We’ll Be Delighted If Apple’s Next iPhone Looks Like This [Gallery]


Will Apple's website look like this come October? We hope so.
Will Apple's website look like this come October? We hope so.

When I first spotted those leaked images of what was claimed to be the next-generation iPhone’s rear panel, I wasn’t keen on the two-tone aluminum look, and I found myself wondering what Jony Ive was up to inside Apple’s design labs. But now that I’ve seen a few mockups of that design, I’ve changed my mind.

In fact, the latest mockups, created by Martin Hajek, look absolutely incredible.

Based on those leaked images, and the several mockup videos we’ve seen over the past few weeks, Hajek put together these beautiful images that show what the sixth-generation iPhone may look like. Its front panel looks largely the same as the existing iPhone’s front panel, except for the repositioning of the FaceTime camera and, of course, the significantly taller display.

The rear panel looks much the same again, only it’s made mostly from aluminum, instead of glass. Although it appears there is still some glass remaining.

If my next iPhone looks like this, I’ll be very pleased. Is this not the most beautiful smartphone you’ve ever seen?

Hajek is selling copies of his models if you’d like to own them, so that you can render them yourself in your own 3D program. They’ll cost you just under $50, however.

Source: Martin Hajek

Via: Gizmodo

  • fabianumpierre

    hmmpf… I just want an unbreakable home button.

  • itskittibitch

    I’m on board as long as the back has an all-glass finish like the iPhone 4.

  • mr_bee

    Based on measuring the pictures of the leaked parts, I think his model is off by quite a bit and others have said the same. He hasn’t changed it an iota since the first renders were released however, so how lazy is that?

    He surely doesn’t deserve to profit from this mediocre work.

  • G_i_sa

    am i the only one don’t like 16:9 screen on iPhone?

  • jonshf

    I like the longer screen but not such a long phone. Wouldn’t they shrink the top and bottom areas, just a little? I find it suspect that those areas are exactly the same size as the 4 and 4S. When Jony Ive comes out with a new design he tends to redesign holistically from the ground up. He wouldn’t just stretch the screen.
    Also, the back is double toned, aluminum and glass, which adds complexity. It’s probably structurally weaker and more expensive than using a single material. I don’t see any Jony in that.

  • RadTech5000

    I’ll reserve judgement until I see it in person.

  • Chumley

    I like the all black finish but hate the long, narrow format. There is nothing I use that would benefit from this! The proponents argue for 1-handed use but the this format would force you into 2-handed landscape mode to see any benefit at all. A bigger screen is a must for me but I hope this isn’t their answer.

  • Bruno Confortin

    The last picture is awesome. And by the way, now that I think about it, would be awesome to have some new headset/headphones for the iPhone line. Those ones are too simple for their price.

  • FlameLegend

    I’m not a big fan of the height..

  • Arron Hunt

    I don’t think they’d put that much attention towards Passbook :\

    Also I will not be getting it with a two-tone back panel like that.

  • G_i_sa

    too similar to the actual design-which is also the worse- in my opinion we’re going to see a back shape similar to ipad or macbook air’s drop profile….

  • benkovitch

    i hope to see an absolutly new design

  • Skywaytraffic

    I must say, I’m a huge Apple fanboy and I always got offended when people would say things like “Apple fanboys are so stupid, they’ll like anything Apple releases even if it’s complete shit” and I would say things like “No, fool, I like the products because they’re good products and they’re designed beautifully.” Except, lately, I’ve been seeing their view more and more in the wild.

    Everything about this new iPhone looks like complete and utter garbage. I refuse to believe that if it was designed by anyone other than Apple, that Apple fanboys would do anything but rip it to shreds. Come on. Challenge the company. Don’t let them get complacent. If something is garbage, make it known. So frusterating.

  • Jeff1741

    God I hate the look of the two-tone garbage on the back. Does that really look like something Apple would do? No. It doesn’t.

  • arvindmartin

    This is crap.Not we’ll be delighted..only you’ll be delighted. It looks like a cylinder..no wonder they’re milking the cow so long, no fresh ideas came out after Steve Jobs..If this is the real thing, then they’re doomed.

  • silentwill

    God I hate the look of the two-tone garbage on the back. Does that really look like something Apple would do? No. It doesn’t.

    ditto. Looks like crap at least on these “screenshots”

  • sjcarl

    Every time I see the two-tone I nearly vomit in my mouth.

  • iSilver

    Is this not the most beautiful smartphone you’ve ever seen?

    My HTC takes the cake!
    While this looks nice, it’s just a concept. The real phone might look nothing like this.

  • Miguel Oliveira

    I think it looks very weird. It looks like someone stretched out a 4S.

    Hope it won’t look like this, or it will be a disappointment to me.

  • Buihai

    I hate this long, narrow shape of this design. It looks like a stupid bar of chocolate. Personally i still think iPhone 4/4s’s design is best out there.

    However, i do prefer a bigger screen in the next gen iPhone. 4″ could be good, but please keep the same 4:3 ratio.

  • thereal_francis

    Why is this two-tone back a thing?

  • northshorenerd

    Seriously? Someone stretches an image of an iPhone 4S in Photoshop and you call it a concept? Gah.

  • MccrayAgnes

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  • KKonstantinos13

    Personally, I won’t be happy at all! I am sure that Ivy can do much better than that!!!!!!

  • Cyberati

    I for one am not comfortable with the skateboard look. The long and narrow 16:9 dimensions won’t work for me. I was hoping for a more EVO-looking screen size. I’ve owned every iPhone version since they came out, but if that’s the best they can do I might switch.

  • ReyesIvy1

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  • gogoraleigh

    I hate the headphone jack on the bottom. It would render any non-connector stand unusable. Still needs a replacable battery. I can’t imagine a day of touring a city without a backup battery (and don’t respond about dongle batteries if you care at all about elegance). Finally, who cares about the back? 99% of people put a cover on it anyway.

  • KnoxDeanne

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