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Should Apple Disable iPhone Notifications During A Call In iOS 7? [Let’s Talk]



Over at The New York Times, Bits columnist Nick Bilton has a gripe to pick with Apple. He doesn’t like the fact that push notifications keep pouring in during a voice call on the iPhone. “Even when the device is placed on mute, it vibrates when a notification comes in, rattling your skull for a never-ending second,” says Bilton.

I had never actually thought about this annoyance until I read Bilton’s piece. And coincidentally, it actually happened to me while I was on the phone earlier today. I remember quickly pulling my iPhone away from my face in shock at the vibration and loud noise in my ear.

This seems like something that should be fixed. What say you? Should Apple say hasta la vista to notifications during phone calls in iOS 7? Let us know in the comments below!

Has Your iPhone Ever Ruined Or Saved You On A Date? [Let’s Talk]


Has your iPhone ever caused trouble between you and your significant other?


My iPhone is magical. It can do all kinds of crazy stuff to help me with dates, like finding the best sushi place, directions to a park, and nearby events.

The problem with my iPhone being so damn fantastic is that a lot of times on dates I’m too engrossed with what’s happening in the digital world, that it distracts me from the real life gorgeous woman sitting across the table from me.

I don’t know how many times it’s happened that I’ll be sitting in a restaurant and take out my iPhone because I’m bored. It’s become a nervous tick. I’ll chuckle at something and say, “Holy shit, did you see this hilarious Vine that Matt just posted?” And then she rolls her eyes at me, and I apologize, and the mood is destroyed with no hope of me ever getting any action or advancing the relationship further.

I’m not alone, right? I’m sure a lot of our readers have some amazing horror stories of using their iPhones on dates, and we’d love to hear them. Come over to the Cult of Mac Forums and tell us all about the worst, or best, experiences you’ve had when your iPhone has gotten mixed up in your love life.

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Who Should Apple Hire To Replace Former Retail VP John Browett? [Let’s Talk]



John Browett didn’t last long at Apple. He was brought on by Tim Cook at the beginning of last year to lead Apple’s retail division and then he was fired 9 months later. The former Dixons CEO didn’t mesh well with Apple’s culture, and he caused unrest among Apple Store employees.

Since legendary retail guru Ron Johnson left Apple for JC Penny, Apple hasn’t been able to find the right executive to fill his shoes. Now that Browett is gone, who should Apple give the reigns of Apple retail to?

What’s Your Favorite New Feature Of iTunes 11 [Let’s Talk]



iTunes 11 was finally released today and it’s actually pretty great. The user interface has been streamlined so that superfluous crap gets out of the way when you don’t need it, and there are some genuinely cool features and tricks in the update. It’s a step in the right direction and I’m pretty surprised that I want to start using iTune again thanks to this update.

Now that you’ve had a little bit of time to play with iTunes 11, what’s your favorite feature? Up Next is pretty awesome and I’m digging the album view even though I prefer browsing via artists instead. How about you? What’s surprised you about iTunes 11 so far? What do you love about it? What do you hate? Come over to the Cult of Mac Forums and give us your thoughts on the newest version of iTunes.

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What Are Your First Impressions Of The iPad Mini [Let’s Talk]


You new iPad mini's display could look ancient in 12 months.
You new iPad mini's display could look ancient in 12 months.

By now you’ve had enough time to run to your Apple Store, buy an iPad mini and bring it back to your house in a loving embrace. If not, well you’ll get one later today, or whenever the delivery man finally makes his way to your house. We just posted our thoughts on the iPad mini, but we’d love to hear from you guys about what you think.

What are your first impressions of the iPad mini? Is it worth the price? Is the display really as bad as some people are saying? Does portability make a huge difference for a tablet? Come over to the forums and let us know what you think are the most important aspects of the iPad mini.

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Which Tech Company Should Hire Scott Forstall? [Let’s Talk]


Will Apple regret saying goodbye to Scott Forstall?
Photo: Apple

Even though he was fired from Apple yesterday, Scott Forstall will still be an Apple employee until some point in 2013 and work as an advisor to Tim Cook. His new position is really just to prevent him from jumping ship quickly and going to another company, but Apple can’t keep him forever. At some point in 2013, Scott Forstall will be free to join any company he chooses. So which company should he go to?

Forstall’s brother works for Microsoft, but Scott’s penchant for skeuomorphic software might not fit well with Microsoft’s Metro UI. Google and Samsung are two other obvious choices because they’re big competitors with Apple. Or Forstall could choose to create his own company like Tony Fadell did with Nest after he left Apple. What company do you think would be the best fit for Scott?

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Are You Disappointed With The iPad Mini? [Let’s Talk]



There always seems to be an echo of people on the Internet that are disappointed after an each Apple event. Maybe it’s those people’s own fault because they hyped the products up too much in their minds before actually seeing them. Or maybe Apple’s under-delivered a little bit on the iPad Mini.

I plan to buy an iPad Mini on November 2nd (mostly because I just sold my iPad 3 last night), but part of me wishes the iPad Mini was just a little bit better. I wish it either had a better processor, a better display, or a better price. If Apple had improved just one of those three things a little bit then I’d be warp-drive enthusiastic about it. But after the unveil, the iPad Mini doesn’t look more compelling than a Kindle Fire or Nexus 7, other than that it runs iOS 6.

What do you think about the iPad Mini? Are you excited? Disappointed? Or is everything just as you thought it would be? We’d love to hear y’alls reactions, so head over to the forums and let us hear them.

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Sight Unseen, Would You Buy An iPad Mini? [Let’s Talk]


Will the iPad mini become the first iOS device with an IGZO display?
Will the iPad mini become the first iOS device with an IGZO display?

The iPad mini hasn’t even been officially announced yet, but we all know it’s coming, right? But here’s the bigger question of the morning – are you already planning on buying an iPad mini even though you don’t really know what it’s going to look like or how much it will cost?

The smaller form factor of the iPad mini is really appealing to me, so I’m already thinking I’ll ditch my iPad 3 for the iPad mini, but is it lunacy to plan to buy a gadget you know so little about? Is anyone here in the same boat? We want to hear about your iPad mini purchasing plans this morning, so come on over and let’s talk.

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How Would You Fix iTunes To Make It Useable Again? [Let’s Talk]



No one uses iTunes anymore. iTunes is like that one cool guy from high school who used to be a lot of fun to hang out with, but then everyone grew up and he’s still out there prowling the streets of your hometown, getting drunk, attending local football games and hanging out with high school kids. He just failed to grow up like everyone else, and that’s kind of what’s happened to iTunes. It’s antiquated and bloated. People dread using it and even though iTunes 11 is supposed to drop this month, we don’t think that’s going to change much.

What can Apple do to fix iTunes? Is there even a way to do it?  It’s an ugly and slow app but it’s still important, so it’s not like Apple can just nuke it altogether and start over. Should Apple divy up the functionality of iTunes to other OS X apps the same way they do with iOS? We haven’t played with iTunes 11, but the demo at last month’s keynote didn’t make us too hopeful. We’d love to hear your thoughts on what Apple should do to fix iTunes.

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Are You More Excited About The iPad Mini Or 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro? [Let’s Talk]


The iPad mini could be in your local Apple store on November 2.
The iPad mini could be in your local Apple store on November 2.


According to the latest round of rumors, Apple will unveil the iPad Mini and a 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display on October 23rd. Both aren’t radically new products, they’re just smaller versions of the iPad or 15-inch MacBook Pro.

So which one is more lust worthy? I’ve been using a 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro for a few months now and it’s beautiful, but too bulky compared to the 11-inch MacBook Air I had been using for the last year. A smaller MacBook Pro with a Retina display would be perfect. As far as the iPad Mini goes, I don’t play a lot of games on my iPad, and a smaller screen would make it more portable and better for reading in bed. I can’t decide which one I should want more though. What do you think?

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