2021 iPad Pro is available now, just not from Apple.com


Wait for 2021 iPad Pro stretches out months
You’ll get the 2021 iPad Pro far quicker if you order it from somewhere other than Apple.com.
Photo: Apple

The online Apple Store might not be the best place to buy the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Place an order for 2021’s hottest tablet on Apple.com on Wednesday and you could wait a month or more to have it shipped to you. But other stores have the device in stock now.

Why wait?


Tim Cook at WWDC 2021
Tim Cook (shown here at WWDC 2021) is not a fan of sideloading iPhone apps.
Screenshot: Apple

Ingenious AirTag mount doubles as a reflector for discreet bike tracking


AirTag bike mount and reflector
There's an AirTag hidden in there somewhere.
Photo: Device Therapy

Strap an AirTag to your bike so that you can discreetly track its location with this ingenious mount from Device Therapy. It looks just like a bog-standard reflector at first glance, so would-be thieves will have no idea it’s even there.

Bag yours today from the Cult of Mac Store for just $12.99.

‘Mostly monochrome’ rig focuses on innovative storage, nice lighting, cool keyboards [Setups]


It's amazing what you can do with a pegboard (left) and some inexpensive but effective lighting.
It's amazing what you can do with a pegboard (left) and some inexpensive but effective lighting.
Photo: carrotcakeblack@Reddit

Redditor carrotcakeblack wins more than a few style points for his “mostly monochrome! Also some keyboards” setup, as he calls it in his post’s title.

But he leaves out one of the factors visitors like most about his well-photographed MacBook Pro-based outfit. Namely, the way he hangs so much of his gear on a pegboard off to one side in such a visually appealing way.

Protect your AirTags with these high-end keychain holders


This AirTag keychain holder is sleek, protective and portable.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

You’ve got your AirTags. Now you just need a way to attach them to the gear you never want to lose again. This affordable AirTag keychain holder lets you connect one of Apple’s tracking tags to your keys, backpack, purse or whatever else you need to keep tabs on.

Today in Apple history: iPhone 4 preorders set an impressive record


Steve obs
The iPhone 4 wound up selling 1.7 million units in its first weekend.
Photo: Matthew Yohe/Wikipedia CC

June 16: Today in Apple history: Apple receives record preorders for iPhone 4 June 16, 2010: Apple reports a massive surge of interest in its upcoming iPhone 4, with 600,000 sales on the first day of preorders.

The company calls the number “far higher” than expected. At the time, it’s the largest number of iPhone preorders Apple has ever taken in a single day. AT&T suffers server problems thanks to the demand — with 10 times the usual traffic on its website. It’s proof positive that Apple is onto a winner!