Amazon Kindle app gets iPad multitasking at last


Amazon Kindle in Split View
Amazon Kindle can now be displayed next to another app.
Graphic: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Viewing two applications at once came to the iPad way back in iOS 9, but the Amazon Kindle app only just now supports it. The new multitasking feature enables tablet users to have a book open while using another app.

And this isn’t the only notable improvement in the just-released update to Amazon’s Kindle app.

Handy gadget gives you a grip on your iPad


iPad accessories
The iPad is not so easy to use when you are moving on your feet. The TabStrap can change that.
Photo: Pack & Smooch

At first glance, the TabStrap looks like a bandage on the hand of a wounded iPad user. It’s not, yet the person who uses an iPad as their main source of personal computing might find it just as much of a lifesaver.

The thick, adjustable wool strap connects to a base that suctions to the back of an iPad. The hand goes through the strap, giving the user a secure grip on the iPad as they swipe, write, draw or tap apps while standing or walking.

Apple batteries could get a whole lot more powerful


Apple batteries
Even Apple batteries wear out, but longer-lived ones are close to release.
Photo: Apple

A new type of battery promises 20 percent to 40 percent more storage capacity. Even better, one of the companies behind the research has ties to Apple, so the improved lithium-silicon batteries are likely to show up in iPhone and iPad.

Self-driving car kills pedestrian for first time


Uber - Entry #80 by sankalp - India
Uber’s autonomous car program just recorded its first fatality.
Photo: Uber

Uber’s self driving car program in Arizona has suffered a fatal setback after one of its autonomous vehicles hit and killed a female pedestrian.

The woman was crossing the street in Tempe around 10pm last night but wasn’t using a cross walk when the accident occurred.

Add MagSafe protection to any USB-C charger [Deals]


This magnetic breakaway USB-C cable adds a critical layer of protection against accidental trips over the power cord.
This magnetic breakaway USB-C cable adds a critical layer of protection against accidental trips over the power cord.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

One of the most valuable additions to the MacBook was the MagSafe connector. Held to the computer by a small magnetic ring, it prevented an inevitable step on the power cable from bringing the computer to the floor. But with USB-C taking over as a charging option, the old risks of flying devices is back.

Don’t go online in 2018 without a password manager


You can't be too safe online. The Dashlane password manager can help.
You can't be too safe online these days.
Photo: Stokpic/Pexels CC

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds fights Fortnite on iPhone in U.S.


PUBG Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds
PUBG Mobile reaches the West.
Photo: Tencent

It is shaping up to be a spectacular month for battle royale games on iOS. After the hugely popular Fortnite landed in the App Store last week, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has made its way to iPhone and iPad.

After a round of beta testing in Canada, the free PUBG Mobile is now available on iOS (and Android) in the United States and other locations around the world.

How to block calls on your iPhone


phone booth
Avoiding phone calls used to be easy.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Ex-husband won’t take no for an answer? Landlord keeps bugging you about the overdue rent? Boss keeps calling you to work extra shifts? Maybe you want to block their calls. Thankfully that’s easy to do on the iPhone. Not only can you block calls, you can block iMessages, and even FaceTime calls. Short of switching your iPhone off and hiding it in the freezer, this is the best way to stop people from getting in touch.

Blush Gold iPhone X looks fabulous in leaked pics


Leaked blush gold iPhone X photo looks great.
The iPhone X looks great in gold.
Photo: Ben Geskin

Gold lovers might be able to get their iPhone X gold fix much sooner than expected.

Images of an alleged ‘Blush Gold’ iPhone X have leaked online this week. The images supposedly come straight from the production line, which could mean an official launch isn’t far away.