Why The New iPod Touch Makes Digicams Obsolete [Opinion]


Nobody should buy a dumb point-and-shoot camera ever again
Nobody should buy a dumb point-and-shoot camera ever again

Apple’s new iPod Touch is slimmer, faster, better, yadda yadda yadda. That’s neat and all, but what really matters, and what might just spike its sales into the crazy numbers, is its new camera. It has 5MP, it has auto-focus, it has the iPhone 5’s new panorama feature, and it starts at just $300. Why the hell would anyone buy a regular point and shoot any more?

This upgrade takes the iPod Touch’s pathetic excuse for a camera and makes it as good as that in the iPad 3. Better, in fact, because it has the neat scratch-resistant sapphire cap on the lens, along with an LED flash. It also packs the new panorama function, 1080p video and face recognition.

But this is beside the point, because what the new iPod Touch really means is that you can now get a more-than-good-enough camera in a tiny pocket-sized package that can run every single photo app the iPhone does. And all without a cellphone contract.

Take pictures, edit them, geotag them, upload them and generally do what you like with them. Try that with a $300 point-and-shoot. Or a $3,000 DSLR. No, you can’t change lenses, nor can you enjoy that sweet, sweet shallow depth-of-field from big-sensor/wide-lens combos found in “real” cameras, but who cares?

I have found that I use my iPad more than my Lumix GF1 these days. It looks dorky as hell to take it out and snap pictures, but once I have, the photo is ready to view on a big screen, and to edit and share. The camera, on the other hand, keeps everything on a little plastic card until you find a computer to plug it into. That’s sooo last decade.

I’m almost certainly going to buy my first iPhone when the new 5 launches in Spain next month, but now I’m seriously tempted to grab this iPod instead.

But the iPhone isn’t going to be cannibalized by this new iPod. The new Touch is instead going to take a huge chunk out of the cheap camera market. Enthusiasts will continue to buy mirrorless and SLR cameras, but for anyone else, why buy a camera when you can have a camera that comes with a free iPod and pocket computer?

From now on, if anyone comes to me and asks what cheap camera they should buy, then I’m sending them straight to the Apple Store.

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  • JoseCanHelp

    Now we just need to wait for Apple to make a waterproof iPod. That is the only reason I use my point-and-shoot.

  • minimalist1969

    “No, you can’t change lenses, nor can you enjoy that sweet, sweet shallow depth-of-field from big-sensor/wide-lens combos found in “real” cameras, but who cares?”

    How about anybody that would actually spend 300 dollars on a camera in the first place?

    If all you care about is 5MP images and HD video go buy a 50 dollar point and shoot and you are done (and most of those have better specs than that). But at 300 dollars you are almost to the level of a Canon S100 ($325-$345 street), which will crush just about any camera on any smart phone when it comes to sensor size, resolution, optical image stabilization, and low light sensitivity. Not to mention complete manual controls, face, smile and blink detection, real optical zoom, GPS tagging and tons of other image tweaks.

    Low end point and shoots have indeed been driven down in price by smartphone cameras but the mid range cameras are innovating like crazy.

  • Tinny

    Maybe 5mpx aren’t yet enough to replace a compact digital photocamera, but we are close.
    Imho it’s similar to galaxy camera by samsung, but way more compact

  • mesa75

    I love the iPhone 4s camera but nothing should ever take the place of a good point and shoot (s100). So many differences between an iPod/iPad/iPhone in terms of zoom and quality. People need to understand the meaning of quality.

  • Adrian Werner

    Ipod touch doesn’t make digicams obsolete. iPhone however has made iPod touch obsolete

  • Todd Millhouse

    Yet another fanboy screaming the praises of their lord and master Apple. I’m a web video producer, yes low scale yes I’m using cheap equipment. However my videos are still higher quality than anything a I-anything could make. I use a Fujifilm Finepix S2700HD 12mp camera to film my videos. Optical zoom, 720p resolution with a ton of built in bells and whistles. Its not as good as a DSLR which I wish I could afford but its good enough for now.

    Anyone who thinks that Apple’s Phones or MP3 players will ever replace Quality cameras for either personal or professional use has drank way to much of the Apple kool-aid. Their products are over priced, under powered and lack the real quality of any real quality still, video, or film camera. When I hear that a major Hollywood production has shot its movie on nothing but a I-anything, and I can’t tell the difference between it and film stock. Then and only then would I MAYBE consider a I-anything for my photo and video needs.

    The author of this article needs to really step back and for a minute let their Apple hard on relax and really look at the difference in quality between a I-anything and a REAL camera. It might just surprise them how much of a bloody fool they have been.