Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is a subscription service that offers unlimited access to over 200 games. There are offerings in almost every genre: casual, racing, RPGs, sports, puzzle, story and many more.

All are playable on iPhone and iPad, and most can be enjoyed on Mac and Apple TV, too.

Apple car comes to a screeching halt [The CultCast]


An AI-generated Apple-branded electric car, with The CultCast logo and
After Project Titan crashes and burns, Apple goes all in on artificial intelligence.
Image: Cult of Mac

This week on Cult of Mac’s podcast: Apple pulled the plug on Project Titan, its not-so-secret, decade-long effort to build a self-driving electric car. After spending a reported $10 billion on R&D, the moonshot Apple car project winds up canceled — in favor of generative AI!

Let’s just say we have some opinions.

Also on The CultCast:

  • Apple’s FineWoven iPhone cases don’t seem to hold up so well. In fact, a high-profile journo says hers is “browning like a rotten banana.” What gives?
  • Apple Arcade’s shifting mission means kids will be winners (but indie devs will be losers).
  • Waiting for a second-gen Vision Pro that will be lighter, brighter and less expensive? You might want to rethink that plan.

Listen to this week’s episode of The CultCast in the Podcasts app or your favorite podcast app. (Be sure to subscribe and leave us a review if you like it!) Or watch the video live stream, embedded below.

Apple Arcade’s future: Kids win, but devs fear ‘smell of death’


Apple Arcade's future is kids games with big names
Games with an established brand aimed at children -- like SpongeBob -- are apparently the future of Apple Arcade.
Photo: Apple/Nickelodeon

Apple Arcade now focuses so heavily on family-friendly titles from well-known franchises that some indie game developers feel abandoned, according to a new report. Some even predict doom — or at least creative stagnation — lies in Apple Arcade’s future if things don’t change.

Cupertino’s shifting priorities leave the developers, who Apple once wooed for the service, with few incentives for creating new Apple Arcade games.

Mac apps to speed your work, and games to make you forget all that [Awesome Apps]


An iMac exploding with awesome apps.
Awesome Mac apps of the week.
Photo: Midjourney/Cult of Mac
Awesome Apps

In this week’s Awesome Apps roundup, you’ll find apps for managing files, using AI to boost your writing, and turning an iPad into a creative input device for a Mac.

And if all that productivity wears you out, we’ve got other options. You can relax with a charmingly peaceful Apple Arcade game with a delightful Japanese theme. Or you can blast enemy spaceships in an arcade-style game that’s great on iPhone — but even better on Vision Pro.

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to download.

3 wild new spatial games coming soon to Vision Pro


new Vision Pro games
Are you ready to blow your mind with new spatial games for the Vision Pro headset?
Photo: Apple

Three games designed for visionOS spatial experiences through the new Vision Pro headset will soon join a dozen existing such titles, plus another 250 compatible games already in Apple Arcade, Apple said Thursday.

The company highlighted all the fun Vision Pro users can have, including descriptions of the upcoming versions of Alto’s Odyssey, Gibbon and Spire Blast for Vision Pro.

Original games for adults and kids launch on Apple Arcade


'BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team' is a shooter designed for kids and adults to enjoy.
BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team is a shooter designed for young and old to enjoy.
Photo: Oh BiBi/Apple Arcade

February brings BEAST: Bio Exo Arena Suit Team, a 3v3 online action game with animal heroes piloting powerful mechanized armor, to Apple Arcade.

Adults might prefer Words in Progress, a puzzle game, which is also newly available for iPhone, Mac and more.

More than 600 new spatial apps and games await Vision Pro


Vision Pro apps
A new app lets you sit in a throne room a la "House of the Dragon" on HBO.
Photo: Apple

A day ahead of Vision Pro’s release, Apple put a spotlight on more than 600 new “spatial” apps and games made specifically for the headset. They join more than a million Vision Pro-compatible apps Friday in the App Store.

“Apple Vision Pro is unlocking the imaginations of our worldwide developer community, and we’re inspired by the range of spatial experiences they’ve created for this exciting new platform,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of worldwide developer relations.

Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom and Cornsweeper join the fun on Apple Arcade


Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom is one of three games added to Apple Arcade on Thursday.
Photo: Apple Arcade/Bandai Namco

Tamagotchi Adventure Kingdom promises an epic and nostalgic adventure, while Cornsweeper is a reimagined version of a classic. These are two of the latest additions to Apple Arcade’s extensive catalogue, and are now playable on iPhone, Mac and more.

More are on the way, as are content updates to other popular games in the service.

Why Apple Arcade makes great gift for a child or your family


Apple Arcade
Put Apple Arcade under your Christmas tree this year.
Photo: Apple

A recent survey shows that what most kids want for Christmas is video games. Let me suggest you give the gift of Apple Arcade this holiday season.

Apple’s game service offers over 200 titles in a wide variety of genres at a single, low price, and it’s especially well suited for kids. But there’s fun for the whole family, too.

And it’s not too late!

Try App Store’s top apps and games of 2023


App Store
Find out which apps and games users downloaded most in 2023.
Photo: Graham Bower/Cult of Mac

Apple listed App Store’s most-popular free and paid apps and games of 2023, citing year-end charts in more than 35 countries and regions.

App Store’s Today hub lists all those popular choices (also below) as well as the 2023 App Store Award Winners.

Sonic Dream Team races onto Apple Arcade


'Sonic Dream Team' is one of four games just added to Apple Arcade.
Sonic Dream Team is one of four games just added to Apple Arcade.
Image: Sega

Sonic Dream Team pits the high-speed hedgehog against an evil mastermind with the power to make dreams real.

It’s one of four additions to the Apple Arcade gaming service, including Disney Dreamlight Valley, Puzzle & Dragons Story and Turmoil+.

All of these and hundreds more and playable with a single subscription fee.

Football Manager 2024 Touch now playing on Apple Arcade’s pitch


'Football Manager 2024 Touch' on iPad
Show you have what it takes to manage a club in Football Manager 2024 Touch.
Photo: Apple

Players can create a soccer club dynasty in Football Manager 2024 Touch. The newest version of the team management simulation game from Sega & Sports Interactive challenges players to be the boss of one of the world’s best clubs.

It launched Monday on Apple Arcade, where its playable on a range of devices, including iPhone and Mac.

Apple Arcade getting 8 more fun new games in 2023


Apple Arcade games
There are plenty of upcoming games and recent additions to Apple Arcade.
Image: Apple

Disney Dreamlight Valley Arcade Edition, Football Manager 2024 Touch, Sonic Dream Team and Puzzle & Dragons Story are among the eight games on the way to Apple Arcade in November and December. They’ll join the 200+ already on the service.

In addition, more than 50 of the already available games will get content updates.

These 7 spooky Apple Arcade games dish out Halloween treats


These 7 spooky Apple Arcade games dish out Halloween treats
Here are the best games with the unquiet dead available on Apple Arcade for your Halloween enjoyment.
Graphic: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Halloween is almost here, making this a great weekend to play some spooky games. Apple Arcade has a nice selection of these to help you enjoy the creepy season.

Here are the best options in Apple’s gaming service to find ghosts, ghouls and goblins.

Basketball fans can now jump into the action in NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition


NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition is for serious fans.
NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition is a serious game for serious fans.
Screenshot: 2K Games/Apple Arcade

NBA 2K24 Arcade Edition, the latest addition to the long-running esports games franchise, launched a bit earlier than expected. The feature-packed basketball game is now on Apple Arcade for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

This is the definitive basketball game for Apple devices, and each new version adds even more features.

Cut the Rope 3 revives a classic iPhone game


Cut the Rope 3 on Apple Arcade
"Cut the Rope 3" is a physics puzzler now payable on a range of Apple devices.
Screenshot: Paladin Studios/Apple Arcade

Cut the Rope 3 is a new iteration of a beloved early iPhone game. It’s a physics-based puzzler staring Om Nom and cute little Nibble Nom.

The game is the latest addition to the Apple Arcade subscription service.

Slow down and relax with Japanese Rural Life Adventure


'Japanese Rural Life Adventure' on Apple Arcade
Japanese Rural Life Adventure uses a gorgeous and carefully crafted pixel art style.
Image: Game Start/Apple Arcade

Fans of cozy life simulation games will enjoy Japanese Rural Life Adventure. It’s about living your best (digital) life, with plenty of the traditional culture of Japan mixed in.

The app debuted Friday on the Apple Arcade subscription gaming service.

Adopt a pretty kitty in the big city in My Talking Angela 2+


My Talking Angela 2+ by Outfit7 Limited on Apple Arcade
Angela is a virtual pet with style and cattitude.
Image: Outfit7 Limited/Apple Arcade

My Talking Angela 2+ is a virtual pet game. Players help Angela, a fashionable anthropomorphic feline, stay busy in her big-city home. Some off her activities include practicing her dance moves, baking treats, making original music and designing jewelry.

It’s the latest addition to Apple Arcade, a low-cost subscription service that includes hundreds of games.

Become James Bond and battle Spectre in Cypher 007 stealth adventure game


Become James Bond and battle Spectre in 'Cypher 007' stealth adventure game
Cypher 007 is one of four games joining Apple Arcade in September.
Image: Tilting Point LLC/Apple Arcade

Blofeld, the criminal mastermind and head of Spectre, is once again scheming to defeat James Bond in Cypher 007. The action game launches for a range of Apple devices in late September on Apple Arcade.

And there are three more games headed for Apple’s gaming subscription service in September.

Samba de Amigo dances onto Apple Arcade


Samba de Amigo: Party-to-Go on Apple Arcade
Sega's classic arcade and console rhythm game Samba de Amigo is now playable on your Ap[ple devices.
Photo: Sega/Apple Arcade

Shake to the rhythm of the beat in the revival of Sega’s Samba de Amigo: Party-to-Go. The game debuted in arcades and on consoles more than 20 years ago, and is now available for an Apple TV, Mac and more.

It’s this week’s addition to the Apple Arcade gaming service.

Shake it with Samba de Amigo and other new Apple Arcade games


Coming to Apple Arcade in August:
Coming to Apple Arcade in August: Samba de Amigo: Party-to-Go plus three puzzle games.
Photo: Apple

Apple said Tuesday it will add four new games and more than 30 updates and events to Apple Arcade in August.

New games include a revival of Sega’s classic rhythm game Samba de Amigo: Party-To-Go, puzzle games Nekograms+ and Kingdoms: Merge & Build, and indie puzzle-remix game finity.

Samba de Amigo: Party-To-Go is coming soon to Apple Arcade with exciting new songs and a series first Story Mode only found on the service,” said Ian Curran, president and chief operating officer of Sega of America.

Super-cute Hello Kitty Island Adventure is latest Apple Arcade exclusive


Supercute ‘Hello Kitty Island Adventure’ is latest Apple Arcade exclusive
Hello Kitty Island Adventure is a life simulation game where players will build friendships.
Image: Sunblink/Apple Arcade

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is a charming life sim game starring the world-famous feline, and it just joined the Apple Arcade roster.

With her adorable friends, Kitty White explores a beautiful island and the magical underwater world near it.