iOS 10 adds 100+ emoji to promote gender equality


iOS 10's new emoji have more gender diversity.
iOS 10's new emoji have more gender diversity.
Photo: Apple

iPhone and iPad owners are set to get a big batch of new emoji when iOS 10 lands on devices later this fall thanks to the addition of over 100 new characters that promote gender equality.

The latest beta build of iOS 10 seeded to developers this morning brings more gender options to existing characters like the surfer, runner, weightlifter, detective, construction worker and much more.

Should Apple Watch’s digital crown come to iPad? [Friday Night Fights]


Would you use it?
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple Watch’s digital crown is yet to make its way to other Apple devices, but that could soon be about to change. According to a recent patent application, Apple is already exploring the idea of bringing the feature to the likes of the iPad.

Friday Night Fights bugBut would a digital crown make sense on a larger device, or will it feel out of place? Will it actually add useful functionality that enhances the user experience, or would it be little more than a useless gimmick that’s there for the sake of it?

Join is in this week’s Friday Night Fights as we battle it out over whether the digital crown deserves a place on the iPad and other Apple products.

The Apple Store app is getting a big redesign


Apple_Store_Union_Square_exterior - 1
Shopping for Apple stuff on iPhone is about to get better.
Photo: Milo Kahney/Cult of Mac

A major redesign is coming soon to the Apple Store iOS app that will bring Amazon-like shopping suggestions to users based on customers’ buying history.

Apple’s redesign will reportedly include a new “For You” tab that suggests products based on previous orders, arming the tech giant with a new tool to create more sales right before the launch of the iPhone 7 in September.

Apple Watch’s digital crown could change the way we use iPad


You might not know that you want an Apple Watch, but you do. Trust us. Photo: Apple
Could the digital crown be a valuable addition to iPad?
Photo: Apple

Apple has considered bringing the Apple Watch’s digital crown over to other iOS devices such as the iPad, according to a newly-published patent application.

An iPad-specific digital crown could be used for a variety of functions — including controlling the device’s volume, resizing text, zooming in on photos or with the Camera app, and much more.