If you live in one of these states, Apple may owe you some money


If you’ve used Apple’s iBooks store, you might have a check due to you.

This week, Apple lost its appeal on the antitrust case that the federal government and several state attorneys general filed on it concerning price fixing on ebooks. And now that that’s out of the way, it’s time for the company to pay up.

The green states in the map below were listed as plaintiffs on the class-action lawsuit, which means that if you live in one of them and have bought anything from iBooks, you may be entitled to a cut of the settlement.

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Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ wasn’t worth all that Spotify drama

Taylor Swift's '1989' album is finally available for streaming.

Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ album is finally available for streaming, so I was all ears.

No one has shut up about this album since it came out in October 2014. Taylor Swift’s “1989” sold over a million copies in the first week alone and continues to sell well even today, largely due to the fact that it was previously nowhere to be found on streaming services. That is until Apple Music launched and Swift suddenly had a change of heart.

Still, since everyone I know buzzed about this album and the media certainly buzzed about it given the Spotify melodrama, I had to give it a listen. I didn’t want to buy it because I truly didn’t care that much, but I cared enough to listen if I was already paying for a streaming subscription. Now that I’m officially an Apple Music member, I got to stream “1989” in its entirety while I was cooking my lunch.

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You won’t find these Apple Music albums on Spotify

Taylor Swift 1989

Yes, we know. That one.

Taylor Swift fans aren’t the only ones with reasons to celebrate Apple Music.

Apple’s new streaming service boasts over 30 million songs. That’s according to the company, anyway; we definitely haven’t counted them. And even though it’s only a day old, it’s looking like it could have a chance to cut into the business of rival streamers like Spotify. And part of how it’s doing that is by landing content for its library that the other people don’t have.

Here are five albums Apple Music can brag about. Other than 1989, we mean. Because everyone knows 1989 is on there.

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Create and share Apple Music playlists with your buddies

Like mix tapes for modern lovers.

Like mix tapes for modern lovers.

One of the cool things you can do with a streaming service like Apple Music, Spotify, or Rdio, is making and sharing playlists. It’s a way to seriously curate your own musical taste, and then show off by sending along to others.

It’s not super tricky, but the downside of such a new user interface like the one in the just released Apple Music is that things may not be where you think they should be.

With that in mind, let’s jump right in and make a new playlist. Then let’s learn how to share it with our Apple Music buddies.

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iCloud Music Library adds DRM without buying you dinner first


iCloud Music Library is almost identical to iTunes Match with one glaring issue.

Well iCloud Music Library is pissing people off already. The new service almost identical to iTunes Match has a DRM problem. Turned on, iCloud Music Library is taking the music you rightfully own and place in your iTunes library and automatically adding DRM protection to it. In essence, it’s placing a lock on music that’s already yours.

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Apple Watch now compatible with select Hyundai cars

Hyundai Apple Watch

Now Hyundai owners can start their cars while sitting in their cars but using an Apple Watch.

Hyundai has good news for Apple Watch owners who also drive late-model Sonatas: You can now use your wearable to control parts of your car.

The auto manufacturer has rolled out an update to its Blue Link app, which already creates an interface with an iPhone, to expand the connected-car functionality to Apple’s new smartwatch.

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Carry the big glass in comfort with MindShift Gear’s FirstLight backpacks

The FirstLight series by MindShift Gear helps photographers transport long, heavy telephoto lenses.

The FirstLight series by MindShift Gear helps photographers transport long, heavy telephoto lenses.

The elements and rugged terrain are hard enough for any nature photographer. Add heavy equipment around the neck, shoulders and back and a challenging shoot becomes a grueling journey.

The designers at MindShift Gear, photographers and outdoor adventurers themselves, have three new backpacks designed to carry “Big Glass” lenses with relative comfort.

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Apple Music will be super cheap in some countries

Tim Cook Apple Music

Tim Cook talks Apple Music at WWDC 2015.

Apple Music, the new song-streaming platform that started rolling out yesterday, is currently free for everyone while the company shows off how cool its new product is. After the three-month trial period that we’re all enjoying, however, using the full set of features will cost you.

But for people in developing countries, the burn won’t be nearly as bad.

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Fallout 4’s awesome wearable bonus incompatible with iPhone 6 Plus

Man, that would have been cool.

Man, that would have been cool.

If you’ve been itching to put a real-life Pip-Boy on your wrist via the $120 collector’s edition of Bethesda’s highly-anticipated role playing video game, Fallout 4, and you own an iPhone 6 Plus, you may be out of luck.

The larger handset will not be supported for the wristband, but you can still run the companion app when the console and PC game comes out later this year.

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Vibrant new iPod colors revealed in iTunes update


Apple revealed some new iPod colors in the iTunes 12.2 update.

You may have written off the iPod as something Apple doesn’t care to breathe new life into by this point, but the iPod is exactly what appears to be getting an update. Alongside the release of iTunes 12.2 to support Apple Music, some users quickly discovered that images of the iPod family within the app feature new, unreleased colors.

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