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Hot deals ending soon: Last chance to get the Spring clean Mac bundle & more [Deals]


Spring has left the building and these amazing deals are about to do the same, so jump on your last chance to sweep up the Spring Clean Mac Bundle, PhoneClean iOS Cleaner, and more.

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Running with Apple Watch, a beginner’s guide

For your first run, select an “open” goal

ProTip: For your first run, select an “open” goal. 

If you bought an Apple Watch hoping it would help you get fit, but you haven’t been on your first run yet, maybe you need of a little more encouragement. So here’s some advice from a reformed couch potato.

The first workout is the hardest. It gets progressively easier and more rewarding from there. You just need to know how to get started.

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Don’t forget about Samsung Pay, it’s still coming


Samsung Pay has entered its final stages of testing. Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr CC

Did you completely forget about Samsung Pay? Well, it’s still kicking. After a significant delay, the official launch is coming in a couple of months and Samsung is allegedly wrapping up tests to ensure it works properly.

Samsung is testing its Apple Pay competitor with eight different card companies in South Korea and is set to go live there as well as in the United States this September.

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Sea change: Apple Music & Beats 1 hit all the right notes

All the news you can use about Apple Music and Beats 1.

All the news you can use about Apple Music and Beats 1.

This week was all about the launch of the surprisingly fantastic Apple Music streaming service and the Beats 1 24/7 radio station here at Cult of Mac, and we’ve pulled all the cool info you’ll want about these two new Apple services into one delightful Cult of Mac Magazine issue.

Of course, we’ve got our first hands-on impressions of Apple Music and Beats 1, how Twitter and early reviews praised the service (and said goodbye to Spotify), all the details on albums you won’t find anywhere else, and a great tutorial on how to record the live Beats 1 audio stream right on your Mac.

Let’s get started, then, shall we? You can download and subscribe right here, too.

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Run the Jewels are getting their own Beats 1 Radio show

Run the Jewels are taking over Beats 1

Run the Jewels are invading Beats 1

Beats 1 already boasts a superstar cast of DJ’s but they’re about to get a new pair of hosts in the form of rap group, Run the Jewels.

Killer Mike and El-P are set to take over Beats 1 every Friday at 6PM PT for their very own show called “WRTJ.” The show will follow the duo as they complete the Run the Jewel world tour and talk about music, as well as the merits of unicorns and dragons.

Check out the teaser El-P published today:

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What Apple eventually got right in its awkward ’80s video

Apple concept video 1987

Sometimes, I ask Siri for personal advice. It usually steers me wrong.

In 1987, Apple created a video set in 1997 that was all about how much better the world was with all of the amazing Apple products the company was going to create. Almost 20 years later, some of the predictions in this ’80s-tastic fantasy film are true, and some are laughably (and thankfully) absent from current hardware.

Check out the video below, but brace yourself for some really bad jokes.

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Calm down and rock on; Apple isn’t adding DRM to your music


The only problem is when you start deleting files without a backup. Don’t do that.

No, you won’t lose all your DRM-free iTunes music. At least, not without deleting your actual files and not having a backup. Apple isn’t adding DRM to your iTunes files, either.

The reality here is that Apple will not automatically remove any iTunes music files you own on your computer and replace it with a digital rights managed (DRM) file.

However, the convergence of iTunes Match, Apple Music, and the new iCloud Music Library can be confusing, and there is a small potential to re-download files you’ve deleted from your Mac as DRM-protected Apple Music files.

Luckily, the folks at iMore have a pretty fantastic, clear explanation of what’s going down here, and a pretty neat way to check and see which of your music files have been matched, uploaded, or purchased. Even John Gruber linked to it, so you know it’s good.

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Photographers add Foo Fighters to their Taylor Swift contract battle

The Foo Fighters will perform at RFK Stadium and one news outlit is boycotting over its photo agreement.

The Foo Fighters will perform at RFK Stadium and one news outlit is boycotting over its photo agreement.

Taylor Swift’s bold rant against Apple over royalties continues to echo in the ears of photographers.

A quick recap . . . Swift used her Tumblr page to chide Apple for initially not paying musicians during the trial period of the new Apple Music. Then a music photographer in England called her a hypocrite because the contract her people force editorial photographers to sign before shows says Swift has the right to use those photos for free to promote her brand.

Apple backed down, but the good publicity-bad publicity for Swift has photographers and photo editors taking second looks at the contracts of other musical acts.

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Post-Apple Music, should Apple form its own label?


Apple Music probably couldn’t have gotten off to a much better start. Following its launch on Tuesday, the service has been widely praised by fans and critics for its user experience and terrific Beats 1 radio — but what’s next for Apple and its Beats team?

Friday-Night-Fights-bug-2Could the Cupertino company launch its very own music label? It has the talent, it has the resources, and it has already revolutionized the music industry once before. But does the move make sense?

Join us as we discuss that very question in this week’s Friday Night Fight between Cult of Android and Cult of Mac.

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