What’s new in iOS 12 beta 2?


There are lots of welcome tweaks in iOS 12 beta 2.
There are lots of welcome tweaks in iOS 12 beta 2.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Two weeks after the initial — and surprisingly solid — beta of iOS 12, comes the second update. iOS 12 beta 2 has tweaked the operating system in several places, mostly in Screen Time, which was quite sparse in the first round. Let’s take a look at what’s changed.

Companies scrabbling to create Apple’s abandoned in-screen Touch ID


Coming soon to an iPhone near you? Probably not.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

How much influence does Apple have when it comes to which technologies get popular? Apparently enough that even those technologies Apple doesn’t use get a boost of credibility, courtesy of their association with the Cupertino tech giant.

At least, that’s our take-home message from a new report suggesting that a number of manufacturers are ramping up their development of in-display fingerprint sensors, the technology that Apple considered before settling on Face ID facial recognition instead for the iPhone X.

Apple Watch Series 4 models found in iOS 12 beta


watchOS 5 Apple Watch
Apple Watch Series 4 might offer a larger display, with a new type of button.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

It shouldn’t shock anyone to hear that new Apple Watch models are coming soon. But a bit of confirmation is nice. That confirmation is buried in iOS 12 beta 2, released today. 

There are four additional Watches in the offing. Their internal identifiers seem to indicate that Apple isn’t shaking up its wearable offerings this year.

T-Mobile, Sprint launch campaign for megamerger approval


T-Mobile CEO John Legere is talking really fast convincing the FCC and the public that the proposed merger with Sprint should go through.
Photo: T-Mobile

T-Mobile and Sprint promised the FCC today that their proposed merger will lower costs for consumers and create more jobs. They also launched a website laying out the advantages of the New T-Mobile to the general public, including millions of iPhone users.

Combining the third and fourth largest U.S. carriers is a controversial idea. Megamergers typically lead to higher costs for consumers and significant layoffs, not the opposite. It’s up to the two companies to convince the FCC that things will be different this time.

How to understand the amazing new battery info in iOS 12


Slice and dice the battery info however you like.
Slice and dice the battery info however you like.
Photo: Charlie Sorrel/Cult of Mac

The new iOS 12 Battery information page section is a massive improvement on the previous version. Whereas before you could see which apps had used how much battery, and for how long, now you can see the charts which look like the Tim Cook section of an Apple Keynote. You can see your battery use in incredible detail, broken down by such categories as Screen On Usage, and Screen Off Usage.

But that’s not all. You can see how fast the battery ran down, how the levels where at any time during the last 24 hours, and also a longer-term overview which shows your usage over time.

It’s so detailed that it can be a bit intimidating, so today we’ll take a look to see how to read those charts, and how to get the best out of them.

On-the-go podcast app retooled for iPad


Anchor app
Your podcast got even easier to produce with Anchor for iPad.
Photo: Anchor

Podcasters using the popular iOS app Anchor can now manage their shows and audio clips from a larger screen with a new Anchor app for iPad.

The iPad app features new editing tools that make trimming audio or creating a recording with multiple segments easy with the touch of a finger. The app also has split screen support, which allows users to see a web browser or Notes app on one side while building a show on the other.

Clever case makes carrying Apple Watch and its essentials easy


With a USB battery on the inside and iPhone charging on the outside, you have an ultra-cool and tidy Watch charging station with TimePorter.
Photo: Twelve South

Traveling with Apple Watch is a fairly simple affair: strap on your watch and go.

Traveling with all the extra accessories, however, is a serious pain in the butt. There’s that 6-foot charging cable, for one, which always manages to get tangled up in my bag. Add extra Apple Watch bands and a wall plug, and you’ve got some serious carry, and we haven’t even mentioned dealing with the watch when you aren’t wearing it.

Twelve South has an answer to this conundrum, and it’s called TimePorter. Now available for purchase from our Watch Store.

This AR card could be the future of business


ArKit business card
This is the future of business cards.
Photo: Oscar Falmer

Apple’s ARKit technology is poised to change the way we interact with everything, including business cards.

iOS & ARKit developer Oscar Falmer previewed his newest AR business card concept on Twitter and it looks freaking rad. Using ARKit 2.0 with image tracking, Falmer’s concept pulls up all of the person’s contact info, website, social media accounts and more for you to interact with digitally.

Check it out:

How to schedule your meetings automatically


WhenWorks Never negotiate meeting times again.
Never negotiate meeting times again.
Photo: WhenWorks

You know when somebody wants to meet up with you, and you end up spending so much time going back and forth trying to agree a time and date that you end up hating that person, and cancel the meeting? Maybe you just lost a multi-million dollar contract for your company, and it’s all the fault of scheduling annoyances1.

WhenWorks fixes that by letting folks book time with you online, using a form that is connected to the calendar on your iPhone.