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Support iOS gaming by donating to TouchArcade’s Patreon

Help support iOS gaming.

Help support iOS gaming.

If you’re a fan of iOS gaming you’ve probably visited (or should visit) TouchArcade, which just so happens to be the largest and oldest iOS gaming website on the Internet.

Featuring news, reviews, guides, interviews, and one of the best iOS gaming forums you’ll find anywhere, TouchArcade is a great resource for anyone who feels like we’re currently in the middle of something of a golden age for mobile gaming.

But the site needs your help.

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Everything that’s new in iOS 9 beta 2

iOS 9 beta 2 goodies are here

iOS 9 beta 2 goodies are here

Apple seeded iOS 9 beta 2 to developers today and while there aren’t any groundbreaking new features or drastic improvements, the company did manage to add a bunch of little changes and tweaks across the OS.

Most of the improvements are small design changes, but there are a couple really useful additions too, like adding Handoff to the app switcher, search improvements are more.

Take a look at everything that’s new in iOS 9 beta 2:

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10 rules for classy apps – a developer manifesto


Believe it or not, there are still some apps that do no evil.

If you ever dig into the privacy policies of app developers, be prepared for a shock. This is where they confess their sins: invading your privacy, selling your data, and pestering you with popups and unwanted ads.

As the App Store becomes increasingly crowded and competitive, many developers struggle to make a profit. Some turn their attention to alternative sources of revenue and the quality of their apps suffer as a result.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are the 10 rules for developers to keep things “classy.”

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Publishers criticize Apple for ‘completely crazy’ News app email


Publishers are frustrated with Apple’s hasty attempt to lock them in to the forthcoming News app’s terms and conditions.

Apple’s iOS 9 News app hasn’t even seen the light of day yet, but publishers are already heavily discontent with the email Apple sent out to them regarding its terms and conditions. The email essentially tells publishers what they’re agreeing to by opting in to the News app and assumes they agree unless they explicitly state otherwise.

Even if publishers don’t like the terms and conditions Apple lays out, Apple is basically forcing their hands unless they later specify that they don’t agree. In that case, of course, they also don’t get to be a part of the News app. The terms and conditions themselves don’t entirely appear to be causing the uproar, but rather the odd presumption that all the publishers are automatically willing to participate even in total silence.

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iOS and OS X bug lets attackers steal passwords from iCloud Keychain


Researchers cracked iCloud Keychain and bypassed App Store approval processes.

A group of six university researchers claim to have successfully bypassed Apple’s tight App Store approval processes to publish Mac and iOS malware apps. According to the report, the team presented the zero-day vulnerability to Apple back in October 2014 and were told to keep quiet about it for at least six months.

Luyi Xing, a security researcher who helped expose the zero day vulnerability, still has yet to hear back from Apple on a possible fix.

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Apple paves the way for ad blockers in Safari for iOS 9

Safari's new Content Blockers settings in iOS 9.

Safari’s new Content Blockers settings in iOS 9.

Apple is planning to open up mobile Safari to “Content Blockers,” according to a new features discovered in the iOS 9 beta. The change could pave the way for ad blocking extensions, which prevent images, popups, and other content from loading as you browse the web.

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Apple to kill off Newsstand in favor of a Flipboard-style newsreader

Rest in peaces, Newsstand.

Rest in pieces, Newsstand.

Apple is going to kill off its Newsstand app for iOS and replace it with a Flipboard-style news reader, according to a new report. The new service will be free, and it is expected to feature sample content from partners like The New York Times, ESPN, and Conde Nast.

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Get ready for WWDC with this Apple Watch magic show

The Apple Watch is magic

The Apple Watch is magic

We’re eagerly counting down the last hour until Apple unveils its new lineup of magical software and other goodies, but Simon Pierro is ready to reveal some of the magic that’s already inside your Apple Watch.

The iOS magician released a new video for WWDC fans that goes through the features of the Apple Watch by bending reality with the same type of clever tricks that landed him on The Ellen Show earlier this year.

Watch his new Apple Watch routine below:

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Tune into the WWDC live-steam on Android and Windows

You don't need an Apple device to enjoy WWDC.

You don’t need an Apple device to enjoy WWDC.

Apple officially only streams its WWDC keynote to its own platforms and devices — iOS, OS X, and Apple TV. But you can easily tune in on Windows PCs and tablets, Android smartphones, and other devices.

So if you don’t have an Apple device handy, but you still want to watch WWDC, here’s how.

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Hardware and software predictions for WWDC 2015, on The CultCast

WWDC '15 inbound at Moscone West.

WWDC ’15 inbound at Moscone West.

This week: We’ll tell you why the 2015 Worldwide Developers Conference may be one of the most mundane on record. Plus, Apple pretty much confirms Apple TV will be your home’s digital hub; Facebook’s an impenetrable fortress with too much power; and the tale of a Bay Area woman who unknowingly junked her $200,000 Apple-1 computer … whoopsie!

Our thanks to for sponsoring this episode. Learn virtually any application at your own pace from expert-taught video tutorials at

Hardware and software predictions for WWDC 2015, on The CultCast

Show notes ahead, compadre.

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