Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia will march onto macOS this month


Total War
Coming soon to a Mac near you.
Photo: Feral Interactive

Fancy hurling yourself back in time to the British Isles, circa 878 AD? If so, and if you’re a fan of the battle-heavy strategy games, you may be pleased to hear that Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia is coming to macOS this week.

Released on PC earlier this month, the game allows you to pick between the English, Welsh, Gaelic, or Vikings and battle for dominance. While you’re doing this, you’ll make and break alliances, build armies, and play your way through a number of different campaigns. Check out the trailer below.

It’s time to finally learn that new language with Rosetta Stone [Deals]


When it comes to learning a new language, this deal on Rosetta Stone subscriptions leaves no more excuses.
When it comes to learning a new language, this deal on Rosetta Stone subscriptions leaves no more excuses.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

We all know that person, the one who speaks four languages fluently and ‘gets by’ in two others. Meanwhile, we’re still trying to reach intermediate status on a second language. So for anyone tired of wasting time and ready to finally count yourself among the multilingual, this deal on Rosetta Stone subscriptions is for you.

Starbucks is beating Apple, Google and Samsung at mobile payments


Starbucks is doing a great job of persuading customers to use its mobile app.
Photo: Nicky Colman/Flickr

Apple and Google may be two of the biggest companies in the tech industry, but they’re both losing to Starbucks when it comes to one important metric.

No, we’re not talking about numbers of coffees made per year, but rather the success of their respective mobile payment services. According to a new report, the Starbucks mobile payments app is currently outperforming Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay to cement its place as the most successful mobile payments app.

Massive iPhone sales buck the trend in falling smartphone market


iphone x
Suddenly Apple's record quarter seems even more impressive!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple had an even better start to 2018 than you might think. While it’s now well known that Apple had a record first three months of the year, that doesn’t take into account what the rest of the smartphone market was doing during that time.

In fact, according to a new report by analysts at Counterpoint, the overall U.S. smartphone market declined 11 percent versus the same time last year. Apple, on the other hand, shipped a record 16 million handsets in Q1 — representing a 16 percent increase year-on-year.

Today in Apple history: Newton spins off as its own company


The Newton MessagePad 2000 brought many upgrades to Apple's doomed PDA line.
Things were looking up for the Newton MessagePad. Until they weren't.
Photo: iFixit

May 22: Today in Apple history: Apple spins off Newton Inc. May 22, 1997: Apple spins off its Newton division. The new company’s first job? Selling the MessagePad 2000 PDA.

Newton Inc. also has a mandate to develop new technologies and market existing ones. “We have a solid business plan and a strong management team in place to optimize the value of Newton technology for corporate users and take Newton technology into a new era,” says Sandy Benett, former vice president Apple’s Newton Systems Group and chief operating officer of the new venture.

Instead, it turns out to be the beginning of the end.

Clips goes soccer mad with new World Cup update


We'd call it "football" but we don't want to start a war in the comments section.
Photo: Mxmystro/Flickr

Ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, which kicks off on June 14, Apple has updated its Clips video app with a soccer-themed refresh.

The free apps allows users to combine video clips, photos and music into short videos that they can share with friends and family. To add some flair to these videos, it’s possible to utilize filters, emoji, stickers, captions and more. The new Clips update includes new soccer graphics.

This steel mesh Apple Watch band shines like a prism [Watch Store]


Brand-new is the Stainless Steel Mesh Band in Iridescent. Choose from an additional four finishes.
Photo: Courtesy of Casetify

Stainless steel meticulously weaves its way through the Mesh Band for Apple Watch — Casetify’s answer to the significantly more expensive Milanese Loop by Apple. Casetify’s version is just as stylish and functional as the behemoth brand’s band, and now comes in two brand-new finishes: Iridescent and Gold (that matches the Series 3).

The Stainless Steel Mesh Bands are for both men and women. Check out the latest colors in our Watch Store, and read on to learn more.

How controversial Theranos founder borrowed Steve Jobs’ look


Elizabeth Holmes
The black turtleneck look was synonymous with Steve Jobs.
Photo: Max Morse/TechCrunch/Wikipedia CC

Apple and particularly its iconic co-founder Steve Jobs have inspired some great people, ideas and companies over the years. But Apple’s beloved former leader and highly regarded products were also singled out as an inspiration for controversial health tech Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes.

In a forthcoming book, Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou details some of the ways that Holmes (the exec whose net worth was revised from $4.5 billion to zero after questions about the validity of her blood testing tools emerged) cribbed notes from Apple’s playbook.