Handy portable iPad stand is also a 6-port hub [Review]


Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub for iPad Pro review
The Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub has what you need to make your iPad Pro or Air into a portable desktop.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Satechi Aluminum Stand & Hub turns your iPad into a useful desktop. Not only does it prop up your tablet, it includes six useful ports. And it goes almost anywhere, from a meeting room to a coffee shop.

I’ve used the tablet stand for weeks, including on a recent vacation. Here’s why I love it… despite a limitation or two.

Satechi improves Mac mini stand/hub combo with new SSD enclosure


Satechi Type-C Stand & Hub for Mac Mini with SSD Enclosure
Add front-facing ports and additional storage to your Mac mini with an improved Satechi Stand & Hub.
Photo: Satechi

Satechi’s stylish Mac mini stand includes an array of front-facing ports. A new version adds space for a sold-state drive to further increase the macOS desktop’s storage capacity.

The Satechi Type-C Stand & Hub for Mac Mini with SSD Enclosure launched Wednesday. And it’s currently on sale.

Don’t miss these Prime Day deals on great iPhone, Mac and iPad accessories


Don’t miss these Prime Day deals on great iPhone, Mac and iPad accessories
Prime Day can save you money on add-ones for your Apple Gear.
Photo: Amazon

Amazon’s Prime Day brings bargains on a range of accessories for your Apple devices. There are cases, keyboards, chargers, SSDs… lots of options and all below the regular prices.

There are savings on gear for iPhone Mac and iPad, but most of the deals expire on Tuesday. Don’t wait around.

Satechi Cybermouse boasts bulletproof aluminum, solar charging


Satechi Cybermouse Is in the house
Satechi Cybermouse boasts features no ordinary mouse can dream of.
Photo: Satechi

Life can be hard on desktop accessories, and so Satechi created the Cybermouse. It’s made of indestructible “Super-Tough” aluminum in a design sure to widen the eyes of Elon Musk.

And the designers didn’t leave out other advanced features, like wireless and solar charging.

Paired-HomePod-mini fan gets earful about cable management [Setups]


Paired HomePod mini setup draws cable-management flak
A setup with a nice desk and paired HomePod mini speakers drew some cable-management flak.
Photo: Aaron Bielert

On social media, crowing about the beautiful computer setup you finally finished putting together can be a risky gambit. Because, you know, people. They might just gleefully and repeatedly point out small flaws in your masterpiece as if they’re the main thing. Picky, picky, picky.

Guitar-wielding student marshals nifty light show [Setups]


Nanoleaf Shapes give you interesting lighting options.
Nanoleaf Shapes give you interesting lighting options.
Photo: arnaki_gkioulmpasi@reddit

If one thing catches your eye first about Redditor arnaki_gkioulmpasi’s setup, it’s probably the interesting light show on the wall behind it. That array is made up of Nanoleaf Shapes that can be arranged any which way.

Those cool-looking lights, along with a Yeelight Screen Light Bar Pro atop the Dell 32-inch curved 4K monitor and a standing lamp next to the desk, keep eyestrain to a minimum.

Satechi’s portable USB-C hub sports 9 ports and hideaway cable


Satechi's portable USB-C hub is designed for home or travel.
Make up for the lack of ports in your MacBook or iPad with a Satechi 9-in-1 USB-C hub.
Photo: Satechi

The latest USB-C multiport hub from Satechi is designed with portability in mind. It packs in nine frequently used  ports so it’s not too tiny. But designers built in a slot to hold a short travel-ready connection cable to cut down excess bulk.

Apple laptops and tablets lack a variety of ports, but adapters like this one make for easier presentations, data transfers or network connections.

Miniature Satechi charger juices up both Apple Watch and AirPods


The Satechi USB-C Watch AirPods Charger takes on two Apple wearable devices.
The Satechi USB-C Watch AirPods Charger is two, two, two accessories in one.
Photo: Satechi

A clever trick by designers at Satechi combines an Apple Watch charger and an AirPods charger into a single small accessory. On one side is a charging mat for the wearable, but flip it over to power up the case for Apple’s wireless earbuds.

The Satechi USB-C Watch AirPods Charger debuted on Tuesday exclusively from the online Apple Store.