App Store search just got much smarter


App searches now have a lot more in store for developers.
Photo: Apple

A number of developers have reported noticing a difference in the way the iOS App Store now organizes search results. It appears Apple made changes around November 3 to the search algorithm to improve the relevancy of the results. Developers have identified multiple factors that are contributing to the new App Store search and overall, the changes are garnering positive feedback.

Apple, Google pull InstaAgent app for ‘stealing’ login info


Have you seen this app? If it's on your phone, delete immediately.
Have you seen this app? If it's on your phone, delete immediately.
Photo: Computer World

InstaAgent, a third-party app for users to track visitors to their Instagram feeds, was pulled out of app stores by both Apple and Google after an iOS developer discovered the app was stealing people’s logins and passwords.

If you have InstaAgent on your smartphone – and reportedly half a million of you do – delete it immediately.

Apple adds new Shopping category to App Store


The App Store's newest category is all about shopping.
The App Store's newest category is all about shopping.
Photo: Buster Hein/Cult of Mac

Apple has added a new shopping category to the App Store today, bringing with it a collection of apps that cover everything from auctions, product reviews, price comparisons, Apple Pay apps, and more.

App Store users will begin seeing the new category on the App Store today. It may end up on the tvOS App Store as well, considering one of the biggest selling points during the keynote demo was the ability to shop from your TV. To make the new creation of the new category even better for users, a select number of apps are offering limited deals to iOS shoppers.

The following promotions are available in the ‘Save While You Shop’ group:

Apple says ‘screw you’ to Europe’s largest hacker conference


Artist's impression of the people potentially behind iOS vulnerability. Photo: Hackers, United Artists
You know, hackers like these guys!
Photo: United Artists

The Chaos Computer Club, Europe’s largest collective of hackers, claims that Apple rejected the group’s streaming video app — which would allow users to watch talks from its Chaos Communications Congress event.

Why? Because members of the conference had previously hacked iOS, and Apple doesn’t want to help spread the hacking word.