FBI admits it has far fewer unlockable iPhones than claimed


Apple help
The FBI's argument why it needs an iPhone 'backdoor' just got a lot weaker.
Photo: Dave Newman/Flickr CC

FBI director Christopher Wray has said multiple times that his agency has 7,775 locked phones involved in investigations that it can’t access. Now, the law enforcement agency admits the number is far smaller.

Previously, Wray argued that the large number of unlockable devices is why Apple needs to build a ‘backdoor’ into iOS for police.

Major 2018 iPhone component already in production


Apple A12 replaces A11 Bionic
The A11 Bionic is a fine processor, but the Apple A12 is expected to be even better.
Photo: iFixit

The Apple A12 processor, the heart of the 2018 iPhone, is reportedly already being manufactured. It’s being produced by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., which has made Apple’s chips for years.

Even though the next iPhone isn’t expected until fall, TSMC isn’t getting a head start. It takes about three months to convert silicon into a microprocessor.

Gemini Photos saves your iPhone storage from unwanted photos


Gemini Photo
Gemini Photos makes cleaning your library a breeze.
Photo: MacPaw

T-Mobile isn’t America’s ‘Best Unlimited Network’


T-Mobile isn't America's Best Unlimited Network.
A regulatory arm of the Better Business Bureau told T-Mobile to stop claiming it's the ‘Best Unlimited Network.’
Photo: T-Mobile

T-Mobile uses the self-bestowed accolade ‘Best Unlimited Network’ in its ads. But now an advertising regulatory body told the carrier to knock it off.

To be clear, this recommendation by the National Advertising Division (NAD) isn’t binding. But it’s significant enough that T-Mobile is appealing the decision.

Recharge your Apple Watch with this bendy, on-the-go dock


Bobine Watch will allow you to charge your Apple Watch safely virtually anywhere you want by flexing the arm of according to your needs.
Photo: Bobine

If you are an Apple Watch wearer then you already know that there’s about a million and a half individual accessories that you can buy for it. But why pay a lot to get a bunch of accessories when you can get Bobine Watch — a flexible, on-the-go Apple Watch dock.

You can charge Apple Watch within view on a nightstand, desk, or even while driving. Bobine Watch is a great gift for gadget-loving dads and upcoming grads, and is super versatile. It’s also available now in Cult of Mac’s Watch Store.

It’s time to finally learn that new language with Rosetta Stone [Deals]


When it comes to learning a new language, this deal on Rosetta Stone subscriptions leaves no more excuses.
When it comes to learning a new language, this deal on Rosetta Stone subscriptions leaves no more excuses.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

We all know that person, the one who speaks four languages fluently and ‘gets by’ in two others. Meanwhile, we’re still trying to reach intermediate status on a second language. So for anyone tired of wasting time and ready to finally count yourself among the multilingual, this deal on Rosetta Stone subscriptions is for you.

How to stop websites hijacking Safari


hijacked StopTheMadness
Take back control of Safari with StopTheMadness.
Photo: Daniel Rehn/Flickr CC

Did you ever visit a website and find that it had blocked the usual behavior of the Safari browser? Maybe it’s a banking site that won’t let you paste in your long password into its password field? Or maybe you discovered that YouTube disables Safari’s contextual (right-click) menus and replaces them with it’s own versions? Or maybe you can’t drag that image to the desktop, or copy text from the page?

The good news is that you can wrest control of your browser back from these malicious, control-freak sites. Let’s see how, using the StopTheMadness browser extension.

Apple ropes in new showrunners for Amazing Stories reboot


Amazing Stories
Expect the unexpected.
Photo: Ace Books

Apple has finally found a replacement to guide the development of its new TV show Amazing Stories.

“Once Upon a Time” co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have signed a deal with Apple to be the new showrunners for Amazing Stories, a reboot of Steven Spielberg’s anthology TV show from the 1980’s.

Here’s why bartenders wear Apple Watch


Apple Watch buyers
Apple Watch is convenient among service workers who aren't allowed to check their phones on the job.
Photo: Christopher Lavan/Nyloon

If you’re not convinced you need an Apple Watch, you might be able to justify one if your job forbids you from checking your phone.

This makes the wearable particularly popular within the service industry, according to an informal survey of airline attendants, bartenders, waiters, baristas and TSA employees published Monday.

Reports of looming Siri makeover are not fake news, just a little old


Maybe we're not getting a new, Siri-powered HomePod this year after all.

It looks like Siri suffered a bit of a hangover from WWDC 2017. Monday’s reports of a Siri makeover to be unveiled at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference look like nothing but old news.

The cheeky nuggets, which came straight from Siri when asked about the upcoming event, appear to be leftover responses designed to create buzz about last year’s WWDC.