Holograms at CES? Samsung shows off world’s first transparent microLED displays.


Samsung transparent micro LED display
A screenshot from a video posted on X shows the transparent display in action.
Photo: Dave Snelling, @snellingD on X

Samsung showed off three transparent microLED displays at its First Look event Sunday just ahead of CES 2024 in Las Vegas, according to reports. Two of them are tinted, but the totally clear one can have an especially hologram-like effect.

Don’t get too excited, though. With no availability or pricing information available yet, it might be a while before even any rich people you know can buy these.

Need to switch computers? These new KVM switches make it easy.


The built-in cables make the KVM switch look a little complicated, but you can handle it.
The built-in cables make the KVM switch look a little complicated, but you can handle it.
Photo: StarTech.com

In Cult of Mac‘s Setups coverage, we often come across users wondering on social media about how to easily switch between personal and work computers using the same display, keyboard and other peripherals. A solid solution is a KVM switch, and StarTech rolled out five new ones recently.

The devices’ compact designs could suit home setups — especially elaborate ones that folks are proud enough of to flaunt online.

Cutting-edge espresso 4K touchscreen expands to 17 inches


espresso 17 Pro external touchscreen for Mac or Windows
This 17.6-inch touchscreen and stand are ready to travel with your MacBook.
Photo: espresso Displays

The espresso 17 Pro answers the demand for a high-end portable monitor for MacBooks. It sports a 17.3-inch display at a 4K resolution, but it comes in a sleek package ready for on-the-go use.

Beyond increasing the user’s workspace, the display includes a touchscreen for digital artists looking to add this capability to their Mac.

Best monitors for your Mac in 2023


The Studio Display, Pro Display XDR, iMac 24″ and 16″ MacBook Pro.
From left to right: The 16-inch MacBook Pro, the 24-inch iMac, the Studio Display and Pro Display XDR.
Photo: Apple

What’s the best monitor for your Mac? Desktop displays aren’t just for desktop computers anymore — 77% of you are buying MacBooks, but you probably want a nice setup when you’re at home. And if you do have a Mac mini or Mac Studio, you want to make sure you’re picking the right display.

Apple introduced its own Studio Display last year, which has been well-received and is reasonably priced (at least compared to Apple’s other offering). But what does the broader market for midrange displays look like?

Here’s a display buying guide to help you find an appropriate monitor to go with your Mac.

Expand your creativity with this big new drawing display


Now that's a canvas fit for an artist.
Now that's a canvas fit for an artist.
Photo: Xencelabs

We’ve all heard of tablets you can draw on — looking at you, iPad lineup — but how about a 24-inch drawing display?

Xencelabs Technologies unveiled its new Pen Display 24 Studio Series at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco, which ends Friday.

If you’re serious about your art, it could be for you.

Studio Display Pro with gorgeous mini-LED screen delayed to 2023


The original Apple Studio Display reportedly will be joined by a
Apple Studio Display will reportedly be joined by a "pro" version in the coming months.
Photo: Mohamed Kerroudj/Unsplash License

An enhanced version of the Apple Studio Display won’t launch until the first part of 2023, according to a very reliable source of insider info. It supposedly will have much in common with Apple’s current version, but with a mini-LED screen in place of the standard LCD.

This is the third time unconfirmed reports have indicated the product release has been pushed back.

HP debuts first monitor with ‘IPS Black’ contrast and Thunderbolt 4


HP's new display, coming soon, offers IPS Black contrast and speedy Thunderbolt 4 connections.
HP's new display, coming soon, offers IPS Black contrast and speedy Thunderbolt 4 connections.
Photo: HP

HP rolled out a new 4K monitor at its Amplify Executive Forum Thursday, calling it “the world’s first IPS Black display with Thunderbolt 4 technology.”

The HP Z32k G3 4K USB-C Display, “coming soon” at an unspecified price, should appeal to creators and product developers, the company said.

That’s because it will offer strong color accuracy and high contrast in addition to the speed and versatility of Thunderbolt 4 connectivity.

New LG DualUp display is like nothing you’ve seen before


That 16:18 aspect ratio looks odd but could be great for multitasking.
That 16:18 aspect ratio looks odd but could be great for multitasking.
Photo: LG

LG’s new DualUp Monitor with Ergo is a 28-inch panel with a 16:18 aspect ratio — tall and nearly square. The seemingly unique display features 90W USB-C passthrough charging and more.

Essentially, it’s like two stacked 1440p monitors in one display. And it could be a multitasking powerhouse.

Turn your laptop into a desktop with new StarTech Thunderbolt 4 dock


StarTech.com's capable new Thunderbolt 4 docking station can broaden your laptop's horizons.
StarTech.com's capable new Thunderbolt 4 docking station can broaden your laptop's horizons.
Photo: StarTech.com

With Thunderbolt 4 connectivity becoming more and more common in new laptop computers, including various Macs, you may be in the market for a worthy docking station. After all, small, lightweight laptops don’t always have all the ports you need. So it’s a good thing StarTech.com recently released its TB4CDock for Mac and Windows.

The Thunderbolt 4 station bristles with the ports you need to turn your laptop into a desktop, or close to it.

Espresso Display V2 gives you the touchscreen Mac you’ve been craving [Review]


Espresso Display V2 review
The Espresso Display V2 is a gorgeous external display that’s also a touchscreen.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

Although Apple refuses to make a touchscreen Mac, the Espresso Display V2 is ready to fill in the gap. There are 15.6-inch and 13.3-inch versions of the very slim external display, and both support touch and an optional stylus.

I tested the screen with a MacBook and iPad to see how well it performs in ordinary use. And I also tried out the stylus as well as the stand for desktop use and the case for taking the display on the go.

Displays: To stack or not to stack? [Setups]


Would you put a 28-inch 4K monitor on top of this 35-inch display, or next to it?
Would you put a 28-inch 4K monitor on top of this 35-inch display, or next to it?
Photo: shogoc@Reddit.com

When you see a computer setup with two monitors stacked on top of each other, what do you think? Maybe something like … doesn’t the person have to crane their neck to look at the top one? Isn’t it uncomfortable? Where does the webcam go? What’s wrong with side-by-side, maybe with one in portrait (vertical) mode instead of landscape?

The person behind today’s featured setup is confronting those very questions on the way to deciding a common multi-display conundrum: to stack or not to stack? That is the question.

This gorgeous 15.6-inch portable monitor will make your eyes pop [Review]


InnoView Portable Monitor INVPM001 review
The InnoView Portable Monitor is ideal for work, school, gaming or video.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The InnoView 15.6-inch Portable Monitor might be everything you’re looking for in a second screen for your MacBook. First off, it’s beautiful. And it’s very slim and lightweight. Plus it works with a wide variety of devices: Mac, iPad, even iPhone with the right adapter.

I used InnoView’s on-the-go display for both work and entertainment. Here’s all the many ways it impressed me. And its one flaw.

This inexpensive portable display makes working from home easier [Review]


Lepow Z1-Gamut review: Portable, affordable display
Whether for work or entertainment, the Lepow Z1-Gamut makes a fine MacBook companion.
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The Lepow Z1-Gamut external display adds 15.6 inches of extra space to your computer for work or school. And it’s portable, so it can be folded away when not needed. The screen connects easily to a Mac or iPad, and costs under $200.

How to radically customize your Mac’s display


Mac customize display
Tweak your Mac's display with macOS' amazing accessibility options.
Photo: Wesson Wang/Unsplash

Just like iOS, the Mac has some great features hidden inside the accessibility section of the System Preferences (aka. Settings) app. Today we’re going to see how to tweak the Mac’s display to make it easier to use, for anyone. You can adjust the colours, make page elements easier to see, and even turn everything B&W. Let’s see what’s what.

LG UltraFine 5K display is ‘sold out’ on Apple’s online store


LG 5K monitor
Gone, but not forgotten.
Screenshot: Apple

We may have reached the end of the line for the LG UltraFine 5K display. According to Apple’s online store, the monitor is officially “sold out.”

This follows Apple’s discontinuation of the LG UltraFine 4K display last month. While there’s a slim chance that stocks will be replenished, it’s likely that Apple is phasing out the monitors altogether. Possibly to get ready for its own upcoming next-gen display.

Galaxy S9 display tops iPhone X for best ever


Galaxy S9
Galaxy S9 is gorgeous, much like iPhone X.
Photo: Samsung

The iPhone X’s reign as the world’s best smartphone display ever has already been overthrown.

Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 has blown away the display experts at DisplayMate. You’ll have to wait a few more weeks to see if for your self, but Galaxy S9 matches or broke the record for display performance records, earning it DisplayMate’s highest rating ever.

Apple’s micro LED display research hits a bump in the road


iphone x
Despite its recent switch to Super Retina, Apple is continuing to explore new types of display.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

Apple is reportedly downsizing the R&D team that it currently has developing micro LED display products in Taiwan, due to production issues.

A previous report from earlier this year said that Apple was producing a small number of trial micro LED screens during the second half of 2017 to evaluate whether or not these might be a good fit for future devices.

Turns out they may not be!

LG Display to invest billions to beat Samsung in OLED production


LG UltraFine 5K Display
Apple and LG teamed up to make this gorgeous display.
Photo: LG

LG Display plans to take on Samsung in the battle to be Apple’s number one supplier of OLED display panels.

According to a new report, LG will invest $13.5 billion into the production of OLED screens over the next few three years in order to make a stronger play in the smartphone display market.

Apple orders 70 million flexible OLED displays from Samsung


Samsung will be an important iPhone 8 part supplier.
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

Apple is going to need a lot of help from Samsung to bring a totally new display to the iPhone 8.

Samsung reportedly received an order from Apple buying over 70 million bendable OLED for its upcoming iPhone that many fans and rumormongers anticipate will be the most innovative smartphone to ever come out of Cupertino.

Foxconn chairman says Trump should pay to get iPhone made in USA


Foxconn Wisconsin
Foxconn doesn't want to be forced to choose between China and the US.
Photo: Foxconn

If President Donald Trump wants Apple to bring iPhone manufacturing to the United States, America needs to open up its wallet first, according to the company that actually assembles the devices.

Foxconn CEO Terry Gou said that if Trump truly wants iPhones to be made in America, he’ll need to push new laws through Congress that offer incentives and tax breaks to foreign companies.

New MacBook Pro may get an OLED upgrade


macbook pro
The new MacBook Pro is stunner.
Photo: Apple

The iPhone 8 may not be the only Apple product that gets an OLED upgrade next year.

Apple is reportedly testing new displays for next year’s MacBook Pro and is exploring the use of OLED, which offers lower battery consumption, brighter colors and sharper contrasts.