T-Mobile now accepts Apple Pay for monthly bills


T-Mobile retail stores already take T-Mobile Apple Pay
T-Mobile retail stores aren’t the only places that take Apple Pay now.
Photo: T-Mobile

T-Mobile customers who are also iPhone users can now reportedly pay their monthly bill with Apple Pay. This option showed up on the carrier’s website today.

And it can be used to get 3% cash back.

UK’s contactless payment limit rises to make shopping simpler


Quicker checkouts, less contact.
Photo: Visa

U.K. Finance on Tuesday confirmed it is increasing the contactless card payment limit to £45. The move is designed to make shopping simpler during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it will be permanent.

Consumers in the U.K. can currently spend up to £30 on their debit cards before having to enter their PIN number. The new limit comes into effect on April 1 and will be useful where Apple Pay isn’t available.

Apple Pay for Mexico looks set to launch imminently


Apple Pay Terminal
¡Es inminente!
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple Pay could make its official debut in Mexico any day now after local iPhone users on Thursday discovered they could start adding debit and credit cards to the Wallet app.

Only regional bank Banregio appears to be supported for now, which suggests Apple Pay support may be an exclusive initially.

Wells Fargo offers $5 to customers who use Apple Pay at its ATMs


Wells Fargo is embracing Apple Pay at its ATMs.
Wells Fargo lets Apple Pay users withdraw money without having to carry around a bank card.
Photo: Mike Mozart/Flickr CC

Want $5 for free? Of course you do — and thanks to Wells Fargo, you can claim it. Provided that you use Apple Pay or another digital wallet, that is.

From now through March 5, 2021, customers who access a Wells Fargo ATM using the debit card in their digital wallet for the first time will earn five bucks. Here’s how you get your hands on the loot.

Latest Apple Pay promo offers free movie rental when you spend $10 with Postmates


Latest Apple Pay promo offers free movie rental when you spent $10 with Postmates
Dinner and a movie, anyone?
Photo: Postmates/Apple

If you buy the dinner, Apple will throw in the movie. At least, that’s what the latest Apple Pay promotion is offering. It’s giving any Apple Pay customers in the US a free movie rental in the TV app if they spend $10 or more with delivery service Postmates.

Postmates offers meal delivery, alongside everyday groceries. As its website states, “Whether you need a gallon of milk or a handle of vodka, we get it.” Now thanks to the Apple Pay deal you can enjoy any of the above with the $5.99 movie rental of your choice.

Apple in talks to bring Apple Pay to Israel


Apple in talks to bring Apple Pay to Israel
But negotiations with banks may not so easy.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple is reportedly negotiating with financial institutions to bring Apple Pay to Israel.

A Hebrew-language report says that Apple has been meeting with banks and credit card companies to introduce its contactless payments system. However, Apple’s fee demands could potentially be a source of disagreement between Apple and the financial institutions in question.

Curve card finally adds Apple Pay support


Start using Apple Pay with Curve today.
Photo: Curve

Curve, the all-in-one card service, is finally rolling out Apple Pay support to customers across Europe.

Payments can be made using Apple Watch and iPhone for the first time. And the same great benefits you’re used to getting from your Curve card, including cash back on purchases, still apply.