Twitter calmly explains why it broke your favorite apps


Many of the features of Tweetbot, Twitterrific, and similar apps just stopped working. Twitter's CEO tells us why.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Despite protests, Twitter made changes today that break some features of popular third-party apps. The company’s CEO explains that all Twitter is doing is finally enforcing a 9-year-old policy.

Rob Johnson says the company will no longer devote resources to apps it didn’t want built in the first place. The situation is a bit more complex that that, though.

How to block any website on iPhone and iPad


Block websites on iPhone and iPad
Stay OUT!
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

There are probably good reasons to block a website on your own iPhone or iPad, but really, why not just avoid typing its URL? It’s far more likely that you’ll want to block a website on somebody else’s device, probably a child’s. Or perhaps you don’t want your kids to accidentally hit all your bookmarks to porn and gambling sites when they use your iPhone.

Whatever your reasons, here’s how to block any website on your iPhone or iPad.

Hilarious Jimmy Kimmel video mocks fear that iPhones spy on us


A late-night comedian pokes fun at our paranoia about iPhone privacy violations.
A late-night comedian pokes fun at our paranoia that our phones are constantly spying on us.
Photo: ABC

Apple takes a firm stance on iPhone privacy, with strict rules. Nevertheless, many people remain nervous that their phone is spying on them.

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel, on his eponymous TV show, pokes fun at this fear in a newly-released video. Watch it now:

See Turks smash iPhones to protest Trump’s tariffs


turkey protests
One protester tossed their iPhone X into a box of matches.
Photo: Twitter

iPhone owners in Turkey are taking to the streets to smash their iPhones in protest against the country’s strained relationship with the United States.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on Turks to boycott U.S. products — specifically the iPhone made by Apple in California. Multiple videos have been posted online showing iPhone owners using hammers, rocks and even fire to destroy their iPhones.

Watch one of the demonstrators greet some iPhones with a sledgehammer!

Cycle might be the world’s most relaxing music app


Cycle is wheely, wheely, chilled.
Cycle is wheely, wheely, chilled.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

Cycle is both a musical instrument and a meditation device. The app, for iPhone and iPad, is something called a “time lag accumulator.” You play notes on its simple keyboard, and these notes are repeated over and over, slowly fading after time. The result is hypnotic, relaxing and creative, all at the same time.

Simply drag and drop music, videos and photos onto your iPhone with Waltr 2 [Deals]


Easily transfer all your media between all your Apple devices without wires, converters, and other headaches.
Easily move files among all your Apple devices without wires, converters or other headaches.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

When you want to move files among your Mac and iOS devices, you probably use iTunes. But Apple’s software isn’t always cooperative, especially if your files need converting. Luckily, there’s another option that skips all the fuss.

iOS 12 public beta 6 improves markup tools, kills Group FaceTime


iOS 12
iOS 12 public beta 6 lets you try out the new iPhone and iPad features a month before the expected full release.
Photo: Apple

The wait for a new pre-release version of iOS 12 is over: the sixth beta can be downloaded now by anyone who wants to try it.

The markup tools have been greatly enhanced. Sadly, the other major change is the removal of Group FaceTime.

Tim Cook pays ‘Respect’ to Aretha Franklin, the late Queen of Soul


Tim Cook tweet
Tim Cook's message on Twitter on the passing of soul singer Aretha Franklin.
Photo: Tim Cook/Twitter

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s tweet mourning the death of soul singer Aretha Franklin was among countless remembrances flooding social media this morning after news of her passing began to spread.

Cook’s heartfelt message included a black-and-white photo of the Queen of Soul belting out a song during a recording session.

Save hundreds on a new MacBook [Deals & Steals]


Snap up a deal on a 2017 MacBook, or save even more on a refurbished MacBook Air.
Snap up a deal on a 2017 MacBook, or save even more on a refurbished MacBook Air.
Photo: Apple

In today’s Deals & Steals roundup, you’ll find a $200 discount on a 12-inch MacBook. We’ve also got a link (and a coupon code) for an absolutely fantastic deal for Cult of Mac readers only on refurbished MacBook Airs. With our coupon code, you can pick up one for less than $400!

Look a bit further and you’ll also find deals on MFi-certified Lightning cables, a sweet MacBook stand, a Popular Mechanics subscription, a wireless iPhone charger and lots, lots more. Let’s get saving!

What’s in store for Apple Watch Series 4? [Wish List]


What cool new features are hidden inside that slimmer Apple Watch Series 4 frame? [Mockup]
What cool new features will be hidden inside that slimmer Series 4 frame?
Photo illustration: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

In just a few weeks, Apple looks set to unveil the biggest upgrade yet to its popular wearable.
While the external appearance of Apple Watch has not changed much since its launch, recent leaks suggest we can expect a new form factor with a larger screen when Apple Watch Series 4 lands.

In the Photoshop mockup above, I’ve shown how Apple’s next watch might look if it slimmed down and added a larger screen (as the rumormongers predict). That would be pretty cool, but there are plenty of other potential upgrades I’m excited about.

Here’s my top 10 wish list for Apple Watch Series 4 new features.

New clue points to Apple Pencil coming to iPhone


iPad ad
Apple Pencil won't stay exclusive to iPad for long.
Photo: Apple

Both of this year’s OLED iPhones will support the Apple Pencil, a new report suggests, citing “industry insiders.”

If true, this would represent the first time in Apple history in which the iPhone used a stylus, something that Steve Jobs was adamantly opposed to. Samsung’s iPhone rival, the Galaxy Note, has long shipped with a stylus called the S Pen.