New iPad Mini Photos Show How It Stacks Up Next To Nexus 7 And Kindle Fire HD



We learned this morning that the iPad Mini might be announced on October 17th after invites get sent to the press on October 10th. Everyone has a fairly good idea of what the iPad Mini will look like, but it can never hurt to see a few physical mock-ups for the sake of comparisson.

The latest mock-up photos to hit the Internet show what the iPad Mini will look like in comparison to the new Kindle Fire HD, Nexus 7, and the new iPad. The iPad’s design is noticeably more blocky as it’s missing the tapered edges of the iPad. Check out the photos after the jump.




Via: NoWhereElse

  • iyon

    To be honest, i dont even know why apple is gonna put out an ipad mini. In my opinion that is just stupid, and i consider my self an apple fan

  • shannon_f

    but it can never HELP to see a few physical mock-ups for the sake of COMPARISSON.
    The LASTEST mock-up photos to hit the Internet show what the iPad Mini

    CoM, please proofread better. It makes otherwise enjoyable articles somewhat annoying to read with all the typos

  • Eric Barbosa

    oh no guys! Apple is going to reach out to a market of people who like 7in tablets!! OH THE HUMANITY!

  • FFSJared

    It should be “but it can never *hurt* to see… not “help to see.” Also, comparison* (in the first paragraph).


  • rlowe

    Plastic Volume Button? Another epic fail of these Chinese site!

  • Eric Harrington

    i just sold my 1gen ipad on ebay and got 247.00 for it. i was planning to use that money towards the new ipad, but since we have an ipad2 already, i think i’m going for the mini. i’ll wait until i can actually hold it in the apple store though. it’s just a matter of opinion, but i think the smaller one will be a better fit for our needs.

  • Lane Jasper

    AWESOME!! an iPad 7″ is much more pocketable (no, not literally for me personally) but the iPad 9″ or whatever the hell size it is is too clumsy imo. This is perfect for my use and preference

  • RyanRam80797249

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