Safety-minded Kiwis want Apple Watch off the road

Apple Watch while driving

This is a really bad idea.

The Apple Watch may not be available in New Zealand yet, but that isn’t stopping some safety-minded organizations from seeking to ban it, and other smartwatches, from use while driving.

“A second’s inattention at the wheel can result in tragedy,” said advocate Caroline Perry of road-safety charity Brake. “Smartwatches and other wearable technology are extremely distracting if used while driving.”

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How to listen to Apple Music without burning your data

Save your data with Apple Music's offline features.

Listen to Amy without incurring data overage charges.

Apple Music is at heart a streaming solution, designed so that you can listen to any of the tens of millions of songs in its library at any time, assuming you have a data connection.

These days, though, unlimited data plans are the exception rather than the rule, so you might want to be a little less profligate with your use of such a data-heavy solution.

Apple Music allows you to save your songs, albums and playlists to your iPhone or Mac for offline listening, which could be a boon if you’re watching your data cap.

Here’s how to make that happen.

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Bing takes on Apple, Google with redesigned Maps experience

See more of your trip at once on Bing Maps.

See more of your trip at once on Bing Maps.

If you’ve ever tried to plan a trip using one of the big two digital mapping systems from Apple or Google, you know what a pain it can be to flip back and forth between the different parts of your excursion. A multi-destination walk becomes an exercise in frustration when you add in searching for food, entertainment, and the like in one app.

Microsoft’s Bing has got your back with a redesign of its own navigation system, Bing Maps. This new upgrade will let you search for directions, find locations you need, and offer access to sites like Trip Advisor and Yelp, all on the map itself.

“We heard that people want one experience that brings together the best content in one view, that fully reflects what they are planning, not just their last search,” writes the Bing team on their blog. “Users want a map experience that is fast and easy to use, and makes the most of the visually rich data that maps can bring to life.”

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‘iPhone 6 ended my season’ cries NBA player Matt Bonner

Matt Bonner's elbow can't handle the iPhone 6

Matt Bonner’s elbow can’t handle the iPhone 6

This is not an Onion article, though you may have been fooled into thinking that given the preposterous headline.

NBA forward Matt Bonner has won two championship rings with the San Antonio Spurs, but after suffering his worst shooting percentage since his rookie season, the 35-year old his placing all the blame on Apple.

In a recent interview the basketball player revealed that he believes the iPhone 6’s larger screen contributed to his poor shooting performance, and gave him a season-ending injury in the form of a serious case of tennis elbow.

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Microsoft’s new app lets you poll friends to plan events

Tossup by Microsoft.

Tossup by Microsoft.

Microsoft has been killing it on iOS with its lineup of premium productivity apps. Now the company is trying to make organizing group outings a lot more fun with is new app Tossup from the Microsoft Garage.

Out today on both iOS and Android, Tossup allows large groups of friends and family to make decisions on things like where to eat, what movie to see, or who should be invited.

Here’s a demo of how it works:

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Apple Watch swim app works — but it will void your warranty

Apple Watch swimming app

Shhh … don’t tell Apple.

The Apple Watch isn’t completely waterproof, so it makes sense that you won’t find a swimming option in the Workouts app. But that hasn’t stopped one development team from building their own way to track aquatic exercises on the wearable.

Active in Time has ported its own Pebble swimming app over to Apple’s smartwatch, and it tested its functionality (and the Apple Watch’s water resistance) with four lengths in an Olympic swimming pool. You can see the results in the video below.

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Instagram photos are getting a high-res upgrade

Instagram now stores high-res photos

Instagram is storing pics at 1080x now

My biggest gripe with Instagram is the app takes my big beautiful pictures and compresses them down to a low 640×640 resolution. It looks like the company is preparing to change that in near future though, by now storing images in a higher 1080 x 1080 size.

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Amazon takes on Dropbox with Cloud Drive app

amazon-cloud-drive-app - 2

Amazon’s Cloud Drive app made its debut on iOS.

Amazon is getting more serious about taking a piece of the cloud storage action. Over the holiday weekend, the company released its Amazon Cloud Drive app for iOS, letting you finally access your files in Amazon’s cloud from your iPhone or iPad.

The app competes with the likes of Dropbox by enabling you to view your files anywhere, but falls short in a number of key areas.

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Oreo’s new cookie takes a bite out of Apple’s playbook


Every summer Oreo comes out with a crazy new limited edition cookie to get you to stuff your face with more delicious cream filling. This year’s no different except instead of using watermelon, birthday cake, or lemon creme filling to tempt you, the company has taken a bite out of Apple’s playbook by making the Oreo impossibly thin.

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Save 75% on a lifetime of password protection and management with SplashID Pro [Deals]


Whether you’ve got them jotted down on a yellow notepad, in a document file, or scrawled on a stack of napkins hidden in your mattress, you’ve got to have a way keeping your passwords, financial info and other sensitive data secure and accessible when it’s needed. SplashID Pro’s Lifetime Plan gathers all those errant bits of info, puts them in one place, locks them up and hands you the only key.

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