iMac 4K production slows as Apple Silicon upgrade looms


This iMac concept reflects what a lot of people want.
It could (we hope) look a lot like this.
Concept: Daniel Bautista

Apple has reportedly slowed production of the 21.5-inch iMac ahead of a much-anticipated Apple Silicon upgrade. The company’s popular all-in-one is expected to make the shift to custom ARM chips this year.

In the meantime, certain 21.5-inch iMac 4K models powered by Intel processors could be a little more difficult to get hold of.

Save $100 on Apple’s speedy new MacBook Pro with M1 chip


macOS Big Sur on a MacBook Pro
Bag yours today from just $1,119.99.
Photo: Apple

Amazon’s big discount on the new M1 MacBook Pro is now even bigger, with up to $100 off some models. Both the 256GB and 512GB models are discounted for a limited time, and prices start at just $1,199.99.

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Want an M1 MacBook Pro? Sell your old model for fast upgrade cash


It's easier than you think.
Photo: Dmitry Chernyshov

It’s a great time to pick up a new M1 MacBook Pro, with retailers like Amazon now slashing up to $100 off brand-new models, and Apple itself offering bigger discounts on refurbished units. And Cult of Mac can help make yours even more affordable.

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M1 Mac mini now starts at just $599.99 — save $99 for a limited time


New M1 Mac mini gaming
Get yours from just $649.
Photo: Apple

Amazon’s discount on the M1 Mac mini is now bigger than ever, with up to $99.01 off some models. Bag yours today to enjoy one of Apple’s fastest desktops at its lowest price yet.

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You can now run Ubuntu Linux on an M1 Mac via USB


Linux on an M1 Mac
Download all the files you'll need today.
Photo: Corellium

It’s now possible to run Ubuntu Linux on an M1 Mac, thanks to an early build made available by Corellium. The operating system is booted from a USB stick, leaving macOS completely unchanged.

All the files you need can be downloaded now from GitHub, and Corellium says an installation tutorial is on the way.

Despite pandemic, 2020 was Apple’s best year ever [Year in Review]


Apple products on a table
The big story for Apple in 2020, was, of course, the COVID-19 pandemic.
Photo: Elena Mozhvilo/Unsplash

In spite of a devastating pandemic, a moribund economy, widespread unemployment, factory and store closures, and a workforce toiling from home, Apple in 2020 had one of its best years ever.

The company released a raft of new products, saw its stock soar, enjoyed a record valuation, made record amounts of money, experimented with virtual product launches and events, released great advertising, and mostly skated through government antitrust hearings.

The company even killed off a hated product feature, to widespread plaudits from fans.

Future iPads could get big boost from M-series Mac processor


An iPad with an M-series chip could happen in 2022..
iPads could be so much faster running Apple M-series Mac processors.
Photo: Cult of Mac

Apple could be preparing to dramatically improve the performance of its iPads. The company reportedly will start building its tablets with the same M-series chips that go into the company’s laptops and desktops.

These will be produced by Apple’s chip maker TSMC, which is moving ahead with developing 3nm processors. Its first production units will reportedly be M-series chips for Macs. And these processors will also allegedly be used in future iPad models.

Next-gen Apple Silicon processors could ‘significantly outpace’ top Intel chips


Apple Silicon
Apple Silicon is a game-changer for Apple.
Photo: Apple

The first M1 Macs just hit desks and laps around the world, but Cupertino’s already hard at work on next-gen Apple Silicon processors, Bloomberg reported Monday.

According to the report, Apple is working on “several successors” to the surprisingly powerful M1 chip. These could “significantly outpace” the performance of the top computers currently running Intel chips — including the first 32-core processor high-end Macs.

M1 Mac mini runs Windows 10 far faster than Microsoft Surface Pro X


M1 Mac mini running Windows 10
Even with a workaround, Macs with Apple Silicon have good performance running Windows 10 for Arm.
Photo: Cult of Mac

New tests show relatively speedy performance for a Mac mini with an ARM-based Apple M1 processor running the ARM version of Windows 10. Even though the OS is running as a virtual machine, benchmarks show the device can handle X86 applications far faster than the Microsoft Surface Pro X, which also uses an ARM chip.