Beat Cop game brings 1980s police experience to iOS


Beat Cop 1
Beat Cop
Photo: Pixel Crow/11bit Studio

If you hanker after the point-and-click adventure games of the 1990s (think Full Throttle), you’ll find plenty to like about Pixel Crow and 11bit Studio’s Beat Cop — which just brought its pixellated stylings to iOS.

Inspired by 80s cop shows like Miami Vice, the game puts you in control of an NYPD beat cop in 1986-era New York City. Your character has been busted down from detective after getting in over his head in a previous job. As a result, he’s stuck writing tickets and busting minor hoods, until he can redeem himself.

Check out the stylish trailer below.

Apple Pay finally available through Australia’s largest bank


Australia money
It only took a few years!
Photo illustration: Cult of Mac / Picturesofmoney

Australia’s largest bank, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (abbreviated to CommBank), has announced that Apple Pay is finally coming to its customers.

The bank previously promised that Apple Pay support was coming soon, although it did not give an exact date. “Thanks for all your gentle prompts,” it stated in a tweet sent today. “We read them all. Now you #CanApplePay.”

Health-tracking AirPods rumored for first half of 2019


The new AirPods sound intriguing.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Updated AirPods are supposedly on their way in the first half of 2019, a new report claims. They may have some impressive new features, too — including new health-monitoring functions that are “expected to receive enthusiastic market responses.”

With other companies, such as Google and Amazon, supposedly launching their own rival wireless ear pods this year, the move could keep Apple ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation.

MacBook Pro ‘stage light’ flaw could hit you with a $600 repair


These cables can wear out and cause your MacBook Pro’s display to fail.
These cables can wear out and cause your MacBook Pro’s display to fail.
Photo: iFixit

Every MacBook Pro since 2016 has a design flaw that will inevitably require an expensive repair, according to iFixit.

The problem supposedly lies in “delicate” ribbon cables that connect the screen with the display controller inside the main body of the laptop. Opening and closing the clamshell causes these to wear out and begin to tear.

Save $380 on iPad Pro, $700 on MacBook [Deals & Steals]


iPad Pro
The iPad Pro is even better when it's cheap.
Photo: Apple

2017’s iPad Pro lineup has become more and more affordable following the release of the latest models. B&H Photo is now offering some of the biggest discounts we’ve seen on both the 10.5- and 12.9-inch models. It’s just one of the awesome offers in today’s Deals & Steals roundup.

Elsewhere, you’ll find a whopping $700 off a high-end MacBook Pro, $50 off the impressive Sonos Beam soundbar, and up to $100 off Apple Watch Series 3. Plus, you can bag Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 for Mac for $35 less today only!

How to switch on Mojave’s Dynamic Desktop


Dynamic desktop
Imagine this, only more dynamic.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The Dynamic Desktop is a great macOS Mojave feature. It changes the desktop image throughout the day, so your wallpaper always matches the time of day — nighttime images at night, shadowless glare at noon, and so on. Today we’ll see how to switch it on, and where to find new Dynamic Desktop images to add to the defaults.

Wifi Porter makes sharing your wireless network a breeze


Connect to Wifi Porter by simply tapping your phone on it.
Connect to Wifi Porter by simply tapping your phone on it.
Photo: Ten One Design

Imagine letting a friend connect to your Wi-Fi network just by tapping a hockey puck-sized chunk of wood. That’s the promise of Wifi Porter, an accessory from Ten One Design that saves guests from having to type in a password to get on the net.

It uses NFC and doesn’t require users to install any software.

5-in-1 cable gives you one dongle to rule them all


High Five
High Five packs all the ports you need.
Photo: Vonmählen

The dark days of dongle hell might finally be over thanks to a brilliant new accessory that packs five different ports in one cable.

Vonmählen, a smartphone accessory maker based in Germany, revealed its new creation called the High Five. The company claims it’s the first ever 5-in-1 cable that’s so small it fits on your keychain. Best of all, it’s super cheap too.