AirPods 2 in a new color could soon launch alongside AirPower


AirPods 2 might look something like this artist’s concept.
AirPods 2 might look something like this artist’s concept.
Photo: Caviar/Cult of Mac

The design of Apple’s AirPods is about to get a tweak, according to a new unconfirmed report coming out of Asia. Expect a fresh choice of color and a coating that will make these earbuds harder to drop.

This refresh is reportedly tied to the release of the AirPower wireless charger which is expected to launch at the same time.

Art of the commute: Dina Alfasi’s iPhone pix are a trip [Cult of Mac Magazine No. 284]


Dina Alfasi’s stealthy snaps of her fellow commuters are a trip.
Dina Alfasi's award-winning iPhone pix are a trip.
Photo: Dina Alfasi; cover: Leander Kahney/Cult of Mac

Photographer Dina Alfasi’s stealthy snaps capture commuters in all their intimate glory. She tells us what informs her award-winning art in the latest issue of Cult of Mac Magazine.

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Score sweet deals on apps and gear for Presidents Day [Deals]


Ring in Presidents day with big savings on cloud storage, wireless charging, and more.
Ring in Presidents Day with big savings on cloud storage, wireless charging and more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Looking for a reason to celebrate on Presidents Day? We’ve got it, in the form of a pair of roundups of awesome gear, software and lessons, all at big discounts. From a cloud hub to a sleek wireless charger and more, read on for details.

Today in Apple history: Pismo PowerBook is a multimedia powerhouse


Apple Pismo PowerBook raised the bar for laptops.
The Pismo PowerBook raised the bar for laptops.
Photo: CG Hughes/Flickr CC

February 16: Today in Apple history: Apple introduces the February 16, 2000: Apple introduces the “Pismo” PowerBook, the best of its G3 laptops. In the view of many, it’s one of Apple’s best laptops ever.

The Pismo PowerBook is the first not to include SCSI or an Apple Desktop Bus connector. Instead, it utilizes USB and Apple’s Emmy award-winning FireWire. Optional AirPort wireless support, tremendous battery life and a gorgeous curvy design just make it better.

Apple’s latest acquisition could give Siri a crucial boost


The company that made Barbie a conversationalist has been bought by Apple.
Photo: ToyTalk

Apple’s latest acquisition could give Siri a better chance at competing against Amazon’s popular voice-power assistant, Alexa.

Pullstring, a San Francisco-based startup that specializes in helping developers design, prototype and deploy voice apps has reportedly been purchased by Apple. The company’s platform helps create voice apps for Alexa and Google Assistant, and will likely help Apple make more tools for Siri.

Depth Control starts feud in funny new Apple ad


“Did you just bokeh my child?!”
Photo: Apple

Depth Control is one of the best features on the new iPhones, but Apple shows that you might want to be careful about who you choose to use it on.

Apple just drop a hilarious new ad highlighting the new the feature that lets you adjust the amount of blur in a Portrait Mode photo. The funny 30-second ad shows two moms who start beefing with each other when one of them notices their child has been bokeh’d.

Get ready to giggle:

Get a colorful HomeKit smart bulb for just $27 [Deals & Steals]


Koogeek WiFi Smart LED light bulb E26
Jump on the HomeKit bandwagon.
Photo: Koogeek

Amazon’s daily deal on Koogeek HomeKit smart bulbs means you can get colorfully creative for just $27. And if you want to stick it to your ISP, you can do it the smart way by snagging a cable modem for just $45.

Those are today’s hottest new buys in our Deals & Steals roundup. However, you also can find big ongoing discounts on Apple gear like MacBooks, iMacs, iPads, Apple Watches and HomePods. Time to get saving before these deals disappear!

Take control of Apple TV’s Aerial screen savers


Apple TV aerial screen saver
Apple TV can tell you just what you’re looking at.
Photo: Apple

If I was still a stoner student, and I liked to “smoke out” and stare at something other than wildlife documentaries for hours on end, I’d be letting my baked brain cruise the world using the Apple TV’s Aerial screen savers. Or perhaps not. As a mind-expanding student, I probably would’ve spent all my cash on munchies, and not have anything left for the comparatively expensive Apple TV.

The Apple TV’s Aerials are great. But did you know that you don’t have to just sit back, spark up and stare? You actually have some control over them, unlike a weed-smoker’s control over their appetite.

Ranking every iPhone by 4G data speeds


iPhone XS
Gigabit LTE on the iPhone XS is screamin fast.
Photo: Apple

Holding onto your old iPhone could be causing you to lose out on some serious 4G LTE speed gains made by carriers over the last few years.

A new study on the average iPhone 4G download and upload speeds in the United States found that iPhone 6 owners and earlier see seeds that are nearly 10Mbps slower than the latest iPhone models.

iPhone photographer turns lengthy commutes into works of art


Dina Alfasi
Israeli photographer Dina Alfasi finds beauty in her work commute.
Photo: Dina Alfasi

Dina Alfasi is like most commuters. As soon as she finds a seat on the train or bus, she pulls out her iPhone.

Alfasi may look like she is catching up with emails, streaming music or reading the news. Instead, Alfasi is making a discreet photograph of the person across from her.