Weather Network app claims it can tell you when it is going to rain


Back to the Future Part II weather network app
The Weather Network's latest app update might make this a reality.
Photo: Universal Pictures

We’re not quite through 2015 yet, so app developers still have time to make the prophecies foretold by director Robert Zemeckis’ documentary Back to the Future: Part II come true. And to that end, The Weather Network’s latest app update uses radar and algorithms to predict when, exactly, it is going to start and stop raining.

The new feature, appropriately called “Rain Start Stop,” claims to give you a few hours to finalize the details on your outdoor activities.

Hit iOS game pulled for Apple Tax evasion


Avoiding the Apple tax isn't smart.
Avoiding the Apple tax isn't smart.
Photo: Mixi

Free-to-play mega hit Monster Strike was pulled from the App Store this past weekend for trying to get around Apple’s in-app purchase system.

The app was offline on Saturday the 29th of August from 5:30 pm until around 1 am Sunday morning, costing the Japanese developer an estimated $600,000 in revenue. The Android version was not taken down, and the iOS version is back online as of Sunday.

A monthly magazine where your life is the subject


For $8.99 per month, your iPhone camera roll can become a glossy magazine.
For $8.99 per month, your iPhone camera roll can become a glossy magazine.
Photo: Recently

It sounds cool and convenient to say your photo album is in your phone. But your life spread across the pages of a glossy magazine sounds a whole lot better.

A new iOS app called Recently turns the camera roll on your iPhone into a monthly magazine. The one-step app is free and for a subscription fee of $8.99 a month, the creators will send you an elegantly designed magazine of up to 100 photos.

How to find the exact setting you need in iOS 9


You'll see all sorts of settings you didn't even know exist.
You'll see all sorts of settings you didn't even know exist.
Photo: Rob LeFebvre/Cult of Mac

iOS has so many settings in one app, it’s kind of ridiculous.

Whether you want to change preferences for an app or the operating system itself, a trip to the crowded Settings app can often be a frustrating experience.

iOS 9 — still in beta — has a solution for that information overload though: Search.

Here’s how to access it.

Electronics-sniffing dogs can root out USB drives


Bear is one of five electronics-sniffing dogs
Bear is one of only five electronics-sniffing dogs.
Photo: NBC News

Criminals don’t just have to worry about someone finding their drug stashes anymore, as police have started to employ highly trained, electronics-sniffing dogs to root out illegal material on USB thumb drives and SD cards.

Only five dogs have acquired this particular set of skills that can make them a nightmare for cybercriminals and child pornographers.