Brace yourself for ‘bumper ads’ before every YouTube video



When you’re excited to watch the latest videos from your favorite YouTube channels, the last thing you want to see before them is ads you can’t skip. Normally, they don’t appear on every video you watch, but Google is planning to change that.

The company today announced that is introducing 6-second “bumper ads” that will play before all videos watched on mobile devices, and you have no choice but to sit through them.

Apple IIc gets a second life in this neat restoration video


Making an Apple IIc look this good isn't easy.
Photo: The 8-bit Guy

Long before Jony Ive was making ridiculously thin aluminum MacBooks, the Apple IIc reigned supreme as Apple’s first portable computer.

Finding a working model of the 7.5-pound notebook is a tough task, considering it was introduced more than 30 years ago, but restoration expert The 8-Bit Guy came across one and put together a video on how to make the 1984 machine look brand new.

LOL: April Fools’ Day pranks that are actually funny

Zuckerberg's new H&M collection.
Photo: H&M

For most of us, April Fools’ Day is an abomination. It’s like watching your dad crack terrible jokes at a party. But unlike your dad, some tech companies have perfected the art of the April Fools’ prank and come up with some pretty spectacular ones.

Here are some of the best that have made us LOL today.

Apple’s full iPhone SE keynote is now on YouTube


Size does matter, says Phil Schiller.
Size does matter, says Phil Schiller.
Photo: Apple

If you didn’t have time to catch up pn Apple’s event on Monday, you can relive all the glory anytime you want, now that the company has posted the entire iPhone SE keynote on YouTube.

The 63 minute event contains everything from yak-friendly solar farms in China to all the details on the smaller iPad Pro that isn’t quite as fast as its bigger sibling. Apple’s recent event wasn’t as exciting as previous product unveiling, but it will probably be the last one ever hosted at the company’s Cupertino campus.

Watch the full event below:

YouTube adds iPad multitasking so you can get less done


YouTube Split View Slide Over
Oh, this can't be good for our productivity.
Screenshot: Evan Killham/Cult of Mac

This is either bad news for your workload or great news for your procrastination, but as of today, YouTube’s iOS app has full support for two of the iPad’s multitasking features.

Now, you can run the video app alongside other, probably more useful things. You can even control YouTube while you’re working on other stuff without having to close either program. It’s a brilliant way to not get anything done, ever.

Here’s how it works.