How to change the Slack logo back on your Mac


Oh man, what were they thinking?
Oh man, what were they thinking?
Photo: Cult of Mac

Slack is everybody’s favorite way to waste time when they’re supposed to be working. And today, the biggest conversation in Slack chats everywhere is Slack’s hideous new logo.

It’s dull. It’s ugly. It has none of the personality of the original logo, and it doesn’t look like the Slack hashtag even if you squint at it hard.

If you’re on iOS, tough. You’re stuck with this awful new corporate abomination. But if you’re on the Mac, there’s good news: You can keep the old Slack app icon.


Score thousands of premium WordPress plugins, themes and templates [Deals]


This bundle includes a massive library of WordPress resources, and a straightforward way to use them.
This bundle includes a massive library of WordPress resources, and a straightforward way to use them.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

A huge chunk of the internet runs on WordPress – like, a third of it. So if you’re going to build a website, this ubiquitous platform is a great tool. But signing up is just the start. For a site that looks and works how you want, you will need extra resources.

Today in Apple history: Mac’s ‘1984’ ad debuts in theaters


Before it won the Super Bowl, Apple's iconic Mac ad invaded theaters.
Photo: Chiat/Day/Apple

January 17: Today in Apple history: Mac's '1984' ad debuts in theaters January 17, 1984: A week before its famous airing during Super Bowl XVIII, Apple’s iconic “1984” ad debuts as a trailer in movie theaters.

To hype its revolutionary new Macintosh computer, Apple buys several months of promotion from theatrical ad distributor ScreenVision. Cupertino’s sci-fi-tinged “1984” spot — which depicts a sledgehammer-wielding freedom fighter taking on a Big Brother figure supposed to represent IBM —
gets such a favorable audience reaction that some theater owners continue to roll the ad after Apple’s contract ends.

$350,000 Swiss watch looks like an Apple Watch on standby


Swiss Alp Watch Concept Black 1
This way, everyone will know how much you spent. Or perhaps not.
Photo: H Moser & Cie

Plenty of tech companies “borrow” from Apple’s designs when it comes to new products, but it’s relatively rare for other industries to play copycat.

A Swiss watch company, however, is making an exception to the rule. The Swiss Alp Watch Concept Black from H Moser & Cie offers a hands-free Swiss watch that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Apple Watch.

2019 iPhone could retain Lightning port, gain hi-res selfie cam


A major topic of debate about the iPhone XI is camera lens placement.
Allegedly, these 2019 iPhone rear cameras could be getting an upgrade.
Photo: OnLeaks/CompareRaja

One rumored change to the 2019 iPhone might not happen: a generally reliable source indicates that Apple’s next handset will hold onto its Lightning connector.

And the same source says the iPhone XI will have very high-resolution front- and rear-facing cameras.

Sell your old Mac today and bag a bargain upgrade


Isn't it time you swapped that dusty old Mac for a new one?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

With Best Buy offering $200 off the latest MacBook Pro at right now, and big discounts on other Apple computers popping up all over the place, it’s a great time to sell your old machine and bag a bargain upgrade.

And you could just be sitting on a small fortune. Cult of Mac typically pays more for your old Apple devices than other trade-in services — and we won’t leave you waiting ages for your cash. Get a quote today and find out how much your old Mac is really worth.

How to password-protect any app on your iPhone or iPad


A barrier, blocking things. That’s a genuine light-leak FYI.
A barrier, blocking things. That’s a genuine light-leak FYI.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

You know how iOS’ accessibility features often prove handy for all users? Like Live Listen, which lets you turn your AirPods into remote listening devices? Or a combo of settings that resurrects an iPhone with a broken screen?

The same is true for Screen Time. This feature tracks how long you spend using apps every day, and can help you limit that time. But you can also use Screen Time to password-protect any app on your iPhone or iPad.

$200 off the new MacBook Pro, $280 off iPad Pro [Deals & Steals]


2018 MacBook Pro
Bag your new MacBook Pro for less today.
Photo: Apple

Bag Apple’s most powerful notebook with the latest Intel processors and super-speedy graphics with up to $200 off the usual price. Best Buy has slashed prices on a bunch of different models, and it’s just one of the awesome offers in today’s Deals & Steals roundup.

We also have big discounts on the iPad Pro, Photoshop Elements 2019 for Mac, and the Amazon Echo Input, which turns any old speaker into a smart speaker. Plus, you can save 31 percent on Anker’s excellent wireless charging stand for iPhone.

Meet Korg’s new hardware groovebooxes: Volca Drum and Volca Modular


Who wouldn’t want to play with one of these little tykes?
Who wouldn’t want to play with one of these little tykes?
Photo: Korg

Hey, iOS musicians. Not just you, in fact: Hey anyone who likes fun! Meet Korg’s new music-making boxes, the Volca Drum and the Volca Modular. They’re new additions to the Volca family of paperback-size music machines that hook up together or work alone. And they work great with your iPad or Mac, if you like.

Apple may hit the brakes on autonomous vehicle program


Apple car
Apple’s test vehicles from its self-driving car project could be headed for the highway exit.
Photo: Idiggapple/Twitter

Apple’s self-driving car development could be headed for a cliff. Maybe. A questionable report from industry analysts says that there are layoffs in this division and the whole project might even be scrapped.

The cause is supposedly the slowdown in iPhone sales caused by the weakening Chinese economy. The reduction in revenue leaves less room for non-core programs.