This Gorgeous iPhone 5 Concept Is A Tribute To Steve Jobs [Gallery]


Screen Shot 2012-01-06 at 12.57.58 AM

Antonio De Rosa, a designer for ADR Studios, has created a gorgeous next-generation iPhone concept that he’s calling the “iPhone SJ.” This work of beauty features an edge-to-edge capacitive touchscreen, 10 megapixel camera, A6 processor, and a polycarbonate body that’s about as light as you can imagine.

In De Rosa’s fictional world, the iPhone SJ would be the best smartphone on the planet. And based off his concept work, I would have to agree.

While I’m not sure how I feel about the Apple logo placement at the top of the screen, the iPhone SJ looks like a wonderful, futuristic device. I would definitely buy one, but I’d be afraid of breaking it. How much thinner can the iPhone really get?

  • Francis Pena

    Looks cheap.

  • Kenneth Scott

    its great, but iOS is clunky and soo dated

  • Andrew Goodrick–Wer…

    If you think this is gorgeous, you need to work on your taste.

  • Paul Burt

    No 4G logo? iFail :)

  • Suraj Sunny Sumanth

    Looks like an android phone . Apple will never make this.

  • Gordon Pavlovic

    Screen is too small and as someone already mentioned it does look cheap.
    Don,t think Apple will ever accept that design.

  • Deranger86

    Polycarbonate? You mean plastic. You mean Android. You mean fail.

  • HenryMcNinja

    Why do people want capitative buttons? Say hello to accidentally quitting Fruit Ninja mid swipe…

  • SevanGrim

    be real folks. This is exactly what you were looking for in an iPhone 5 except with an aluminum back. I wouldnt mind buying this.

  • SevanGrim

    be real folks. This is exactly what you were looking for in an iPhone 5 except with an aluminum back. I wouldnt mind buying this.

  • fartil3

    Yeah, and so is your mom…… Move on folks, nothing to see here.

  • makias

    Why did you turn the comments off on the Cult Of Android news? Lots of people are complaining that you are publishing that here and you are making it worst by censoring us and not letting people express their opinion about it, what’s happening with this site?
    PLEASE, stop publishing that and if you do, you should let people say what they think.

  • techgeek01

    Polycarbonate.  It’s worth mentioning that the Nokia N9/Lumia 800 is made out of that.

    Polycarbonate vs iPhone.  It’s far lighter, far more durable and allows for optimum antenna performance.  The Samsung Galaxy S II is far, far, far more durable than the iPhone.  Drop the iPhone, you’re pretty much screwed.  Drop the SGS II 1000th time, you don’t really need to worry.  Metal and Glass? Yes, premium materials except it ways a freaking bunch, is fragile as a glass house and antenna performance takes a hit. (well, since the antenna is on the outside, the performance isn’t affected by the materials really). 

  • Honey Badger

    I like it. 

    Not much different than my iPhone 4S. A bit bigger, a bit thinner. It still looks like an iPhone and I’m fine with that. 

    As far as a polycarbonate back, I’m fine with that too. The problem that I have with a glass back is besides the fact that it’s another fragile surface to worry about, is that it adds extra weight to the device. I would think that there are durable, lighter materials that could be used. I did read somewhere that Apple used glass because it disapates heat quite well, so maybe that is why it’s glass. 

  • Ramses Cabello

    Why do they keep making things thinner? It feels very cheap.

  • Frederic VIRMONT


  • ddevito

    looks too wide

  • Nonnu

    I like it. I like these beveled sides more then the ones in the iPhone 4S.
    Just not that crazy abut the front logo

  • Christopher Santos

    There is a new glass called Gorilla Glass that is much stronger than regular glass, in this case this phone would have to be using this type of glass.

  • takeo

    Sorry Steve, the designer of this mockup has nothing to do with style, prestige and good-looking design. It’s just a flattened iPhone 4.

    And sorry for that Apple-logo on the front side. It really is even more disgusting.

    Somebody had to apologize for this!

  • takeo

    Can I drop your SGS II 1000 times? :)

    btw I own a Samsung Galaxy Note – I would rather not drop it. And polycarbonate is not more durable than steel. They lied at you!

  • charliesheenhardcore

    What? Gorilla glass has been around since the original iPhone. In fact apple were the first ones to out them in the map. They built warehouses to specifically work on the iPhone.

  • charliesheenhardcore

    The plastic is a no go. Apple will use something different.

  • charliesheenhardcore

    I’ve dropped my iPhone a number of time and nothing has happened to it. a galaxy phone is no way more durable. It’s bullshit if you believe that. I’ve dropped my phon in cement floors. The steal makes the phone super strong. The glass is extremely strong as well

  • charliesheenhardcore

    I really don’t get why people think apple is going to make the iPhone bigger. I really doubt they are

  • techgeek01

    The way the iPhone 4/4S is built, that is LESS durable than something like the Galaxy S II.  What is bullet proof material made out of? Plastic.  Literally Plastic. high grade plastic.

  • Corbin Fawver

    thats the best concept if ever seen for it.. i hope it looks like this

  • takeo

    Mm… I know that a bullet proof west is made of plastic, but you should know that it’s not due to it’s resistance of impact, but to the way it shatters…
    If you think about this kind of argument, we should probably start building skyscrapers made of plastic, not steel and glass…
    That’s not how it works.

    Plastic is not plastic. If you think it’s not, then drop a white Macbook. It’s made of the same plastic as a bullet proof west basically – but it will not resist a bullet.

    If you like, we can try the gun pointed at a SG II as well… >p

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  • ppanah

    Definitely a beauty! nice job and nice tribute. Very clean and sleek, just the way the man himself liked it.

  • Toei ????

    I think it’s sure better if it has no logo beside camera like that. – –

  • Michael Von Verrenkamp

    I want that background for my phone :D

  • Figurative

    No, there’s a new GG 2.0 that was just released.

  • Rabindra Lamsal

     Looks like android phone. I am sure apple will never accept this design..

  • Kaweesha K Wijesinghe

    this is actually a pretty decent design! love it!