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Take a video tour around the iOS 9 beta


The iOS 9 beta has been out long enough for me to give it a fair test drive and discover all that it has to offer. So in today’s video, I’m going to give you a rundown of all the new features coming to your iPhone this fall.

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Ask Siri to divide zero by zero and get ready for an hilarious insult

Siri will answer your questions, but that doesn't mean he/she has to like them.

Siri will answer your questions, but that doesn’t mean he/she has to like them.

Compared to more sedate virtual assistants like Google Now, Siri has always had a reputation for snark — whether it’s answering every annoying hypothetical question we can throw at it with equally sarcastic answers, or getting amusingly annoyed when we confuse him/her with rival AI assistants.

A newly-discovered Siri Easter Egg swept the Twittersphere on Monday, however. Asking Siri to divide zero by zero may sound like a basic math question, but the result is pure offbeat hilarity.

And just a bit mean, too.

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Apple means culture: Taylor Swift, hot new patents, and Siri’s response to 9/11

Taylor powers into Apple like no one else.

Taylor powers into Apple like no one else.

Another week flying by here at Cult of Mac headquarters, and we’ve got a ton of great stories to share with you in the latest issue of Cult of Mac Magazine.

Taylor Swift made waves with her calling out the Cupertino company’s plans to not pay artists for music streamed during upcoming Apple Music free trial period, and we’ve got all the details within. Plus, we take a look at Amazon’s new home hub, the Echo, spend some time trawling the patent office for new Apple gear coming our way, and take a quick tour of the latest iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan betas for developers.

All that and more in this week’s Cult of Mac Magazine. Be sure to download and subscribe to check it all out on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

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What HomeKit’s commands say about the Apple lifestyle


Apple announced HomeKit to developers at WWDC last year. Photo: Apple

Apple is gearing up to introduce its smarthome platform HomeKit alongside the launch of iOS 9 this fall. It will let users control smart devices like lights, door locks, and thermostats from their phones. You’ll also be able to issue voice commands to digital assistant Siri, and the company has updated the list of things you can say to get things done around your house.

But when we looked at the list of commands, we noticed that Apple is making some strange assumptions about how people might be using the new automation features. Here are some of the examples Apple gives and why they have us scratching our heads.

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Why you should buy Amazon’s Echo home hub

The Amazon Echo.

The Amazon Echo.

Amazon’s Echo — an odd voice-activated domestic hub — just went on sale to the general public. If you’ve got $200 to burn, I recommend it. It’s oddly great — and it gives you a glimpse of the future.

If Apple’s Siri-controlled HomeKit comes close, controlling your home by voice is going to be a lot of fun.

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How to make Siri (awkwardly) read any e-book to you

Siri storytime

Great. Now I’m going to be up even longer administering the Voight-Kampff Test to all of these sheep.

Siri is a handy virtual assistant. It’ll fetch information for you, send texts, and even tell you a joke if you ask it repeatedly (Siri is a little shy at first). But did you know that it can also narrate e-books?

If you can’t get enough of that lovely robot voice, here’s how to make your favorite literature come to synthetic life.

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Police: ‘Don’t ask Siri about 9/11’


Oh, Siri. You trickster.

Everybody loves a good Siri Easter egg, but they aren’t always “ha-ha” funny.

The city of Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada, has apparently seen some serious fallout in the wake of the latest viral “Ask Siri about … ” trend.

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Asking Apple Watch for the time will get you some well-earned sass

Apple Watch Siri

“Hey Siri, what time is it?” “F*** you; that’s what time it is.”

Siri is a pretty handy virtual assistant on your Apple Watch. It can tell you the temperature, convert measurements, send text messages, and do several other things without you having to take your iPhone out of your pocket.

The one thing you should never have to do, however, is ask it what time it is because you’re wearing a watch, and that’s the minimum of information it should provide you without you having to ask. Seriously, just bring up your wrist. The time is right there.

But if you’re thick as a brick and ask Apple Watch Siri what time it is, it’ll come back with one of over a dozen silly responses. Check out our results below:

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Apple wants to add a lot more context to iMessage


Someday, it could be possible for this entire conversation to happen with no human thumbs involved.

A new Apple patent could add a startling amount of functionality to your iMessages.

The tech would let you schedule pre-written texts and even send new ones automatically based on context the app draws from elsewhere on your iPhone.

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Save 42% on the Satechi Bluetooth Home Button and use your iPhone when it’s out of reach [Deals]

com-satechi home button

Tapping away at your smartphone screen while you’re driving? Not cool. Rummaging through your bag to find it? An equally terrible idea. If you commute by car or bike, the Satechi Bluetooth Home Button for $23 is an absolute must-have.

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