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Go hands-on with amazing Apple AR glasses running realityOS in this concept video


Go hands-on with Apple AR glasses running realityOS in this concept video
Don’t keep glancing at your phone — realityOS puts the directions in front of you.
Concept: The Hacker 34

Anyone wondering why they’d want Apple’s much-rumored augmented-reality glasses should watch a new concept video. Rather than focusing on hardware, the concept explores daily use of realityOS, the operating system Apple is apparently creating for its AR glasses.

Watch it now to see what it might be like to wear Apple’s Next Big Thing.

Folding iPhone concept might change your opinion on flexible phones


Foldable iPhone concept by Iskander Utebayev
This amazing foldable iPhone concept is everything that first-gen flexible handsets aren‘t.
Screenshots: Iskander Utebayev

A concept design for a folding iPhone has none of the drawbacks of the handsets with flexible screens released so far. It shows what an iOS device using this tech might look like some time in the future.

Take a look at a short video of the folding iPhone concept in action:

MagicScroll tablet phone rolls up to fit in your pocket


The MagicScroll is a tablet with a display flexible enough to roll into a cylinder.
The MagicScroll is a tablet with a display flexible enough to roll into a cylinder.
Photo: Queen’s University Human Media Lab

Forget folding displays. A group of Canadian researchers created a working prototype of a rollable tablet. The MagicScroll is intended to show that computer screens don’t have to be flat.

The biggest challenge in mobile design today is somehow making larger and larger displays fit in a pants pocket. The MagicScroll accomplishes that by rolling up into a cylinder.

Apple Watch 4 renders show off big new display


Here's what the 2018 Apple Watch might look like.
Here's what the 2018 Apple Watch might look like.
Photo: Ben Geskin

Those eager to get their wrists on the 2018 Apple Watch can tide themselves over with some fresh concept images. These clearly show the benefits of a much-anticipated larger screen by comparing the upcoming version with past ones.

The 2018 Apple Watch is also expected to sport a bigger battery and other enhancements.

Apple headphones concept mashes AirPod with HomePod


Apple headphones concept
A well-known designer has proposed his ideas for Apple headphones, including wireless charging.
Photo: Martin Hajek

It’s an open secret that Apple is developing its own over-the-ear headphones, separate from Beats’ products. Well-known designer Martin Hajek dreamed up suggestions for how these super-size AirPods might look. 

His concept art shows a heavy influence from Apple’s HomePod smart speaker, and the headphones function in somewhat the same ways.

Here’s The Proof That A Plastic iPhone 6 Could Still Look Gorgeous [Video]



There’s a lot of talk about Apple going back to plastic for the budget iPhone, and while we’ve already seen some very attractive ideas about what that could look like, concept designer Ran Avni has another notion: an iPhone 6 that keeps the stark classicism of the current monotone iPhone color schemes, but adopts a plastic back which borrows design elements from the iPad mini. It’s an interesting look, and very Apple-like, but only time will tell how close this is to what Apple actually delivers.

How Apple Will (And Won’t) Colorize The iPhone 5S


Nice try, but no, the iPhone 5S isn't going to look like this.

When it comes to iOS devices, Apple’s long adhered to a (slightly modified) adage of Henry Ford: “You can have it any color, as long as it’s white or black.”

With the 2012 iPod touch refresh, though, Apple showed for the first time they were willing to start making iOS devices in different colors. From there, it was only a matter of time that the inevitable rumors started circling that the iPhone 5S would come in a swatch of different colors.

This concept by Alexander Kormishin imagines what an iPhone 5S in color would look like, but we think he’s got it all wrong. Here’s why.

The iPad Mini Will Probably Look Like This, And It’s Beautiful [Gallery]


Apple is gonna sell an insane amount of these tablets this holiday season.
Apple is gonna sell an insane amount of these tablets this holiday season.

The iPad mini’s rumored announcement is drawing near, with many speculating that Apple will unveil the mythical device by mid-October. We’ve seen a few part leaks of the smaller tablet, and The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Apple is starting to ramp up mass production for the expected launch. Hopefully low yield rates overseas can pick up to meet what will undoubtedly be crazy consumer demand.

Martin Hajek made some strikingly accurate concept designs for the iPhone 5 before it was announced, and now he’s back with Gizmodo for the iPad mini:

This Futuristic iPhone Concept Is A Bizarre New Take On Wearable Technology [Gallery]



Italian designer Federico Ciccarese is well known throughout the blogosphere for his Apple product concepts. Chances are that you’ve seen his gorgeous iPad Mini and iPhone 5 concept designs in recent months.

Ciccarese has released a futuristic iPhone concept that takes a very different approach to wearable technology. Kinda creepy, right?