Apple seeds new betas for iOS, watchOS and tvOS


iOS 10.3 is full of new features.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Developers received a fresh new batch of updates from Apple today: the third beta builds for iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2.

The new beta builds come two weeks after Apple’s last betas got made available to developers, bringing a host of bug fixes, performance improvements and even some new features and UI changes for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Apple TV.

Apple is America’s fifth most reputable company


Will Apple ever bring manufacturing jobs back to America?
Would you buy a used Apple Car from these people?
Photo: Adam Fagen/Flickr CC

In something of a rare showing for the usually top-performing company, Apple takes “only” fifth place in the 2017 Harris Pool’s Reputation Quotient Ratings.

The list, which considers the “100 most visible companies,” is based on 20 different attributes — such as a company’s emotional appeal, social responsibility, financial performance, products and services, and more.

YouTube is killing 30-second unskippable ads


YouTube's most annoying feature is going.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Google has confirmed plans to scrap 30-second unskippable ads on YouTube in 2018.

The clips, which users are forced to watch before their chosen video, are seen as a nuisance to viewers. Google will instead focus on “formats that work well for both users and advertisers.”

This portable battery juices up almost any device [Deals]


CoM - Nifty C PowerPod Battery Pack for USB-C-A Devices
This pocket-size power pack can charge up almost any USB-A or USB-C device.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

When there’s no wall outlet within reach, we rely on portable batteries to get our devices through the day. Unfortunately, they’re not always the right tool for the job, since they’re specific to certain device types or connections. That’s what makes the Nifty C PowerPod so, well, nifty.

Compatible with USB types A and C, it’ll give the juice to everything from smartphones to laptops to vaporizers. That’s power and flexibility that’ll fit in your pocket, and right now you can get a Nifty C PowerPod for just $49.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.

Apple expected to introduce red iPhone 7 in March


For now, if you want a red iPhone, you have to buy a red case.
For now, if you want a red iPhone, you have to buy a red case.
Photo: Apple

Apple will debut a new red variant of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at a media event in March, a new report claims, citing a Barclays analyst.

The report also claims the March event will see Apple introduce a new iPad Pro lineup, as well as a new Apple Watch band and an added iPhone SE storage option.

Working a side gig or two? This bundle’s for you [Deals]


Plenty of us need to work a side gig to pay the bills. These tools and lessons are here to make the gig life easier,
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Like it or not, we all live in the age of the side gig. None of us does just one thing anymore — pretty much every digital professional must act like an entrepreneur, finding new opportunities and creating some for themselves.

If you’re wearing a bunch of different hats, we’ve got great stuff that can help you out. From educational courses on digital skills like social media marketing to must-have tools like domain hosting and animation software for websites, you’ll want to check out our latest deals for surviving — and thriving — in the gig economy.

Apple reportedly snaps up Israeli facial-recognition company


iPhone 8 facial recognition
How facial recognition could work on a future iPhone.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple has reportedly acquired RealFace, an Israeli startup that developed facial-recognition technology for user authentication.

The news comes shortly after a separate report claiming that Apple is planning to incorporate new biometric security systems into future iPhones starting in 2018.

Some popular Mac apps fail as developer certificates expire


Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.26.30 PM
1Password is one of the apps that stopped working this weekend.
Photo: AgileBits

Several popular Mac apps began crashing over the weekend after their developer certificates expired.

The apps suddenly refused to open due to a change Apple made to its signing policy last year. Apple now requires that all apps from the Mac App Store have a valid provisioning profile that must be updated periodically.

Today in Apple history: iPod mini is ‘world’s smallest music player’


Do you remember the iPod mini?
Photo: Apple

Feb20February 20, 2004: Apple goes small as the iPod mini arrives in Apple stores.

Released with 4GB of storage and in five colors, the diminutive iPod mini features a new “click wheel” that combines the control buttons integrated into a solid-state, touch-sensitive scroll wheel. If it’s size is small, however, its market potential certainly isn’t — as the iPod mini becomes the fastest-selling iPod up until that point.