Apple Unveils 5th Gen iPod touch With 4-Inch Display, Siri, New Colors [iPhone 5 Event]



Today Apple unveiled the 5th generation iPod touch with Retina display. The new iPod touch is “almost as thin as the nano” at only 6.1mm. Like the iPhone 5, the newest touch features a 4-inch widescreen Retina display with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Unlike the iPhone 5, the 5th-gen iPod touch comes with the A5 processor, not the A6.

Apple has included a 5 megapixel camera. “For the first time we’re building an iSight camera into the iPod touch. And we’re building autofocus and a flash into it.” iPhoto for iOS works on the new iPod touch, and iOS 6 will offer for a new Panorama mode for taking pictures. In the video department, the front-facing FaceTime camera now shoots in 720p. 1080p HD video can be streamed from the new iPod touch via AirPlay Mirroring in iOS 6.

One of the most interesting additions to the new iPod touch is a new thing Apple is calling “the loop.” Pushing the metallic button on the back of the device pops up a lanyard for attaching the iPod touch to your wrist.

Siri has finally made its way to the iPod touch as well. Apple is now offering 5 color choices, and each color comes with a matching lanyard.

Source: Apple

Image: gdgt

  • Hal Summers

    Keeping up with the iPhone naming, they are calling it the iPod touch 4s.

  • Scott Nguyen


  • kavi

    Atlast iphone 5 arrived with only improvements, apple can do great marketing with the below par product too. just an upgrade, nothing innovative! Once apple was adamant 3.5″ is usable and correct size for human hands, but now retracted. They mention everything in percentage, like 18% thinner, 44% faster and apple fan boys dont even think about other competitors score! Now apple mentioned worlds thinnest phone??? Do they really justify this or are u fan boys are a big fool? U can believe ur using worlds slimmest phone, but its not. What about razr and ascend p1? You can put all ur money where ur mouth is! U can name isight, and fan boys adore naming a camera, u introduced iphone first without even messaging app or sort of like that then introduced in the later versions after criticism, facetime(video calling) introduced only for ios devices, when asked apple stated it will burden operators on bandwidth, why do u make phone then, it certainly will affect anything! All u can now do is catch up with other operators, u can name the same camera or tag it as improved or brilliant or amazing or rubbish. I dont hate apple for its products, they are one of the best available, may be not the bestest best one, i hate apple and its fan boys for their attitude. Iphone 4s was an slight improvement over iphone 4, 5 is improved over 4s with taller display, nothing else.