Apple shares reach new high as analyst predicts $200 price


apple stock price
AAPL shares are on the rise.
Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

Share prices of Apple Inc. hit yet another record high during trading today, setting a new top mark of 143.80 by the time the market closed.

Apple shares were trading up nearly 3% on Tuesday thanks to an investor note from UBS analyst Steven Milunovich who predicts the stock price could shoot up past $200 in the next two to three years.

New iPhone 7 case makes ZEISS lens super-convenient


This case by ExoLens will protect your iPhone 7 and sport a ZEISS lens.
This case by ExoLens will protect your iPhone 7 and sport a ZEISS lens.
Photo: ExoLens

Many photographers have been impressed by the picture quality from their iPhones when paired with the mobile camera lens attachments crafted by legendary optics manufacturer, ZEISS.

But some of the compromises can be daunting. The brackets, made by partner ExoLens, used for mounting meant being in the field without a protective case. With that, combined with a rather hefty chunk of glass, the handset suddenly becomes something difficult to stuff in your pocket.

Using these pro-grade lenses are now easier, at least for shooters carrying the iPhone 7, after ExoLens announced Tuesday a protective case with a quick-and-easy lens mount was available for purchase.

With looming iPad Pro update, now is the time to sell your old iPad


iPad Air
The easiest way to get quick cash for your old iPad.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

With one new iPad model already released and a refresh to the iPad Pro line likely coming soon, now is the perfect time to sell your old iPad.

With every upgraded iPad that hits the market, the value of older iPads plummets. So, if you have an old tablet, the best time to trade up and sell your iPad for the most cash is right now. Use our fast and easy online buyback program today — before current iPads depreciate.

Watch a rare Apple I power up like it’s 1976


This is one of six Apple I computers in the world that actually work.
This is one of six Apple I computers in the world that actually work.
Photo: Victoria & Albert Museum/YouTube

Take a good look at that slim iPhone 7 in your hand, or the powerful MacBook Pro balanced on your knees. Then imagine the very first circuit board that flipped the switch to power a revolution that put those devices in your possession.

A video recently posted to YouTube by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London shows a working Apple I computer, one of only six known in the world today.

Apple seeds new betas for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS


Red iPhone 7 in hand
Apple's got some new beta software out.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

A new batch of beta updates are ready for developers just one day after Apple published its first big software releases of 2017 to the public.

The first beta builds of iOS 10.3.2, macOS 10.12.5, tvOS 10.2.1 and watchOS 3.2.2 are available to download for the first time ever, bringing a host of new bug fixes and performance improvements to every single Apple platform.

Use this VPN to stay anonymous and secure for life [Deals]


CoM - TigerVPN
This is a great deal on a lifetime of comprehensive VPN protection.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

The internet is full of headaches and hazards, whether it’s the constant snooping on personal data, the threat of identity theft or the annoyance of location restrictions. One reliable way to minimize all of the above is to sign on via a virtual private network, or VPN.

By channeling your traffic through a series of encrypted servers, you can vastly enhance your online anonymity and security. Right now you can get a lifetime of protection through TigerVPN for just $29 at Cult of Mac Deals. That’s already a huge 96 percent discount, but if you enter DIGIWEEK15 at checkout you’ll get an additional 15 percent off.

This MacBook Pro dock saves space, adds style [Review]


Henge Docks' Vertical Docking Station, a MacBook Pro dock
Henge Docks' Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro makes for a sleek desktop. (The Gravitas, for iPhone and iPad, helps.)
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

A recent move into a new studio put my OCD on high alert. Determined to maintain a truly “clean workspace,” I wanted to avoid a jumble of cables slowly creeping across my new desk at all costs. A MacBook Pro dock definitely seemed in order.

For a sleek solution to any pending cable chaos, I added Henge Docks’ Vertical Docking Station for MacBook Pro to my desktop. So far, it’s the best solution I’ve found.

Check out my full video review below.

Tim Cook’s secret weapon for job interviews? Silence


Life at Apple is great for Tim Cook.
Tim Cook's not a chatty chap, apparently.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Steve Jobs could be pretty forthright, even abrasive, in interviews with prospective new employees. Tim Cook, on the other hand? It’s all about the power of silence.

In a new interview to promote her book Radical Candor: Be A Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity, former Apple and Google employee Kim Scott reveals what it’s like to interview with Apple’s CEO — and how she was saved from talking herself out of a job.

3 awesome features Apple should steal from Android O


Android O makes its public debut this fall.
Android O makes its public debut this fall.
Photo: Google

Google announced its new Android O update last week, and it includes a whole bunch of big improvements, like support for streaming high-quality audio over Bluetooth, the ability to use a wide color gamut in third-party apps, and lots more.

Here are the features that we think Apple should steal for iPhone and iPad.

Will this company provide iPhone 3D sensors?


iphone 7 plus camera
Big things are coming to the iPhone camera sensor apparently.
Photo: Apple

Rumors that Apple’s next iPhone will come with 3D sensing tech have caused shares in component maker Himax Technologies to shoot up 56 percent this year.

A recent report suggested that the 3D sensing tech will be used to give the next-gen iPhone augmented reality features, capable of changing the depth in photos or isolating certain image elements within it. Another possible use-case will allow users to use AR to put virtual effects and objects onto a person.

Facebook ‘borrows’ from Snapchat for latest iOS app update


Facebook wants to muscle in on that Snapchat action!
Photo: Apple

Facebook is the latest company to jump on the Snapchat-inspired fun photo and videos sharing bandwagon, with an update to iOS app rolling out a new camera with special effects, among other features.

To access the feature, users simply have to tap the camera icon on the top left corner of the standard Facebook app, or else swipe right from News Feed.