Latest mophie powerstation battery designed for your MacBook


The mophie powerstation USB-C 3XL is loaded with advanced features, but has a price to match.
The mophie powerstation USB-C 3XL is loaded with advanced features, but has a price to match.
Photo: mophie

mophie’s name for the  powerstation USB-C 3XL doesn’t roll off the tongue, but there are plenty of MacBook/MacBook Pro users who should check it out anyway. This 26,000mAh battery is designed to quickly recharge an Apple tablet via USB-C, and can send power to an iPhone at the same time.

Just be warned, the price is enough to turn away some potential customers.

Rare diamonds and gold send Lux Apple Watch price soaring above $1 million


Lux Apple Watch
This is the $58,995 version of Brikk's Lux Apple Watch series 4.
Photo: Brikk

If you think $529 is a lot to pay for a new Apple Watch then you aren’t the target market for a Lux Watch 4. These are produced by Brikk, who takes Apple’s wearable and lavishes on gold and precious gems, Prices start at a mere $28,995 and go up to over $1 million.

Narcissism and meglomania sold separately.

Best USB-C accessories for Macs and iOS devices


Anker PowerCore+ 20100 USB-C
USB-C battery packs, chargers, hard drives, cables and hubs will future-proof newer Macs.
Photo: Anker

USB Type C — it’s no longer a novelty but an emerging connectivity standard for Apple products. As a newer, more powerful variation of the same USB we all know and love (well, kinda), USB-C features higher power and faster data transfer than its predecessors via a smaller connector.

While older USB Type A and B were a great gift for Mac users — few mourned the passing of ADB and SCSI — USB is often finicky. Just plugging in an old-school USB cable can prove challenging, since you must position the connector just so for it to slide smoothly into the port. That often means several tries to achieve the proper angle and orientation.

Those obstacles disappear with USB-C because, in addition to its smaller size, it is designed to be reversible — with no up or down orientation, just like a Lightning cable — and the cables can have the same type of connector on both ends.

Apple could dump Intel processors in 2020


MacBook Internal makeup
Sooner than you might think, MacBooks could use Apple's own chips instead of Intel processors.
Photo: Apple

A major change to Mac laptops and desktops could be coming in the next few years. A respected analyst is the latest to say that Apple will put its own A-series processors in its Mac computers rather than Intel chips.

The A series was originally created for the iPhone, but has evolved to the point where its performance rivals desktop processors.

Binge on your favorite books, audiobooks, and magazines with the Netflix for reading [Deals]


For less than the price of a paperback each month, get unlimited access to a vast library of books, articles, and lots more.
For less than the price of a paperback each month, get unlimited access to a vast library of books, articles, and lots more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Some people say it’s hard to make time for reading. But others find the challenge in being able to afford all the books they’d like to consume. In both cases this subscription service can help, bringing unlimited written content to all your devices.

Woz fires up a blockchain-powered VC firm


Woz is ready to put his magic fingers to work at investing.
Photo: Reddit

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is ready to hop aboard the blockchain hype train with his latest venture that specializes in blockchain tech.

Equi Global, a venture capital firm powered by blockchain, revealed that Steve Wozniak is one of its co-founders and that the company is looking at 20 companies to invest in before it even launches.

How to use the new iOS Comic Book photo filter


Shoot your own comic-book remake of
Shoot your own comic-book remake of A Scanner Darkly.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

iOS 12 has a great new camera filter: Comic Book. It turns your selfies and photos into pretty convincing pen-and-ink-style drawings, complete with flat blocks of color. It even works with Animoji selfies.

But hold on one second. You won’t find this filter in your iPhone’s Camera app, or even in the Photos app. Instead, you need to fire up the Messages app and use the camera there.

World’s largest Mac collection goes up for sale


The Macintosh LC 580 blew away PCs when it came to multimedia performance.
A huge collection of classic Macs like this one is up for sale.
Photo: The Apple Guy/YouTube

If one Mac is good then 1,100 of them is better, right? That used to be the philosophy of Roland Borsky, but the costs of storing a computer collection that dates back decades is forcing the Austrian man to sell it.

Borsky warns that if he can’t find a buyer all the computers are going to be thrown away.

Save a fortune on refurbished Apple devices [Deals & Steals]


Save big on the Apple Watch Series 3
Treat yourself to an Apple Watch today.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Today’s Deals & Steals roundup is filled with big discounts on refurbished Apple devices. You can bag an iPhone from Woot for as little as $85, or the newest 9.7-inch iPad for from Amazon for under $290. You can also get a 42mm Apple Watch Series 2 for under $200.

We also have over half off the teeny-tiny SanDisk Cruzer Fit flash drive that’s ideal for those on the go. Plus, you can still save $100 on the terrific Beats Pill+ speaker at Best Buy.

How to download all the data Apple has on you


Apple’s refreshed Privacy website is live, giving U.S. users the ability to download all of their data from Apple.

The website explains how and why Apple products are “designed to protect your privacy.” Apple is keen to stress that “your data belongs to you,” and it insists that none of it is ever sold to advertisers or other organizations.

The website also gives users the ability to delete an Apple account — and all associated data — if they no longer require it.