iPhone 5S To Arrive In June In 6-8 Colors With NFC, ‘Super HD’ Camera [Analyst]


The iPod touch is a much better idea than creating cheap iPhone models.
Will the iPhone 5S be just as colorful as the new iPod touch?

Those analysts are some crazy cats. When you’re having a drab day, you can always count on one of them to pull something spectacular out of the bag. Jefferies analyst Peter Misek has done exactly that today when he unveiled his predictions for Apple’s iPhone 5S.

The handset will arrive in June, Misek believes, just nine months after the iPhone 5 made its debut, and it’ll boast NFC connectivity and a “super HD” camera. It’ll also come in 6-8 colors, apparently.

I laughed at Misek’s predictions when I first read them, but could he be right?

Let’s start with NFC. Apple’s been ignored NFC up until now, using Passbook instead to meet our digital wallet needs. But acco

rding to some reports, it won’t ignore the technology for ever. Apple acquired a company called AuthenTec earlier this year, and it’s widely believed it will use its mobile security technologies to make NFC a possibility on future iOS devices.

How about the “super HD camera/screen?” Well, the iPhone already has a “super HD” screen in the Retina display, and it’s 8-megapixel camera is pretty incredible, too. Apple also added a FaceTime HD camera to the front of the iPhone 5, so that’s already HD as well. A “super HD camera/screen” is certainly a possibility with the iPhone 5S, then.

So what about the colors? Well, the iPhone’s always been predominantly white or black — depending on which model you go for. However, Apple offers its iPods in all kinds of colors. The new iPod touch, for example, is available in six different colors. Could Apple use its pretty aluminum paints to provide us with a colorful iPhone 5S? Maybe.

I’m still not sure about that release date, though. Apple used to announce its iPhones in June, and it switched them to the fall for the iPhone 4S. Changing them back again doesn’t make a lot of sense, and it’s only going to annoy those customers — and there are a lot of them — who purchased an iPhone 5 just this September.

Business Insider provides a little more information on Misek. He’s been making a lot of bad predictions about the Apple television for years: “For instance, in August he said the Apple television was in full production and would be out by year end.” However, he was very accurate with his predictions for the iPhone 4S.

I’m not so sure he’s going to be entirely spot-on this time around.

Via: Business Insider

  • bigmanbigdreams

    Now Thats that Bullshit!!

  • TheRealJTRay

    Remember all those AT&T 4S owners that didn’t get to upgrade at a discount after 1 year like in years past and all those Verizon and Sprint 4S owners who would have never gotten to upgrade, yes we would love to have a new iPhone 5S in June as on May 7, 2013 I am eligible to upgrade at a discount. I would also suspect that puts the annual release back in June as those who bought the iPhone 5 in October would role into a June 2014 upgrade at a discount time frame.

    As for the other items, Apple will need something like that to differentiate it from the prior model, new colors, better camera and NFC will easily do that. This may be pure hope on my part, but nothing mentioned in this article seams far fetched.

  • Timothy Williamson

    MUHAHAHAHA….”analysts” are sooo funny! :-D

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    No change in CPU and GPU? Surely I expect the iPhone 5S to outpace the iPhone 5 and iPad 4.

  • branjmb

    this is everything against the “S” models so far. Do you really think they’d introduce NFC in an “S” model? Not to mention, they’re not really following through with traditional NFC. And I don’t think they could fit that stuff in there AND make it faster, which is mandatory for an “s”. And colors really seem Samsung-y. I feel like they stick with black and white because either can be cool or just business-y.

  • HunterD

    Analysts such as this really annoy me. I loved the days where we were excited about pretty much anything. Not just sitting around checking off what we expected and what we didn’t. Ugh.