How Apple’s Passbook Could Replace Your Wallet On Our Newest CultCast



It’s back to the Mac on this week’s CultCast, and on our newest episode, we’ll tell you everything we know about Apple’s rumored 13-inch Retina Macbook Pro, and why you might be seeing it before the year is through.

Then, is Apple’s Passbook really going to take over the world of tickets, coupons, and payments? It’s tough to imagine, especially with how little Passbook can do now. But imagine coupons on your lock screen right when you need them and making payments with nothing but your iPhone. Ready to leave your wallet behind? Passbook may soon let you do exactly that.

All that and our three favorite Mac apps on our latest CultCast! Subscribe now on iTunes, or easily stream The CultCast via Apple’s free Podcasts App.

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CultCast #36 – Welcome To The ‘StacheCast

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  • Tmann

    When will the NEW iMac and Mac Mini’s come out already?

  • jrirish

    I’m not sure what your thoughts are on Passbook but I think it’s going to be huge. Here are my thoughts in greater detail if anyone is interested –

  • Shaun Green

    Passbook is a waste of space outside the US as there are almost no providers elsewhere. I’m certainly not interested in using an Apple propriety system over a widely accepted internationally used standard such as NFC. I think it’s very important that we resist Apple’s attempts to derail open standards wherever possible. Passbook will certainly never ever replace my wallet.