On second thought, you can download iTunes 12.2 right now

iTunes 12.2

Well, alright, then.

We literally just posted about the iTunes version required to run Apple Music not being available yet, but it looks like it’s currently available as part of a system update in the Mac App Store.

Hey, thanks a lot, Apple.

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You aren’t going crazy: iTunes’ Apple Music update still MIA [Update: or not]

iTunes 12.2

iTunes 12.2: Coming sometime that isn’t right now when you need it.

If you’ve been playing around with Apple Music on your iPhone or iPad today, you might have wondered at some point what it’s like to listen to on your desktop computer.

You’ll have to keep wondering, though, because the iTunes update you need to listen to Apple Music isn’t out yet.

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Take a video tour around the iOS 9 beta


The iOS 9 beta has been out long enough for me to give it a fair test drive and discover all that it has to offer. So in today’s video, I’m going to give you a rundown of all the new features coming to your iPhone this fall.

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A day with Beats 1: Eclectic, star-studded, but slightly meh


Beats 1 Radio is live on Apple Music, but is it worth your time?

Open your iOS 8.4 Music app and start listening. Beats 1 radio went live today at 9 a.m. Pacific time or 12 p.m. Eastern time, one hour after the launch of Apple Music itself. But is it any good? I’m your fellow music lover here to answer that question in as much depth as possible based on some first impressions.

First, a little background: Apple’s own radio station billed as “programs from people who love music” will stay live 24/7, broadcasting in over 100 countries. The station promises interviews with A-list celebrities and even radio shows hosted by the celebrities themselves every so often. They’ll create their own playlists and mixes and broadcast some of their favorite tunes. Jaden Smith will have his own show, so prepare to have an existential crisis.

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ProTip: Get your Apple Music username before someone else does

Add your unique username for Apple Music Connect before someone else snags it.

Add your unique username for Apple Music Connect before someone else snags it.

When you sign in to Apple Music, you have access to Apple’s new music-centric sharing and socializing system, Connect.

While Ping may have come to an an ignominious end, Connect has the advantage of being integrated into the new, exciting Apple Music to the very core, and will let everyone signed into an Apple ID account (not just Apple Music members) use the system to follow their favorite artist.

When you comment on a Connect post, though, you’ll be known by a user name, which uses the @ symbol just like Twitter.

If you want to have something unique, though, you’ll need to act quickly and enter it now, before the service gets clogged up with all the other people that might want your specific user name. Here’s how to do just that.

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Apple Music’s setup screen is short a few bubbles

Apple Music bubbles

Some things are missing from this picture.

Apple Music launched today, and so far people seem pretty happy with the new platform. But that isn’t to say that we haven’t found a few complaints to pick out.

We don’t like the new app icon, for one. And some of us are having trouble finding the music we own mixed in with all the streaming stuff. But probably the biggest issue we — and a reader or two — have had concerns the taste-selection screen when you first set up Apple Music.

Here are some of the important bubbles we couldn’t find when we first opened the new app.

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How to not get auto-charged for your Apple Music subscription

You'll still get your three months, just not charged for the fourth automatically.

You’ll still get your three months, just not charged for the fourth automatically.

So, you’ve gotten the three month trial subscription for Apple Music, right? How exciting!

Chances are, you’ll forget all about it and, whether you love the service or not, you’ll get auto-charged in September for the $10 to $15 you chose when you signed up for your Apple Music subscription.

If you want to make sure that you aren’t automatically charged again, here’s how to turn that function off.

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Twitter’s response to Apple Music reads like a eulogy for Spotify

Excitement for Apple Music came with an enthusiastic farewell to Spotify for some on Twitter.

Excitement for Apple Music came with an enthusiastic farewell to Spotify for some on Twitter.

Two minutes after Apple Music launched Tuesday, Hans Metzke was listening to it on his device. He hit pause on his excitement to send out this Tweet: “And we’re live! Awesome! Bye Spotify.”

Apple Music users immediately took to social media to sing the praises of Apple’s new music streaming service. At the same time, many were saying farewell to music streaming’s current king, Spotify.

Whether Apple Music, which is currently free for the three months, will usurp Spotify or the other big player, Pandora, remains to be seen.

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A focus on discovery makes Apple Music a serious contender

Discover stuff large and small with Apple's new Music service.

Discover stuff large and small with Apple’s new Music service.

I’m a streaming music junky. I gave up collecting, owning, and maintaining music files on my own Mac years ago and I’ve never looked back. It’s the only sensible way to have access to millions of songs without having to worry about storing them.

I’ve used and tested Rdio, Spotify, Beats Music, and other on-demand streaming services over the past few years, so it made sense to check out Apple Music, the new on-demand service to come out of Cupertino.

It’s going to take some time to dig in deep, but so far, Apple Music is proving to be an amazingly comprehensive streaming music product that focuses on discovery, something that the competition struggles with. Within minutes of downloading iOS 8.4, I’m already listening to a playlist of artists I know as well as those I don’t – a perfect blend of old and new.

I’ve found a new streaming service to love in Apple Music, and I think you will, too.

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Ends tonight: last chance to pay whatever you want for a killer bundle of iOS design lessons and assets [deals]


So you want to design apps for iOS. Good choice! Of course getting started can be tough, but today’s your lucky day: right now the iOS Designer Bundle is on sale for whatever you want to pay, but only until Midnight. It includes a slew of of lessons and tools that’ll bring you up to ninja level in no time.

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