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Take high-resolution 48MP photos with your iPhone 14 Pro


How to take 48MP ProRAW pictures: Learn how to make the most of the 48MP sensor in your iPhone 14 Pro.
Learn how to make the most of the 48MP sensor in your iPhone 14 Pro.
Image: D. Griffin Jones/Cult of Mac

The iPhone 14 Pro can take incredible 48-megapixel photos that capture eagle-eye details at incredibly high resolution. To take 48MP pictures, you need to shoot in Apple’s ProRAW format, which pairs the lossless RAW format preferred by professional photographers with the iPhone’s computational photography data.

This means that your iPhone 14 Pro is capturing all of the sensor data, and the results can be stunning — better than anything possible with any previous iPhone. (The iPhone 13 Pro captured ProRAW images, but only sported a 12MP camera.)

ProRAW captures images at 8064 × 6048 resolution. That means you can crop in really far on your pictures and keep everything pixel-perfect. You can print your images on a huge 26-inch by 20-inch poster, even at a professional-quality 300 DPI. The high-resolution images also give you more control during the editing process, so you can tweak your most important images to your heart’s content.

There are some caveats, though. Images with ProRAW enabled take up three times the storage space, for one. And shooting pictures like this takes a little longer. (The image capture isn’t as instantaneous as we’re used to.) And for everyday snapshots, ProRAW results might even be less satisfying than simply letting the iPhone perform its computational photography magic.

Read on to see how it all works so you can start taking 48MP photos with your iPhone 14 Pro, then edit them effectively.

Today in Apple history: Apple’s own code spills details about iPhone 4s


iPhone 4s
While the iPhone 4s name and other key details leaked, Siri remained a surprise.
Photo: Apple

October 1: Today in Apple history: Leak in Apple's own code reveals existence of iPhone 4s October 1, 2011: Just days before it is to be publicly unveiled, the name of the iPhone 4s is revealed online.

The latest iTunes beta inadvertently spills the beans on the new name. The code also reveals that Apple’s new handset will come in black and white color options.

Carry your music from room to room with $49 off this compact Bluetooth speaker


Listen to music for up to 7 hours with this awesome Bluetooth speaker, less than $30 right now.
Grab this sleek Bluetooth speaker with more than half off today.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

If you enjoy blasting music throughout your home, headphones simply won’t cut it. You’ll need a portable speaker that can move with you without compromising sound quality, and this sleek Sound Spot by Soundfreaq might fit the bill. Usually $79, you can get one on sale today for just $29.99.

New Soundcore flagship ANC earbuds beat AirPods to monitoring heart rate


The new Soundcore Liberty 4 wireless ANC earbuds feature heart-rate tracking.
The new Soundcore Liberty 4 wireless ANC earbuds feature heart-rate tracking.
Photo: Soundcore by Anker

Soundcore rolled out its new flagship Liberty 4 wireless earbuds with active noise cancellation (ANC) on Friday with some upgrades.

And one of those upgrades might get under Apple’s skin a little bit. That would be heart rate monitoring via an in-ear sensor, which has so far failed to materialize in Apple’s AirPods line despite persistent rumors.

Motivosity can make quiet quitting a thing of the past


How to create a positive work culture.
Stop quiet quitting in its tracks with Motivosity by creating a positive atmosphere in your office.
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Quiet quitting is officially in the air. After being featured in a Wall Street Journal story last month, almost everyone is up to speed on what the quiet quitting idea is all about. For those not in the know, it’s when an employee stops taking on extraordinary projects or responsibilities at work and sticks only to what’s in their job description.

In fact, more than 50% of you appear to be quiet quitting right now, according to a Gallup survey. Motivosity gets it — and they want to change all that.

Bad Sisters keeps killing it with icy murder plots and revenge [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★☆


Bad Sisters recap: What will the Garvey sisters get up to this week?★★★★☆
What will the Garvey sisters get up to this week? A chilling plan!
Photo: Apple TV+

Bad Sisters, the Apple TV+ black comedy about Irish women who might have killed their terrible brother-in-law to save their whole family from him, takes a cold turn this week.

Becka has a new plan for offing John Paul. Ursula’s lover finds out about the blackmail. Gabriel thinks Eva betrayed him, Roger’s in hell. And John Paul is finally getting some of the revenge he deserves after a life of doling out misery to everyone else.

It’s highs and lows all the way to the grave with this one.

Iffy AirPods Pro 2 fit? Alternative ear tips can make all the difference.


A poor AirPods Pro 2 fit is troubling, but it's not hard to fix with after-market ear tips.
A poor AirPods Pro 2 fit is troubling, but it's not hard to fix with after-market ear tips.
Photo: David Snow/Cult of Mac

No one wants to spend $250 on a set of outstanding wireless noise-cancelling earbuds — let’s say, second-generation AirPods Pro — only to find they don’t fit well, even with a choice of ear tip sizes.

But unfortunately, it can happen. It happened to me, actually. But once I explored after-market ear tips (the part that goes into your ear canal), I quickly solved the problem at minimal expense.

See ups the ante with cannibals and an evil power couple [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★☆☆


See recap: You can't keep a crazy ex-queen down!★★★☆☆
You can't keep a crazy ex-queen down!
Photo: Apple TV+

It’s wedding bells for lovely new couple Sibeth Kane and Tormada on this week’s episode of See, the Apple TV+ show set in the not-too-distant future in a world full of blind people. The deposed queen has consolidated her power and is ready for her next move.

Elsewhere in this dystopian world, Lord Harlan recommends a fateful shortcut, Maghra’s done playing Mr. Nice Guy, Lucien’s luck runs out, and Baba Voss kills lots and lots and lots of people.

It’s an above-average outing for the Nietzschean, not-quite-samurai epic.

Today in Apple history: Macs get that iSyncing feeling


Today in Apple history: Macs get that syncing feeling as Apple launches iSync. It was a killer app for its time.
iSync let Macs sync with a variety of other devices.
Photo: Juska Wendland/Flickr CC

September 30: Today in Apple history: Apple introduces iSync, letting Macs sync to cellphones and iPods September 30, 2002: Apple introduces iSync, a tool that lets Mac users synchronize their address books and calendars with their cellphones, iPods and Palm OS-compatible handheld organizers via Bluetooth.

It represents a big leap forward in the ability of computers and mobile devices to talk with one another. And it hints at some of Apple’s later advances.

Access 14 courses on Python programming for only $40


Develop your computer programming skills anytime with a discounted lifetime subscription to this 14-course Python bundle.
Explore more than 900 lessons on Python programming training and get certified by taking advantage of major savings on this educational package.
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The tech industry has exploded since the ’90s, and with that comes numerous opportunities for programmers. Fortunately, coding doesn’t require traditional schooling. However, to find success in the field, you absolutely need to show employers that you know your stuff.

If you’re looking to make your move into tech, or simply refresh your existing skills, this 14-part Python training bundle could be for you. It offers lifetime access to nearly 1,000 lessons. And it’s a steal at just $40 (regularly $2,798) for a limited time.