iPhone X boasts best smartphone display ever


iPhone X
iPhone X wasn't the first, but it certainly boosted the trend.
Photo: Ste Smith/Cult of Mac

The edge-to-edge screen on the iPhone X has blown away the professional display testers at DisplayMate, leading the company to call it the most innovative display they’ve ever tested.

Even though Apple doesn’t make the actual OLED display on the iPhone X, DisplayMate’s experts point to the Precision Display Calibration created by Apple that transforms the hardware into “a superbly accurate, high performance, and gorgeous display.”

The iPhone X packs a 5.8-inch 2.5K High Resolution 2436 x 1125 Full HD+ Display with 458 pixels per inch. It’s the most gorgeous screen to ever grace an iPhone and impressed experts with its automatic color management and viewing angle performance.

According to DisplayMate’s battery of tests, the iPhone X matched or set the record for highest absolute color accuracy, highest full-screen brightness for OLED smartphones, highest full-screen contrast rating in ambient light, and highest contrast ratio.

“Based on our extensive lab tests and measurements the iPhone X becomes the Best Performing Smartphone Display that we have ever tested, earning DisplayMate’s highest ever A+ grade. The iPhone X is an impressive display with close to Text Book Perfect Calibration and Performance!”

Getting your hands on Apple’s insanely innovative display won’t be easy. The device is currently sold out across the globe with Apple retail stores receiving few supplies. Shipping times on pre-orders are currently pushed by 3-4 weeks, but you can check out the beautiful new display in stores.

  • Haters are gonna hate…

  • Marco Galai

    Too bad the display is made by Samsung
    and it’s obvious Apple could not make such a display

    •  Chris 

      Made by Samsung, the importance however was it was calibrated by Apple

      • Digitourist

        The display is manufactured by Samsung but Apple still designed the parts that make up the screen. Things like the 3D-touch technology and the calibration processes a proprietary Apple.

        People seem to be getting really hung up on the fact that Samsung manufacture parts for a device, there are very few companies in the world who don’t use parts manufactured by another company. As I understand it Tesla started with completely stock parts from other companies and it’s how they used them that made their cars unique.

      • airmanchairman

        Many manufacturers no doubt could have matched the quality of that display and done the job for Apple, but to do all that AT THE SCALE required by a company that regularly sells nearly 100 million units in a financial quarter is quite beyond all of them bar Samsung.

        This why Apple has sunk $1 billion each or more into the likes of Toshiba and LG, to enable them build out infrastructure in order for Apple to have more “baskets to put its golden eggs in”, just in case open warfare or some similar catastrophe befalls their single point of failure, Samsung…