Audient Evo ‘evolutionizes’ iOS audio recording


Audient's new Evos look as good as they (probably) sound.
Audient's new Evos look as good as they (probably) sound.
Photo: Audient

Audient’s Evo is an excellent-looking new iOS-friendly USB audio interface. Like all other “sound cards,” the Evo lets you hook up speakers, headphones, and connect microphones, guitars, and so on. It then connects to a computer or iDevice via USB, so you can route all that audio in and out of your apps.

But the Evo brings a few clever extras. One is the Smartgain feature, which automatically sets your input levels. The other is something called loopback, which lets you record your iPhone’s own output. This is handy on the Mac and Windows, but essential on iOS, and very welcome.

Fortnite’s newest update makes playing on iOS better than ever


Fortnite mobile controller
You can now play at 120Hz on iPad Pro.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Fortnite just got its first update of 2020, and while it may look like a small and insignificant release at first glance, it actually makes playing on iOS devices better than ever.

The version 11.40 update finally adds support for L3 and R3 buttons on compatible controllers. And those playing on iPad Pro can now enjoy super-speedy gameplay at up to 120 frames-per-second.

How to “screenshot” music and videos on your iPhone


Just press record.
Photo: darkday/Flickr CC

On the iPhone and iPad, you can capture any image you see just by grabbing a screenshot. Pretty much everyone knows the power+home button, or power+volume-up button combo that snaps a screenshot and saves it to your photo library. You can even crop the image before saving it, to remove surrounding distractions. But what about video? Or music? Is it possible to take a “screenshot” of the music playing on your iPhone? Or capture a YouTube video? Yes it is. In fact, you can even “screenshot” a video, and then extract the music from within. Here’s how: with screen recording.


Hexnode cover image
Hexnode helps you get on top of mobile device management for better network security.
Images: Hexnode


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Photo: Apple

Today in Apple history: Apple invents ‘slide to unlock’


Apple didn't invent the Slide to Unlock gesture.
"Slide to unlock" drew audible gasps from the audience when Steve Jobs first showed it off.
Photo: Jared Earle/Flickr CC

December 23: Today in Apple history: Apple invents slide to unlock gesture for iPhone December 23, 2005: Apple files a patent application for its iconic “slide to unlock” gesture for the iPhone.

At this point, the iPhone remained a secret research project. However, the ability to unlock the device by sliding your finger across it signifies Apple’s big ambitions for its smartphone. Cupertino wants the iPhone to be easy to use, intuitive and miles ahead of the competition technologically.

This app extracts all the data your locked iPhone can’t tie down


iPhone encryption can't keep everything tied down.
Photo: Elcomsoft

Elcomsoft claims its iOS Forensic Toolkit can now extract certain pieces of data from an iOS device before it has been unlocked.

Almost all of the data stored on an iPhone or iPad is securely encrypted after a reboot or restart — until a passcode has been entered. But the little bit that isn’t, which includes keychain records, can now be obtained.

Trippy puzzler Manifold Garden lands on Apple Arcade


manifold garden
You've never played a game quite like this.

Apple Arcade recently added yet another title to its massive library of games and it’s one of the trippiest games we’ve played.

Manifold Garden puts players in an Escheresque world where repeating geometry is used to make you question the very laws of physics. Your task is to solve puzzles to restore vegetation to the barren landscape. The weird geography makes you feel like you just took a high dose of LSD making all the puzzles that much harder.

Check out the trippy teaser:

A single WhatsApp message can destroy your group chats


WhatsApp group notifications
Update WhatsApp today.
Photo: WhatsApp

Security researchers have discovered that a single text message can destroy your group chats inside WhatsApp.

The flaw, present on both Android and iOS, causes WhatsApp to crash and forces users to reinstall the app. Affected group chats must be deleted to prevent the “crash-loop” from happening again.

But there’s good news: WhatsApp has already fixed the issue, so all you need to do is update to the latest version of the app.

Today in Apple history: iOS finally overtakes Windows Mobile


Original iPhone running iOS 1
It's hard to believe how quickly the mobile landscaped morphed over the past decade.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

December 17: Today in Apple history: iPhone iOS overtakes Windows Mobile December 17, 2009: Apple finally triumphs over longtime rival Microsoft … on mobile operating systems market share.

Figures released by research firm Comscore show that iPhone OS (as iOS is called at the time) surpasses Windows Mobile in the United States. At the time, roughly 36 million Americans own smartphones. Of these, a quarter run Apple’s mobile operating system.