You can trust us: Apple debuts 2 privacy themed ads at CES


Face ID
Apple keeps all your Face ID data private.
Photo: Apple

CES 2021 bug Apple has launched a couple of eye-catching ads to coincide with the first day of the virtual CES. Both ads focus on Apple’s privacy oriented stance to technologies like Face ID and Apple Pay. This includes carrying out processing on the device and not sharing information with Apple.

The short ads feature some neat Saul Bass-style typographic animation in an effort to make the topic of user privacy and not sharing data compelling and digestible. Check them out below.

Latest Apple Pay offer grants 20% off Grubhub orders


Apple Pay Grubhub
It's not quite a New Year party, but it's not bad.
Photo: Apple

For obvious reasons, New Year’s Eve plans aren’t quite what they normally are in 2020. But thanks to a new Apple Pay offer, at least you can get 20% off a food delivery from Grubhub.

Provided that you pay using Apple’s payment platform, that is.

Apple Pay could be used in 1 of every 10 card transactions by 2025


Apple Pay
Apple Pay has been a massive success for Apple.
Photo: CardMapr/Unsplash CC

The App Store has been one of the main focuses when it comes to Apple and potential antitrust violations. However, Apple Pay could also be a rising vulnerability for Apple as it defends itself against accusations of monopolistic behavior, the Financial Times notes.

According to the report, citing Loup Ventures analysts, Apple Pay is now used by 507 million people. That’s around half of the people in thee world who own an iPhone. By 2025, Bernstein analysts think it could facilitate one in every 10 credit card transactions worldwide. Of these, Apple gets an estimated 0.15% of each transaction.

Apple Pay is gearing up to launch in Israel


Apple in talks to bring Apple Pay to Israel
Apple has been in talks to bring Apple Pay to Israel for a while.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple Pay is finally gearing up to launch in Israel, marking the 61st territory to offer Apple’s mobile payment solution. Apple has been supposedly negotiating for months to bring Apple Pay to Israel, six years after the service initially launched in the United States.

The Isracard Group, a financial group including MasterCard and American Express Israel, will support the service. No launch date has yet been announced, although the deal reportedly runs for four years.

Jimmy John’s customers get a free drink on $10 orders when they use Apple Pay


Apple Pay Jimmy John's order
The latest offer from Apple Pay.
Photo: Apple

Apple Pay’s latest promotion offers customers at sandwich chain Jimmy John’s a free drink when they spend at least $10 on an order. The promotion is available through September 27.

In order to be eligible for the promotion, you have to be a Freaky Fast Rewards member, and pay for your order with Apple Pay — either in-store, through the iOS app or via the Jimmy John’s website.

EU may force Apple to open contactless payment tech to rival services


Square Terminal could help more businesses accept Apple Pay.
At least, if the European Union laws are as expected.
Photo: Square

Apple Pay may wind up being just one of several mobile payments services available on the iPhone if the European Union gets its way, Bloomberg reported Friday.

The report claims that the EU is weighing up new rules that would compel companies like Apple to open up the NFC (Near Field Communication) tech in its smartphones and watches to rival players. That could mean that Apple Pay isn’t the only option for customers who want to pay for products with their Apple device.

Apple Pay Express Transit now works on Metro in Washington, D.C.


Add your SmarTrip cards to the Wallet app today.
Photo: Apple

Apple Pay with Express Transit is now available to commuters on the Metro transit system in Washington, D.C. Riders can add existing SmarTrip cards to their Wallet on iPhone and use it anywhere SmarTrip cards are accepted.

They also can use regional transit cards to pay for Metro trains, buses and regional transit lines.

Apple Pay goes live with Switzerland’s largest bank


Apply Pay UBS
UBS has been talking with Apple over Apple Pay since 2016.
Photo: UBS

Switzerland’s biggest bank, UBS, has finally embraced Apple Pay, the bank revealed Wednesday. The bank announced Apple Pay support as “coming soon” back in April. However, it has taken another few months for that to promise to come to fruition.

Customers of the bank can start using Apple Pay today for both credit cards and pre-paid cards.