Fire up Apple Watch and iPhone with this minimalist charging pad


WiDuo is a 2 in 1 wireless-charging solution for your iPhone and Apple Watch. Beautiful, simple and powerful with up to 20 percent faster charging!
Photo: Wiplabs

For lovers of versatility, and Apple gear, I bring you a two-in-one charging solution for iPhone and Apple Watch. Who doesn’t enjoy a twofer?

The WiDuo by Wiplabs is a beautifully minimalist charging pad that provides up to 20 percent faster charging that many of its wireless competitors. And, it’s cute and sleek to boot. Pop it in a bag or briefcase for on-the-go charging.

Apple employees voice frustration with work culture under Tim Cook


Tim Cook
Not everyone is happy at Apple under CEO Tim Cook.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Maybe it was the standing desks. Apple employees are voicing growing discontent for the workplace under boss Tim Cook, according to employee surveys ranking the top 100 CEOs.

Cook’s spot on Glassdoor’s annual list was 96, down from 53 a year ago in what was the biggest fall for a tech CEO on the list.

Nuzzel highlights important news from your Twitter feed (50 Essential iOS Apps #28)


Nuzzel news feed on iPhone
Nuzzel prioritizes the most talked about stories from Twitter.
Photo: Ian Fuchs/Cult of Mac

50 Essential iOS Apps: NuzzelTwitter is a great way to stay up-to-date with the news. A well-curated Twitter feed can provide important updates on topics important to you. Sometimes, knowing what is most important can be a challenge as conversations, memes, and social commentary overwhelm actual news updates. With Nuzzel, you can view a summary of the news stories everyone is talking about. Best of all, it’s personalized to you.

Save 97 percent on this powerful project-planning app [Deals]


Plan out projects of any size with this easy to use app that's also nice to look at.
Plan out projects of any size with this easy to use app that's also nice to look at.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Getting through a big project takes lots of planning, and improvising along the way. In our digital age, there’s no reason to be shuffling papers or scrawling notes on the wall. So if you’ve got a big task to plan, this app is a great place to start.

Preorder Pokémon Quest for iOS today, download June 28


Pokémon Quest iOS
Pokémon Quest will be officially available on June 28.
Photo: The Pokémon Company

Today in Apple history: Apple’s eWorld online service goes live


Enter Apple eWorld. Short of a Nirvana MIDI file playing in the background, you can't get more 1990s than this!
It doesn't get more 1990s than this!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

June 20: Today in Apple historyJune 20, 1994: Apple launches eWorld, a subscription service for Mac owners that’s designed to compete with America Online and other nascent online properties.

Part messaging service and part news aggregator, eWorld is supposed to push Apple into competition with the likes of AOL, Delphi, CompuServe and Prodigy. Unfortunately, Apple’s online service is doomed from the start.

Kristen Wiig drops out of Apple’s upcoming original comedy


Kristen Wiig slayed us in Bridesmaids.
Wiig will play Cheetah in Wonder Woman 1984 instead.
Photo: Universal Pictures

Apple’s upcoming original comedy has lost its leading star.

Kristen Wiig has dropped out of Apple’s adaptation of You Think It, I’ll Say It due to scheduling conflicts with Wonder Woman 1984, according to a new report. Sources claim Apple is still planning to go ahead with the series.

What’s new in iOS 12 beta 2?


There are lots of welcome tweaks in iOS 12 beta 2.
There are lots of welcome tweaks in iOS 12 beta 2.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Two weeks after the initial — and surprisingly solid — beta of iOS 12, comes the second update. iOS 12 beta 2 has tweaked the operating system in several places, mostly in Screen Time, which was quite sparse in the first round. Let’s take a look at what’s changed.

How to understand the amazing new battery info in iOS 12


Slice and dice the battery info however you like.
Slice and dice the battery info however you like.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The new iOS 12 Battery information page section is a massive improvement on the previous version. Whereas before you could see which apps had used how much battery, and for how long, now you can see the charts which look like the Tim Cook section of an Apple Keynote. You can see your battery use in incredible detail, broken down by such categories as Screen On Usage, and Screen Off Usage.

But that’s not all. You can see how fast the battery ran down, how the levels where at any time during the last 24 hours, and also a longer-term overview which shows your usage over time.

It’s so detailed that it can be a bit intimidating, so today we’ll take a look to see how to read those charts, and how to get the best out of them.

Clever case makes carrying Apple Watch and its essentials easy


With a USB battery on the inside and iPhone charging on the outside, you have an ultra-cool and tidy Watch charging station with TimePorter.
Photo: Twelve South

Traveling with Apple Watch is a fairly simple affair: strap on your watch and go.

Traveling with all the extra accessories, however, is a serious pain in the butt. There’s that 6-foot charging cable, for one, which always manages to get tangled up in my bag. Add extra Apple Watch bands and a wall plug, and you’ve got some serious carry, and we haven’t even mentioned dealing with the watch when you aren’t wearing it.

Twelve South has an answer to this conundrum, and it’s called TimePorter. Now available for purchase from our Watch Store.