This beautiful animated logo would look great on the Apple Watch

Photo: Gifyoda

Wouldn’t this look great as the Apple Watch’s bootup animation? Photo: Gifyoda

When the Apple Watch is released next year, it’s going to represent a major paradigm shift for iOS: it’ll be an interface made up of fingertip-sized bubbles, not rounded square icons.

Don’t you think that calls for a new logo to mark the occasion?

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Delivery routes make for a fun puzzler in Apple’s free App of the Week

RGB Express

Photo: Bad Crane

If you’re looking for a fun puzzle game to play over the weekend you can do a whole lot worse than RGB Express, Apple’s “App of the Week” which has gone free in the App Store.

Arriving on iOS one month ago, the game is a charming strategy title in which you play the route planner for a fleet of trucks, responsible for plotting their paths through increasingly complex neighborhoods, always ensuring that every home receives its package.

Starting off simply but getting increasingly complex as the game goes on, it’s an entertaining challenge, spanning 200 levels in all, that’s sure to appeal to the kind of iOS gamers who also enjoy titles like Blek.

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ICMYI: Apple Pay, iOS 8, Yosemite

Apple Pay, iOS 8.1, Yosemite, and more! Cover Design: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Apple Pay, iOS 8.1, Yosemite, and more! Cover Design: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

Yes! Another week, another scintillating issue full of Cult of Mac’s best news stories and features, compiled in one place to read through easily on your iPad or iPhone. This week we’ve got some delightful coverage of the new Apple Pay features in iOS 8, tips and tricks on the latest operating systems, iOS 8.1 and OS X Yosemite, and a couple of great apps you won’t want to miss. That and more in this week’s spectacularly useful Cult of Mac Magazine.

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How Steve Jobs helped make the iPhone more accessible to the deaf

Deaf users take advantage of FaceTime to use sign language instead of verbal communication. Photo: Apple

Deaf users take advantage of FaceTime to use sign language instead of verbal communication. Photo: Apple

Tim Cook may the Apple CEO we picture when we think of the mission to make Apple a “force for good” in the world, including enhanced accessibility for deaf users. But Steve Jobs was the person who first got the ball rolling.

During the Tampa Bay Business 100 awards last night — an event dedicated to honoring the 100 largest private companies in Tampa Bay, Florida — the CEO of a company which makes Internet video communication tools recalled how Jobs helped him use the so-called ZVRS technology with FaceTime.

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Apple just rejected an app by sending out pics of a dude masturbating

Well, Apple sure does. Photo: Iain Kroll / Flickr

Well, Apple sure does. Photo: Iain Kroll / Flickr

Well, here’s one for the record books. Apple just rejected a developer’s app for violating its policies against pornographic content.

Nothing weird about that, except for the way that Apple went about it: by sending that developer pictures of a dude masturbating. What?

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This app will hack Continuity to work on your older Mac


Photo: Apple

Continuity is one of the best features of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, allowing your iPhone, iPad, and Mac to all operate more seamlessly together than ever before. But there’s a problem: Continuity requires Bluetooth 4.0 LE to work, and many older Macs don’t have it.

But don’t despair. A new tool has been released makes it possible to easily hacktivate Continuity, even if Apple doesn’t want you to.

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5 wacky iOS 8 keyboards that will change the way you communicate

Craig Federighi a.k.a. Hair Force One takes a moment to talk about third-party Klingon keyboards at last week's iPad launch. Photo: Apple

Craig Federighi praises the Klingon Keyboard during last week’s iPad launch. Photo: Apple

Third-party keyboards like SwiftKey and Swype vastly improve touchscreen typing in iOS 8, but sometimes you need to go that extra mile to really express yourself. Sometimes you need to send text messages in Klingon, or get your point across visually with an animated GIF or an off-the-cuff doodle.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, showcased a Klingon Keyboard during last week’s iPad media event, and that’s just one of the amusingly offbeat keyboards flooding the App Store in this new era of freedom.

Cult of Mac talked with the developers behind the Klingon Keyboard and other wacky alternatives for this guide to the weird world of third-party iOS keyboards. You’ll never type the same way again!

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Sony hopes to save Xperia with iPhone-like annual refreshes

The Xperia Z3v is essentially a regular Z3 with some Verizon logos. Photo: Sony

The Xperia Z3v in all its waterproof glory. Photo: Sony

Unlike every other major smartphone company, Apple launches new flagship iPhones just once a year, meaning that whenever a customer buys a new iPhone around release time they can rest safe in the knowledge that their device is going to remain current for a whole twelve months.

Seeing the kind of success Apple has had with this model, Song Mobile has reportedly gone back to the Xerox machine drawing board, and decided to scrap their own twice-yearly policy of refreshing its flagship Xperia phone in favor an Apple-style annual overhaul.

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Amazon’s unsold Fire Phones are costing it $170 million

Photo: Amazon

Have you seen a Fire Phone in the wild yet? Photo: Amazon

During its earnings call yesterday Amazon gave some clues about just how spectacularly its Fire Phone business is tanking — making it seem one of the worst tech ideas since the RMS Titanic shipped without lifeboats.

How bad are we talking? At the end of its disappointing third-quarter the company still has a massive $83 million worth of unsold inventory sitting around.

It’s now taking a $170 million charge “primarily related to Fire phone inventory valuation and supplier commitment costs.”

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Protect your iPhone 6/6+ in ’80s gaming charm with Retro Classics Nintendo Cases [Deals]

CoM_Retro Classics

If you are the proud owner of a new iPhone 6 or 6+, you are going to want to protect it so it will work like new for years to come. But most cases that really protect your iPhone cost more than they should. And, let’s face it, while those expensive cases protect well, they don’t exactly have a lot of style.

Now you can provide your new iPhone 6/6+ with real protection without skimping on style with The Retro Classics Nintendo & Gameboy iPhone 6/6+ Cases for a paltry $14 at Cult of Mac Deals.

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