Marble Knights rolls onto Apple Arcade


‘Marble Knights’ brings rolling fun to Apple Arcade
Marble Knights mixes game genres, and supports multiplayer action.
Photo: WayForward/Apple

The latest addition to Apple’s gaming service is a rare multi-player title. Marble Knights lets up to four people at once roll together through a sword-swinging adventure.

Apple One subscription isn’t fazed by different Apple IDs for Apple Music and iCloud


An Apple One bundle might be announced in September. Or October.
Apple One is the Amazon Prime-style bundle for all your services in one.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Apple One subscription bundle service promises to make your monthly Apple subs easier by rolling them into a simple, one-off payment. But what if your existing subscriptions, such as Apple Music and iCloud accounts, are tied to different Apple IDs?

Fortunately, Apple’s longest-serving employee, Chris Espinosa, says that poses no problem. “It manages that,” he wrote in response to a question on Twitter. “I just double-checked.”

Go on A Monster’s Expedition through open-world puzzles on Apple Arcade


‘A Monster’s Expedition’ launched Sept.10 on Apple Arcade
A Monster’s Expedition promises “an adorable and relaxing open world puzzle adventure.”
Image: Draknek Limited

A Monster’s Expedition isn‘t the usual puzzle game. It sets itself apart by being an open world. The goal is to make play more relaxing because if someone gets stuck on a particular puzzle, they can head off in another direction. And, of course, there’s a cute little monster involved.

The game debuted Thursday on Apple Arcade, the Mac-maker’s subscription gaming service.

Apple explores new ways to promote its services


Apple services are important to the company’s future profits. was all about Apple TV+ on Friday. It’s all part of advertising this company’s services.
Screenshot: Apple/Cult of Mac

Apple TV+ took over the home page on Friday. And the company also released a lengthy video about a game recently added to Apple Arcade. These Apple services are seen as increasingly important to its bottom line. And the company is using new ways to advertise them.

Join the World’s End Club for side-scrolling adventure on Apple Arcade


‘World’s End Club’ is the latest addition to Apple Arcade.
World’s End Club starts at an abandoned undersea amusement park. Then it gets weird.
Photo: Izanagigames

Just-released World’s End Club happily mixes genres. It’s a side-scroller puzzle-action game and a story-adventure game… all at the same time.

The action starts when a group of Japanese school kids find themselves in a long-abandoned amusement park under the ocean. It just gets weirder from there.

EE’s new iPhone plan includes unlimited Apple Arcade, Music, TV+


EE Full Works plan for iPhone
You can sign up for a Full Works plan today.
Photo: EE

U.K. carrier EE today introduced a new cellular plan that gives iPhone users full access to some of Apple’s best subscription services.

Full Works includes Apple Arcade, Apple Music, and Apple TV+ for the length of your contract. It also offers unlimited data, the option to upgrade your handset at anytime, and 5G connectivity.

EE says it’s the first time a carrier has struck this kind of deal with Apple.


Who needs ‘Fortnite’ when ‘PUBG Mobile’ is an out to get a significant upgrade?
Apple wants everyone to know that Fortnite rival PUBG Mobile is about to get a big upgrade to its visuals.
Photo: Tencent Mobile