Clever case makes carrying Apple Watch and its essentials easy


With a USB battery on the inside and iPhone charging on the outside, you have an ultra-cool and tidy Watch charging station with TimePorter.
Photo: Twelve South

Traveling with Apple Watch is a fairly simple affair: strap on your watch and go.

Traveling with all the extra accessories, however, is a serious pain in the butt. There’s that 6-foot charging cable, for one, which always manages to get tangled up in my bag. Add extra Apple Watch bands and a wall plug, and you’ve got some serious carry, and we haven’t even mentioned dealing with the watch when you aren’t wearing it.

Twelve South has an answer to this conundrum, and it’s called TimePorter. Now available for purchase from our Watch Store.

This AR card could be the future of business


ArKit business card
This is the future of business cards.
Photo: Oscar Falmer

Apple’s ARKit technology is poised to change the way we interact with everything, including business cards.

iOS & ARKit developer Oscar Falmer previewed his newest AR business card concept on Twitter and it looks freaking rad. Using ARKit 2.0 with image tracking, Falmer’s concept pulls up all of the person’s contact info, website, social media accounts and more for you to interact with digitally.

Check it out:

How to schedule your meetings automatically


WhenWorks Never negotiate meeting times again.
Never negotiate meeting times again.
Photo: WhenWorks

You know when somebody wants to meet up with you, and you end up spending so much time going back and forth trying to agree a time and date that you end up hating that person, and cancel the meeting? Maybe you just lost a multi-million dollar contract for your company, and it’s all the fault of scheduling annoyances1.

WhenWorks fixes that by letting folks book time with you online, using a form that is connected to the calendar on your iPhone.

iOS 12 beta 2 is now available to developers


Photos app
The new and improved Photos app on iOS 12.
Photo: Apple

Apple gave developers a hot new beta for iOS 12 this morning, adding a host of improvements to its huge update for iPhones and iPads that is coming out this fall.

iOS 12 beta 2 comes just two weeks after Apple revealed the update at WWDC 2018. The update contains a number of UI tweaks, new apps and performance improvements that are supposed to make the iPhone and iPad more stable than ever.

Tim Cook blasts Trump policy of separating immigrant children from parents


Apple's CEO calls the Trump administration's policy of separating illegal immigrant children from their parents "heartbreaking and tragic".
Photo: Apple

Apple’s CEO  has joined the chorus opposed to the Trump administration’s policy of separating the children of illegal immigrants from their parents at the U.S. border. He called the practice “inhumane.”

Tim Cook appears to have President Donald Trump’s ear. The two have met face-to-face, and Trump promised Cook there’d be no tariff’s on iPhones assembled in China, even though trade barriers are going up on billions of dollars of Chinese products.

Thieves swipe Apple gear in Mission Impossible-style heist


Apple heist
Some thieves, perhaps inspired by the first Mission Impossible, stole a lot of Apple stuff from a Best Buy store in Georgia.

Rappelling thieves in Georgia gained a “Mission Impossible-style” entrance to a Best Buy store and made off with more than $100,000 in Apple products.

The burglars stole thousands of dollars worth of iPhones, iPads, MacBook computers, and various other items rappelled through a hole in the ceiling of the store in the city of Dunwoody, according to police.

Apple has a whole lot to lose in possible U.S.-China trade war


Tim Cook meeting with China's vice premier.
Photo: Tim Cook

Apple has more to lose than just about anyone from a U.S. trade war with China.

The country — which Tim Cook has made clear is Apple’s future biggest market — currently represents nearly 20 percent of Apple’s revenues. Last year, it shipped more than 41 million iPhones into China, as well as having 40 stores in the country, and a reliance on Asian manufacturers. In other words, the escalating trade war is pretty darn worrying!