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Apple TV+ is a subscription-based video streaming service launched in 2019. It offers a variety of original TV shows, movies, documentaries, and other content produced by Apple and its partners.


New documentary trailer: Meet the men who inspired Masters of the Air


The Bloody Hundredth documentary on Apple TV+
Here's your chance to meet some of the real people who inspired "Masters of the Air."
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ dropped a trailer Wednesday for a companion documentary film to hit World World II drama series Masters of the Air. The  documentary, The Bloody Hundredth, tells the stories of the airmen in a particularly hard-hit B17 bomber group through some of the survivors themselves as well as series filmmakers like Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks.

“Watch The Bloody Hundredth and get an in-depth look at the real stories of the brave Airmen that inspired Masters of the Air,” the streaming service said. “Streaming March 15th on Apple TV+.”

Masters of the Air stays a high-flying hit for Apple TV+


Austin Butler, who recently played Elvis Presley, stars in the show.
"Masters of the Air" continues to be near the top of the popularity charts.
Photo: Apple

The WWII drama Masters of the Air draws in a big audience. It’s stayed near the tops of popularity charts of two different ratings services for weeks now, ever since the premiere in January.

Critics like it too, so the ongoing series that dramatizes the U.S. Army Air Force’s role in helping defeat Germany is another success for Apple TV+.

And the historical crime drama Killers of the Flower Moon continues to be a crowd pleaser as well.

Earthsounds trailer: You’ve never heard nature like this


Earthsounds documentary series on Apple TV+
The Earthsounds docuseries premieres February 23 on Apple TV+.
Image: Apple

Now hear this: Apple TV+ dropped a trailer Tuesday for its upcoming documentary series Earthsounds, narrated by Golden Globe winner and Emmy Award nominee Tom Hiddleston.

The streamer said you’ll “hear our planet like never before in the new 12-part immersive natural history series.” All episodes become available February 23.

Foundation season 3 is ready to restart production in March


'Foundation' Season 2
'Foundation' stars Jared Harris and Lee Pace, and is based on groundbreaking sci-fi novels by Isaac Asimov.
Image: Apple TV+

Foundation season three production reportedly will resume in early March, after problems with the Apple TV+ sci-fi epic were ironed out.

Production for the popular series was put on hold in February due to cost-cutting efforts.

Ridley Scott’s historical epic Napoleon invades Apple TV+ on March 1


Napoleon streaming on Apple TV+
The historical action film Napoleon will be available to stream globally on Apple TV+ in March.
Photo: Apple TV+

Napoleon, a historical epic from director Ridley Scott, will begin streaming on Apple TV+ at the beginning of March, after having its global premier in theaters in November.

The movie stars Joaquin Phoenix as Napoleon Bonaparte, the French emperor who conquered much of Europe. It details the tyrant’s ruthless rise to power and his obsessive love for his wife, Empress Josephine.

Conspiracy thriller Prime Target ready to sneak onto Apple TV+. Or is it?


Quintessa Swindell and Leo Woodall star in Prime Target on Apple TV+.
Quintessa Swindell and Leo Woodall star in upcoming series Prime Target, coming soon to Apple TV+.
Photo: Apple TV+

Prime Target is an incoming Apple TV+ thriller that combines conspiracy theories with math theorems. Seriously. It’s about a mathematician whose research is being suppressed as part of a mysterious conspiracy.

The upcoming series will star Leo Woodall and Quintessa Swindell.

Aliens don’t quit: Invasion rages on with season 3 on Apple TV+


Sci-fi drama
Maybe this time we'll get a sense of who's actually winning this battle.
Photo: Apple

Sci-fi drama Invasion will return for a third season, Apple TV+ said Tuesday. Apparently, it’s going to take at least 30 episodes — 10 per season — to declare an outcome to mankind’s desperate global battle with alien invaders. (Or maybe more, with a fourth season, if the war drags on.)

The streamer said production on the season three of Invasion will start before the end of February.

3 reasons to watch Masters of the Air‘s bloody WWII aerial ballet


Austin Butler, right, appears in Masters of the Air on Apple TV+
The life expectancy of these airmen was not high.
Photo: Apple

When I was a kid, I had a thing for historical aircraft. I especially loved the smooth lines of the B-17 Flying Fortress bomber. And it played a big role in ending World War II, as shown in Masters of the Air on Apple TV+, the final installment in Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Gary Goetzman’s World War II filmmaking trilogy.

Despite massive challenges, the plane and its crews’ strategic bombing helped bring down Adolf Hilter and the Nazi regime, shortening a horrific ground war.

And yet as good as the series is, sometimes it lands just short of the runway, like a beat-up B-17 losing its landing gear and grinding to a halt. Will it blow up? Maybe, maybe not. But is Masters of the Air worth watching? Hell yes.

Start laughing with trailer for Noel Fielding’s hilarious take on highwayman Dick Turpin


Start laughing with trailer for Noel Fielding's hilarious take on highwayman Dick Turpin
Noel Fielding leads the cast of the action-comedy The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin.
Screenshot: Apple/Cult of Mac

The world got its first look at The Completely Made-Up Adventures of Dick Turpin, which will star British comedian Noel Fielding as the legendary British highwayman. The first hilarious trailer for the upcoming comedy-adventure series dropped Monday.

The show premieres on Apple TV+ in early March.

Manhunt trailer shows heart-pounding search for assassin John Wilkes Booth


The true-crime limited series Manhunt debuts on Apple TV+ March 15.
Photo: Apple TV+

Stage actor John Wilkes Booth went on the run for 12 days after he shot President Abraham Lincoln in the back of the head at Ford’s Theatre in 1865. And the new trailer for Apple TV+ true-crimes series Manhunt brings to light this little-known historical fact.

Based on the bestselling nonfiction book Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer, the seven-part series premieres March 15.

Welcome Home, Franklin special gives backstory on beloved Peanuts character [Updated]


'Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin' on Apple TV+.
Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin races onto Apple TV+ in February.
Photo: Apple TV+

Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin shows how Franklin joined the Peanuts gang. The special will debut on Apple TV+ in mid-February.

Apple released the trailer on Friday so fans can take an early look.

Also this winter, Apple’s streaming service will release season two of Fraggle Rock: Back to the Rock from the Jim Henson Company. The second season of Sago Mini Friends came out, too.

Killers of the Flower Moon earns spot as most popular film on streaming


Killers of the Flower Moon Poster
"Killers of the Flower Moon" draws a larger audience than any film on any streaming service.
Image: Apple TV+

Martin Scorsese’s historical crime drama Killers of the Flower Moon has been the most popular movie since it hit the Apple TV+ streaming service in mid January, according to a market analysis.

The fact that the film earned ten Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, surely helps.

Severance season 2 on Apple TV+ just got a little closer


Adam Scott in Severance on Apple TV+
Adam Scott plays Mark S. in Severance on Apple TV+.
Photo: Apple TV+

One of the most popular, critically acclaimed and flat-out weird shows on Apple TV+ — the darkly comedic workplace thriller Severance — has resumed production on season two after pausing for the recent writers strike.

Apple posted on X (formerly Twitter) about it Monday. Take a look below.

Oscar magnet Killers of the Flower Moon returns to theaters for Apple victory lap


After landing 10 Academy Award nominations, Apple’s “Killers of the Flower Moon” will be re-released in theaters for a limited theatrical run beginning Friday, January 26.
After 10 Academy Award nominations, “Killers of the Flower Moon” returns to theaters beginning Friday, January 26. From left, Leonardo DiCaprio, Lily Gladstone, Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese.
Photo: Apple TV+

After Killers of the Flower Moon attracted 10 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Apple and Paramount Pictures agreed to rerelease the historical crime drama in theaters starting Friday.

The film, directed by Martin Scorsese and written by him and Eric Roth, will see a limited run in 1,000+ locations worldwide, Apple said.

Apple TV+ gets ‘Best Picture’ nod and 12 other Oscar nominations


Apple TV+ movie
Killers of the Flower Moon attracted 10 Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.
Photo: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ received 10 Oscar nominations for Martin Scorsese’s historical epic Killers of the Flower Moon Tuesday — including Best Picture — and three for Ridley Scott’s historical epic Napoleon.

It’s the streamer’s second Best Picture nomination from the Academy Awards. (CODA got the nomination and won the award in 2022, making Apple TV+ the first streaming service to do so.) But these award are special for Apple TV+ for other reasons, as well.

Constellation trailer explodes with horror from space


Contellation on Apple TV+
The psychological space-thriller premieres on Apple TV+ February 21.
Photo: Apple TV+

After a disastrous mission, an astronaut returns to Earth to find parts of her life missing, and it appears a horrifying conspiracy may be to blame, according to the trailer Apple TV+ dropped Monday for the upcoming eight-part space-thriller series Constellation.

The streamer describes the series, which stars Noomi Rapace and Jonathan Banks, as an “action-packed space adventure,” but the trailer feels more like horror. Good thing Apple also calls it a “conspiracy-based psychological thriller.” It premieres February 21.

Siri Remote case holds an AirTag so you can’t lose your clicker


Pair your Siri Remote with an AirTag
Before your Siri Remote goes missing, make sure you can track it.
Photo: Elago

Forever losing your Siri Remote for Apple TV? You should probably do something about that — like wrapping yours in one of these protective silicone cases from Elago that also can house an AirTag.

Priced at less $15, the R5 case keeps your sleek and slender remote in tip-top condition, and allows it to be easily tracked when it inevitably goes missing. It also makes your 2020/2021 Apple TV remote more comfortable to hold onto.

Bag yours today from the Cult of Mac Store.

Messi’s World Cup trailer traces soccer legend’s rise


Messi's World Cup documentary series
The second Lionel Messi documentary to debut on Apple TV+ airs February 21.
Photo: Apple

As the trailer Apple TV+ dropped Thursday for documentary series Messi’s World Cup: The Rise of a Legend shows, the soccer superstar is practically a deity in his home country, Argentina. And if you don’t already worship him, you might start after watching the show, which premieres February 21.

Anyone who loves the world’s most-popular sport, soccer (aka football), probably knows a thing or two about Messi. But that just makes the new four-part documentary series all the more enticing for its “exclusive, behind-the-scenes” look at the man’s five World Cup appearances and his long-awaited 2022 win with Argentina.

The New Look Apple TV+ trailer shows fashion, like war, is hell


The New Look drama series on Apple TV+
Don't expect Christian Dior and Coco Chanel to actually fight the Nazis, but there will be drama. And Dior's sister was in the French Resistance.
Photo: Apple TV+

Competing designers in World War II Nazi-occupied Paris — Christian Dior, Coco Chanel and others — launched modern fashion and helped bring the war-torn world back to life, the trailer for upcoming The New Look drama series on Apple TV+ implies.

Who knew? And with a cast including Ben Mendelsohn (Dior), Juliette Binoche (Chanel), John Malkovich, Maisie Williams and other familiar faces, who cares if it’s letter-perfect history? It looks like a good time.

The 10-part series The New Look premieres on Apple TV+ on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

How many movies will Apple TV+ get out of Argylle franchise?


Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill in Argylle
Dua Lipa and Henry Cavill star in Argylle, in theaters February 2.
Photo: Apple TV+

For a would-be blockbuster packed with A-list Hollywood talent, the Apple TV+ spy thriller Argylle coming to theaters next month sure flew under the radar until recently. And not only is the high-concept global romp starring Henry Cavill, Dua Lipa and everyone else in Hollywood seeming to come out of nowhere. So is the developing Argylle movie franchise, which could dominate screens for years.

Turns out Argylle is based on book four of a novel series that has only just released book one. Does that mean a whopping four Argylle movies will come to Apple TV+? Or maybe even more?

For All Mankind season 4 finale burns with new hope [Apple TV+ recap] ★★★★


Kuznetzov Station For All Mankind★★★★
Is this just a foward-looking ending, or is this upcoming season 5? We shall see.
Photo: Apple TV+

You can’t ask for much more than For All Mankind‘s season 4 finale “Perestroika” gives. It wraps up the season in heart-pounding and heartstring-tugging fashion Friday, bringing climax and resolution to the audience along with hope for the future of the space program — and maybe a season 5 of the show.

It’s a satisfying end to the conflict over Mars-based asteroid mining at the heart of the season. But the future development teased as the episode wraps up, which appears to beg a fifth season, could simply make a fitting end to the series (as we wait to see if Apple TV+ will renew it).

The Dynasty documentary tackles the many victories and controversies of New England Patriots


'The Dynasty: New England Patriots' sports documentary hits Apple TV+ February 16.
The Dynasty: New England Patriots sports documentary hits Apple TV+ February 16.
Photo: Apple TV+

Football fans can look forward to the February premiere of The Dynasty: New England Patriots, an Apple TV+ sports documentary that interviews Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and many others about the team’s six Super Bowl wins between 2001 and 2019 — and the team’s many scandals.

The trailer for the upcoming documentary dropped Tuesday. Watch it now.

Lily Gladstone wins Golden Globe for Killers of the Flower Moon


Lily Gladstone in a scene from
Lily Gladstone's performance in Flowers of the Killer Moon earned her a Golden Globes win for best actress.
Photo: Apple TV+

After receiving 14 Golden Globes nominations, Apple TV+ notched just one win Sunday — but it was a big one. Lily Gladstone became the first Indigenous winner of a best-actress Golden Globe for her performance in Martin Scorsese’s historical epic Killers of the Flower Moon.

So, while Apple TV+ remains the only streamer to win an Oscar — 2022’s Best Picture for CODA — it didn’t exactly clean up this year at the Globes, which tend to foreshadow the Academy Awards.