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7 responses to “The Best Review Yet Of iOS 6 Maps [Humor]”

  1. shade/ohio says:

    true google maps are better hope apple will give us options on the maps just like the search engine…

  2. iPear says:

    True Story :) I’m waiting for Google to make a native maps app since they are almost a decade ahead when it comes to combining maps with search results. Don’t get me wrong, i like iOS 6 but Apple’s solution is just too “young” to work properly. In a few years, when Apple has collected more user data based on these searches and added better map material and satellite pictures over the years, it will be pretty good and may be even simpler than Google, but until then, Google Maps will be the solution of choice for accurate results.

  3. James N Kristal Padilla says:

    To be fair, Apple did promise Maps in IOS 6 and to their credit they delivered. They just didn’t promise it would work…

    I’m not sure how long they have been working on it but seriously I’m holding off IOS 6 until its updated. I use Google Maps 2 or 3 times a week. I need to know where I’m at, going, and I can’t afford to be thrown off because of the quality or lack thereof on Apples maps.

  4. ali_plus says:

    I can predict What Samsung new ad will be about… ;)

  5. ddevito says:


  6. iSteve says:

    Just give Apple time and Maps will be more fluid than Doodle..So stop barking around !

  7. Jonathan Ober says:

    mapquest app works too if you need turn by turn.

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