Duolingo, the wonderful language learning app, now has the ability to teach you Mandarin. It was one of the most requested language courses in Duolingo history, and just like all the others, it’s free to take part.

Beautiful wallpapers show off iPhone X’s gorgeous guts


iPhone X
Make your iPhone's innards shine forth.
Photo: Ste Smith/iFixit/Cult of Mac

Still looking for the perfect wallpaper for your new iPhone X? The folks at iFixit have come up with a new set of that takes advantage of Apple’s new edge-to-edge display to make it look like your iPhone X doesn’t have a screen at all.

Now you don’t have to pry your screen open just to get a look inside.

Microsoft rips off AirDrop for Windows 10


Windows 10 AirDrop
Windows 10 gets its own AirDrop clone.
Photo: Microsoft

AirDrop, Apple’s incredibly convenient file-sharing feature, has been ripped off by Microsoft. The latest build of Windows 10 introduces the ability to quickly send files between computers using “Near Share.”

Weird iOS 11 bug robs users of the letter ‘i’


iOS 11 keyboard
Users temporarily can't take advantage of words with the letter 'i' in them.
Photo: Apple

Many people who upgraded to the latest version of iOS 11 find themselves unable to type the letter “i” due to a software bug.

For some reason in iOS 11.1, the letter “i” sometimes gets autocorrected to the letter “a” and a strange symbol, which usually appears as a question mark inside a box. Luckily, there’s a workaround while Apple scrambles to push out a software fix.

Sky Gamblers: Infinite Jets, and other awesome apps of the week


Awesome Apps
Have an 'appy weekend!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Set up your new iPhone X the right way


iphone x dock
Get your new iPhone set up the right way.
Photo: Apple

The new iPhone X is radically different from previous iPhones, but the setup hasn’t changed much at all. The biggest differences will show themselves if you’re already running iOS 11 on your current iPhone, because you’ll be able to take advantage of Automatic Setup. And of course Face ID has ousted Touch ID, so you’ll only have to save one face, instead of several fingers.

Other than that, you may find yourself on familiar ground. So lets take a look at how to set up your new iPhone X the right way.

Nintendo disappointed with Super Mario Run profit


Super Mario Run on iOS
200 million downloads haven't pulled in enough cash.
Photo: Apple