Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs reports $161 million loss for Apple


Apple is heading toward a $1 trillion market cap. Photo: Pierre Marcel/Flickr CC
This was Apple's last ever quarterly losses. Well, to date.
Photo: Pierre Marcel/Flickr CC

Sept26 September 26, 1997: Not everything about Steve Jobs’ return to Apple was easy. Today marks the anniversary of the last day in a massive money-losing quarter for Apple, as the company revealed losses of $161 million in just three months.

Giving investors the bad news was one of Jobs’ first, err, jobs as interim CEO. Fortunately, things were about to change dramatically.

Buy Steve Jobs’ first Apple stock certificate for just $195,000


It's not quite the equivalent of getting Jobs' 1980 fortune, but it's not too far off.
Photo: Moments in Time

If you’re a fan of rare Apple memorabilia, how about this for a collector’s piece: the first ever AAPL stock certificate given to Steve Jobs after Apple went public in 1980.

Yours for the house-remortgaging price of $195,000, this genuine slice of tech history reportedly hung on Jobs’ office wall at Apple until he left/was booted out of the company in 1985.

Today in Apple history: Google comes out of beta


Google and Apple were friends at first. It didn't last.
Photo: Google/Apple

Sept21 September 21, 1999: A little startup named Google comes out of beta, announcing the launch of a website that will let the general public easily search for information.

To Apple, which is embracing the internet with its twin iMac G3 and iBook products, Google seems like the perfect ally. Sadly, the relationship doesn’t remain rosy for long.

You can now pick up rare fine art prints of Steve Jobs during his NeXT days


Jobs celebrates a visit to the NeXT Computer factory.
Photo: Doug Menuez

If you’ve ever wanted to populate your home with rare fine-art prints of Steve Jobs, this is your lucky day!

That’s because Doug Menuez, an award-winning documentary photographer who made an unprecedented number of pictures of Jobs between 1985 and 1994, is selling a limited quantity of black-and-white prints for the first time.

Animators try their hand at telling the Steve Jobs story


YouTube is a repository for animated features on the life of Steve Jobs.
YouTube is a repository for animated features on the life of Steve Jobs.
Photo: Adam Holownia,

Cult of Mac 2.0 bugWith all there is to marvel about Steve Jobs and the story of Apple, it’s easy to forget what Jobs meant to animation.

So it’s not surprising that several animators have sought to capture the near-mythological character of Jobs in animated shorts that can be found all over YouTube.