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Integrate ChatGPT into your WordPress site for maximum efficiency


Integrate ChatGPT into your WordPress Site for Just $40 for a limited time.
A limited-time price of less than $40 gets you a ChatGPT plug-in for your WordPress site ... for life!
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Add ChatGPT to your website and you can quickly create new content, answer users’ questions and much more. You can harness the power of artificial intelligence instantly with this deeply discounted ChatGPT plug-in for WordPress. It will turbocharge your productivity, efficiency and creativity by making web publishing easier for you and more fulfilling for your visitors.

For a limited time, you can get the ChatGPT WordPress plug-in from Mind2Matter for the exclusive price of just $39.97 (regularly $299).

How to access a USB drive with iPhone or iPad


How to access a USB drive with iPhone or iPad
Using a USB drive with iPhone or iPad is much easier than it used to be.
Image: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The world is full of USB drives, from portable thumbdrives to full external SSDs. Happily, you’re not closed off from these just because you use an iPhone or iPad. Connecting to external drives has gotten much easier than it used to be.

And you’ll have full read/write access to everything on the drive. You won’t even need to install any software, as the app you need comes preinstalled on your device.

Today in Apple history: IBM and Apple shake and make up


Steve Jobs and IBM
At one time, an Apple and IBM deal sounded impossible.
Photo: Andy Hertzfield

October 2: Today in Apple history: IBM and Apple shake and make up October 2, 1991: As the Cold War comes to an end, hell freezes over a second time as Apple and IBM agree to put aside their differences.

Having been bitter rivals for the past decade, the two tech giants host a press conference at the Fairmont hotel in San Francisco to unveil their new partnership. “We want to be a major player in the computer industry,” Apple CEO John Sculley says. “The only way to do that is to work with another major player.”

MacBook Pro drives massive 5K2K display plus mini monitor [Setups]


This setup lost one of the three display in a recent move.
This setup lost one of the three display in a recent move.
Photo: designforthepeople@Redit.com

Today’s featured computer setup isn’t turning heads for its Apple gear — just a 2019 MacBook Pro — but its displays deserve a good look. The Mac goes through a Razer Thunderbolt 3 dock as it drives an “odd couple” of displays — a huge, curved LG 5K2K monitor and a tiny LG portable display.

And don’t miss the audio gear in the gear list below, either. It’s good stuff.

It’s not just you: iOS 17 has a battery life problem


iOS update does not deliver promised iPhone battery improvement
iOS 17 is hard on battery life.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

iOS 17 reduces the battery life of an array of older models. The result: Users of the iPhone XR, iPhone 13, etc., running the latest operating system version need to charge up their handsets more often.

It is not normal for a new iOS version to universally reduce battery life. But a fix may be on the way.

Save Home Screen space with two shortcuts in one small widget [Pro Tip]


Two for the space of one
Double the shortcuts in the small widget.
Image: D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

Pro tip bug

You can fit two shortcuts into one small widget in iOS 17, a significant change for power users of Apple’s time-saving Shortcuts app. A lot of shortcuts I make are in pairs — and now, you can put two shortcuts of a kind in one small space on your Home Screen.

Shortcuts, if you’re not aware, let you automate the things you do most often on your iPhone, Mac, iPad or Apple Watch. For instance, you can create a shortcut that sets a Focus mode when you get to work, one that suggests easy-to-remember passwords, one for converting units — the possibilities are endless. (Read Apple’s helpful Shortcuts guide if you want to familiarize yourself with the powerful app.)

Home Screen widgets are a great way to launch the shortcuts you use every day. On the iPhone, where space is limited, fitting twice as many shortcuts without losing any icons could be a game changer for your Home Screen. Let me show you how to set it up.

Block annoying internet ads and trackers for life


Pay $16.97 for a lifetime of top-rated ad-blocking on 3 devices.
Take more than $40 off a lifetime of protection from online ads.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

A significant chunk of the internet runs on advertising revenue, so it’s no surprise that you see a lot of it. But let’s face it: Many sites are simply choked with banner ads, pop-ups and intrusive videos that drag down your speed and the overall experience.

It’s getting to the point that many of us don’t even remember what an ad-free internet page looked like. However, AdGuard is one tool you can use to bring back the good old days. And it’s priced down to $16.97 for a very limited time.

Today in Apple history: Apple’s own code spills details about iPhone 4s


iPhone 4s
While the iPhone 4s name and other key details leaked, Siri remained a surprise.
Photo: Apple

October 1: Today in Apple history: Leak in Apple's own code reveals existence of iPhone 4s October 1, 2011: Just days before it is to be publicly unveiled, the name of the iPhone 4s is revealed online.

The latest iTunes beta inadvertently spills the beans on the new name. The code also reveals that Apple’s new handset will come in black and white color options.

Grab a keychain Apple Watch charger for just $19


Pick up this versatile and Apple Watch wireless charger keychain for $30 off.
Take $30 off the normal price of this tiny wireless Apple Watch charger.
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If you’re a daily wearer of the Apple Watch, you know how awesome it is to carry so much connectivity and intel on your wrist. You’re also well aware of the frustrations that can arise from a battery that’s entering the danger zone. But this keychain Apple Watch charger can turn that around.

For a limited time, you can purchase this Apple Watch battery booster for just $18.99 (regularly $49) with no coupon necessary. That’s more than 60% off a product that will keep your smartwatch powered up no matter where the journey takes you.