This toaster is actually an iPhone charging station in disguise


Introducing the Foaster.
Introducing the Foaster.
Photo: Foaster

Keeping enough iPhone cables around the house to your entire family’s devices charged can result in some unsightly blogs of tangled cables. Most charging stations look horrible, or too nerdy to keep in open sight, but the Foaster is hoping the solve that problem by disguising an iPhone charging station in the shape of one of the most ubiquitous kitchen appliances.

Foaster comes with two slots to charge two iPhones at the same time, but it also can be expanded to accommodate two extra iPads. With its built-in power supply, Foaster only uses one electric outlet on your wall, keeping a fresh minimal look.

Check out the full demo:

iPad Pro hopes, Woz fears Skynet, and British bar fights on The CultCast


It all started with Stella Artois...
It all started with Stella Artois...
Photo: By Charles F. Price

This week: why we might be in for big iPad upgrades this year; our expectations for the iPhone 6C; the one feature we hope iPhone 6S will get (but probably won’t); Woz is worried about Skynet again; and… is Apple building a machine for time travel? You’ll have to press play to find out…

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Show notes ahead, and they’re excellent.

Teenage scammers busted for selling iPhone boxes filled with Play-Doh


An artist's impression of an iPhone made from Play-Doh. No wonder the buttons don't work!
Photo: Gapake Dolls and Cars Toys Collector GDCTC/YouTube

Would you buy an apparently new iPhone from a random person on the street without thoroughly checking out the contents of the box first?

If you answered “obviously no,” then you’re certainly smarter than the Detroit Metro PCS business which bought “iPhones” from a group of three Detroit-area teenagers only to discover, upon opening them, that they were filled with Play-Doh bricks instead of smartphones.

This fiction app will scare the Dickens out of you


Gently move the iPad and watch the frightened  Charles Dickens character  pull the covers tighter.
Gently move the iPad and watch the frightened Charles Dickens character pull the covers tighter.
Photo: David Pierini/Cult of Mac

It is one thing to read about a madman. But what if you could feel like those were your hands around the victim’s throat, eyeballs bulging, his gasping breath brushing against your face?

Charles Dickens’ A Madman’s Manuscript feels all the more creepy when you experience the book in interactive form with the new iPhone and iPad app by iClassics.

If digital media is tearing us away from analog books, then the growing collection of illustrated works reimagined by iClassics ensures classic tails not only stay alive but get a new life with illustrations that move with the touch of your screen.