Apple Music exclusives earn artists one-way trip to Spotify hell [Update: Spotify denies]


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Spotify punishes artists for giving Apple Music exclusives.
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Scoring an exclusive album deal with Apple Music can be highly lucrative for artists looking for independence, but it might come with some serious payback from Spotify, which is reportedly punishing musicians that sign such deals.

Musicians have been dragged into the fight between Apple and Spotify, according to new reports saying Apple’s rival is threatening to bury artists in its search results. Meanwhile, Spotify has denied the accusations, which come from anonymous sources cited by Bloomberg and The New York Times.

Is Apple wasting its time trying to fight Snapchat? [Friday Night Fights]


Apple has tried to fight the social networks before.
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Apple’s next big venture could be to go head-to-head with Snapchat and similar content-sharing services. The company is expected to integrate new video features into iOS that would be developed by the engineers behind Final Cut and iMovie.

Friday Night Fights bug But is this a good idea? Apple failed miserably when it tried to take on social networks before, and some would argue that many of its products already suffer as a result of its expansion into new areas.

Join us in this week’s Friday Night Fight as we battle it out over whether Apple is wasting its time trying to fight Snapchat.

Intel wants to make iPhone processors by 2018


Future iPhone processors may be made by Intel.
Future iPhone processors may be made by Intel.
Photo: Apple

The next iPhone you buy might have Intel inside, if the company is able to succeed in its new plans to overthrow Apple’s long-time partner, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.

Intel, the world’s-largest chipmaker, is reportedly looking to make a big splash in mobile chips and has already started talking to Apple about taking over orders to make the ARM processors used in the iPad and iPhone.

Now is a great time to sell your old MacBook


man-person-hands-coffee (1)
This guy spilled his coffee and then sold us his laptop....
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You can still make money off your aging MacBook. Yeah, even those dusty old white ones from 2008. The Cult of Mac Buyback program will pay you cash for your Apple laptop, whether it’s the newest 15-inch MacBook Pro or a clunker you haven’t touched in five years.

With new MacBook Pro models likely coming soon, it’s a great time to clear out old gear and pad your bank account so you can afford an upgrade.

Grab an award-winning Soundfreaq Bluetooth speaker for nearly half off [Deals]

Carry your sounds around in style with this award winning Bluetooth speaker.
Carry your sounds around in style with this award winning Bluetooth speaker.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Cupping your hand around the iPhone speaker just isn’t cutting it anymore. If you’re looking to get a groove from your mobile devices while keeping them mobile, your best bet is a portable Bluetooth speaker like the Double Spot by Soundfreaq. It’s slim, sounds great, goes anywhere, and right now you can get one for just $79.99 at Cult of Mac Deals.