This Is Everything That You Can Expect Apple To Announce At Today’s ‘Let’s Talk iPhone’ Event [Predictions]



Editor’s Note: We first posted this yesterday, but for readers who didn’t see it, we’re bumping it to the top of the page so people know what’s coming in just about three hours.

Hey, we know: after sixteen months of rumors, figuring out exactly what to expect from Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event tomorrow can be confusing. Well, let us break it all down for you. Here’s everything we know (or think we know) about what Apple’s going to announce tomorrow. It’s going to be a hell of a show.

Expect up to three new iPhones: the iPhone 4S, the Budget iPhone N90A and the iPhone 5

The iPhone 4S is all but confirmed, and will look largely identical to the iPhone 4.

A new iPhone is the star of Apple’s Tuesday event, but at this point, it looks like we’ll be seeing more than one new phone. In fact, we may see as many as three.

First, there’s the iPhone 4S. We know from references in Apple’s latest iTunes beta that the 4S is coming, and it’ll mostly be a speed bump. Following the branding nomenclature of the 3GS, we expect this device to look practically identical to the iPhone 4, but come with an A5 processor, an 8MP camera, 1 gigabyte of RAM and up to 64GB of flash storage. It’ll be available in both black and white from the get go, and the iPhone 4S will also be a world phone, capable of running on both GSM and CDMA networks with the same hardware. We expect Apple to announce that the iPhone 4S will go on sale on October 14th, and be available for preorder by this Friday.

Foxconn is building these budget iPhone N90As in Brazil.

In addition, the weekend saw confirmation that Foxconn has been building budget iPhones in its Brazilian factories with the model N90A. We’ve heard a lot of loose talk about budget iPhones in the past: the idea is that these iPhones would be cheap enough to produce that they could be used in the growing American pre-paid market. If you want to know what a budget iPhone looks like, you should probably look no further than the iPod touch: expect a lesser quality Retina Display, a smaller camera module, a maximum of 8GB of internal storage, and maybe even Apple’s last-generation A4 SoC.

A radically redesigned iPhone 5 seems like a slim bet at this point, but Chinese case makers have bet big on it.

Finally, there’s the iPhone 5. This device is rumored to be a complete redesign: up to 25% thinner, with a larger 4-inch display, tapered edges and a capacitive home button. iPhone 5 cases are all over the place right now, and it’s said that the reason case makers are so convinced they’ll see this device announced tomorrow is because they managed to buy a stolen iPhone 5 prototype from a worker inside Foxconn.

That said, we think an iPhone 5 from Apple is unlikely. For one, there’s no supply chain evidence that it exists, so even if Apple has redesigned the iPhone as rumored, it probably hasn’t gone into production. Second, as Daring Fireball’s John Gruber points out, there’s a lot about the rumored iPhone 5’s design that doesn’t make a lot of sense. We think it’s going to ultimately turn out that the iPhone 5 was a controlled leak of a phony device directly from Apple meant to thwart Chinese case designers.

New iOS 5 Features: Assistant and Facebook Integration


Just because iOS 5 has been in beta for months doesn’t mean Apple can’t surprise us with new features at the last minute, and the cat’s already out of the bag on what that surprise is: the new Assistant feature, which allows you to control almost every aspect of your iPhone using nothing but natural speech.

References to Assistant are littered all through the iOS 5 betas, and even the “Let’s Talk iPhone” slogan for Tuesday’s event is a sneaky reference to it.

Here’s how it will work. To activate Assistant, you will hold down the home button for a couple of second, at which point a microphone interface “slides up.” From there, you can speak using your natural voice to tell your iPhone what to do. So, for example, you could say “make an appointment with my doctor for Tuesday at 9AM” and have it entered into your calendar. “Send a text message to John Brownlee saying Hello you scoundrel,” would send me a text with the stated text. “Remind me to buy wine at the liquor store” would tell iOS 5’s new Reminders function to alert you to your need for booze when you pull up at the local Booze Palace. And so on.

Assistant will be powered by Siri’s voice control functionality, and we think it’s going to require a 3G or WiFi connection to work properly, since your voice’s waveform is being sent to Siri’s external servers. Because Assistant’s voice recognition is so sophisticated, reports say that it will depend upon an A5 processor and 1GB of RAM. That means that Assistant will not be backwards compatible to any previous device: it is the “killer feature” of the iPhone 4S, which is why we have yet to see it in action in any of the iOS 5 betas.

These would be easily Photoshopped, but it looks likely at this point that deep Facebook integration is coming to iOS 5.

That’s probably the biggest software reveal to come next week, but you can also expect expect Facebook integration to be announced tomorrow, along with a native Facebook iPad app.

Sprint Will Get The iPhone, While T-Mobile Will Be Left Out In The Cold

After almost four years of exclusivity, AT&T finally lost the edge of being the only carrier in the country that can sell iPhones when Verizon revealed a new iPhone 4 in February that could run on their CDMA network. Expect the iPhone’s rollout to carriers to continue .

We know for a fact that Sprint is getting an iPhone this month thanks to leaked documents telling Sprint associates to expect pre-sales to begin this week.

This leaked document confirms an iPhone is coming to Sprint this year... but which one?

What we don’t know is which iPhone this will be. One rumor suggests that Sprint will only get the iPhone 4, but we find that unlikely: instead, we expect Sprint to either get the iPhone 4S, or perhaps just Apple’s new N90A “budget” iPhone, which would be a great fit for Sprint’s popular pre-paid tiers.

As for T-Mobile, looks like they’ll be the last man out, as they have already confirmed they won’t get the iPhone this year.

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    would be a small applause for Jobs anyway, concerning the small number of guests

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  • 123

    Is this event going to be streaming on the internet?

  • Renaud

    Jobs? Cook you mean.

  • Renaud

    Jobs? Cook you mean.

  • Blake Beavers

    Im glad one freaking website is still with me on the iPhone 5 announcement 

  • aramishero

    I hope all Rumors are wrong…

  • AsYouAre

    I would love to see a 4″ iPhone 5, but I can’t see that happening. Apple made a big deal last year about the “retina display” in the iPhone 4 at 326 dpi. Even if they cheated a little to stay above 300 dpi, the largest screen would be 3.8″. I suppose they could increase the resolution of the screen, but that is very unlikely.

  • Andrew R. Eltorkey

    Why would Apple intentionally mislead Chinese case makers?

    All they want is for them to NOT leak the new design.

    By your logic, Apple intentionally gave Chinese case makers a fake iPhone design, which has resulted in all of us getting our hopes up, then we will be disappointed come the announcement?

    No way would Apple be stupid enough to shoot itself in the foot like that. 

  • MacGoo

    This is the first I’ve heard about a differentiation between the iPhone 4s and the new “budget” iPhone. Making it up as we go, eh CoM?

  • Clint Eastwood

    Iphone 5 is a requirement for me to care about tomorrow at all. 


  • Allan Robertson

    iphone, iphone, iphone. Getting a bit tired of hearing all about the iPhone all the time.

  • Teknisyan

    I more interested on the keynote itself. Will Tim have a “ONE MORE THING..” moment. after the keynote… Tim says “ONE MORE THING…” Steve Jobs walks-out holding an ipad 3!!! The look on the face of the audience will be PRICELESS!!!

  • Hampus

    Up to three iPhones? Are you kidding me? That would go against standard Apple practice in so many ways…
    A standard (cheaper) and a Pro version I can understand how people would theorize about, but a cheap, an upgraded last generation and an iPhone 5? That just won’t happen, no way…

    As for the keynote itself, I’m far more interested in hearing more about iOS 5 and iCloud and when they will be released. I am happy with my iPhone 4 and I doubt they can make enough of an update for me to want to upgrade just yet.
    I’d love to hear about an iPad 3, but that won’t happen tomorrow…

    An iPhone 4s, possible, rather likely even.
    An iPhone 5, possibly.
    A cheaper version and on of the above, possible but I don’t find I likely. I just don’t find it very likely they would make a completely new cheaper iPhone, when they might just as well continue selling the iPhone 4 (or even the 3Gs) at a lower price

  • Buster

    not at all. Gizmodo’s post is proof that the iPhone 4 will carry on as an entry level device. 

  • Hampus

    I’d have to agree… Will be nice when the keynote has been done tomorrow, we’ll get at least a while relatively free from iPhone rumours…

  • brownlee

    You understand what “up to” means, right? 

    Also, maybe it’s not “likely” but there’s pictures pretty much confirming it.

  • brownlee

    Sorry you’re not up to date, but we’ve made all of this stuff exceptionally clear.

  • FriarNurgle

    Supposedly not. There will be plenty of live blogs and I’m sure the event will be available as a podcast or on Apple’s site afterwards.

  • MacGoo

    Then you’re wrong – you’re the only one reporting it and it makes no sense. Perhaps you should do more research? 3 phones is ludicrous (unless the third phone is simply the iPhone 4 in its current state).

  • MacGoo

    But this isn’t what CoM is saying – they’re saying the N90A and the 4s are two different devices. They’re claiming 3 new phones. Why would Apple change the SKU of a phone that already exists? Makes little sense.

  • Edward Chamberlain

    Pictures don’t confirm anything.
    Rumours dont confirm anything.

    The only thing that confirms something is the CEO stood on the stage tomorrow. 

    This article is writing like the information is fact when most of it is probably incorrect.

    People will be disappointed with an iPhone 4S after a year and a half of no new phone so i think it will more than likely be an iPhone 5, and nothing else. no budget phone, no 4S, no crappy diversified product line that apple is so well known for avoiding.

  • MacGoo

    Whatever Brownlee. You have been openly hostile to posts contradicting your claims in the past, and it seems to be holding true here. Adding “up to 3” to your article when every other blog I’ve read hold the the N90A and the 4s are the same device is just thinly veiled link bait.

    The pictures (I’m assuming you’re talking about the Brazilian Foxconn photos) you speak of prove nothing other than there is a phone that looks like the 4 coming out. “Pretty much confirming” your point? Hardly. A wise man takes constructive criticism of his premises into consideration, rather than “refuting” them with less than conclusive “evidence”.

  • Tripps

    Sorry mate but there will be no redesigned iPhone 5 until 2012 (or at this rate 2013). 

    Get over it.

  • MacGoo

    Why click the link then? You’re here – you’re interested. Whether you’re interested in the new iPhone or trolling? That’s up for debate…

  • Tripps

    Amen to that.

  • Uriel Sanchez

    Theres gotta be a new iPhone 5. It does say “Lets talk iPhone” not “Lets talk iOS” I don’t think iOS and  Assistant will be the main attraction. They just had a conference about Lion and iOS and showed most of the new “key” features. I agree that Assistant will be a huge deal but iPhone 5 will be the icing on the cake.

  • Tripps

    Hate to burst your bubble but this new low-end iPhone 4 (N90 model) from the new Foxconn Brazil plant has been leaked and blogged about by Gizmodo first, then 9to5 Mac, MacRumors, Cult of Mac, etc…. Nothing Brownlee has made up.

  • MacGoo

    Changing the resolution is not unlikely, it’s impossible. That being said, bumping the screen size is probably going to happen. Will it be 4 inches? Maybe not. It’s currently 3.5″ diagonally, so bumping it over a quarter inch will still be a significant improvement.

    That said, I believe they’ll bump it to 4 and find a way to spin it – that’s the way all the leaks I trust are pointing.

  • John Branham

     “We think it’s going to ultimately turn out that the iPhone 5 was a controlled leak of a phony device directly from Apple meant to thwart Chinese case designers.”
    apple would not leak a phony device that would make the real one look incredibly inferior.

    we will see an iPhone 5 tomorrow, or Apple is going to take a huge hit.

  • MacGoo

    I must be missing something here – head over to Gizmodo and read their article (since they broke it). They’re claiming the SINGLE DIFFERENTIATING FACTOR is that this iPhone 4 has a model number N90A. This model number is nothing new, and most posts have pointed out this is likely evidence of the iPhone 4s. These Brazilian images do nothing to refute this.

  • Tripps

    There you’re wrong. I’m a big believer in history and if Apple is anything, they’ve been quite consistent. 

    Let’s look back to the iPhone 3GS unveiling. At that year’s keynote, yes apple reviewed the new phone’s specs, but they much hyped it’s boosted speeds focusing on the benefits: 7.2 HSDPA, video feature and updated 3 mp camera.

    The iPhone 4S keynote will follow the same pattern: feature the A5 processor and talk about the boost in speeds and its updated camera. But Cook will spend most of the time on featuring will be the benefits of the A5 processor and better camera: iOS 5, iCloud and Assistant.

    I have been holding off upgrading my 3GS since last winter and I too really want a new phone design — especially after almost two years of the iPhone 4.

  • QwaF

    Up to 1000 iPhones!

  • takeo

    I know you don’t mean it, but Apple never announces as many new hardware at the same time – good PR.

  • takeo

    As Apple got more popular they stopped doing so some years ago… loved to sit at home and watch the Keynotes live with some Coke and Popcorn… too bad… 

  • Budmann

    iPhone 5, iOS 5, iCloud & a One More Thing for an iPod or a Apple TV (Not Black Box Type) a 32″ or Bigger.

    That’s My Prediction

  • SillyAmazon

    This is Apple we’re talking about. I’m sure whatever they announce tomorrow will be utterly amazing and will more than satisfy everyone.  No one knows why they’ve waited 16 months but the wait is definitely going to pay off tomorrow when Tim Cook gets on stage at 10:00 a.m.  Apple is not going to disappoint and screw up this monumental moment for not only their company, but for the future success of the iPhone.

  • Nudsui

    lol…citing john Gruber. Has no one here read the macalopes articles. This guy is always wrong.

  • Budmann

    Does anyone know if they will stream the event ?

  • Tom Reynolds

    God I hope Assistant works on iPhone 4…

  • Talk2Tony

    If Steve Jobs health is good enough he will be sitting in the audience an receive a standing ovation this will be the best case tranistion scenario with Steve blessing the change.I believe this is one of the reason Steve left before he had to absolutely leave.

  • Ed

    making the screen bigger physically does not affect resolution unless you stretch it. making a screen bigger increases the number of pixels on the panel but they will be the same number per square inch.

  • Kyle

    I’ve read that there will not be any streaming of this event. Sorry. Hope the news tomorrow is better!!

  • Kyle

    Not so fast my friend. As we already know, AT&T has already “outed” the 4S. Do you honestly think they’d “out” their premiere piece of hardware days before the announcement? Me thinks there just might be a 5 coming. Looking forward to it. Thank goodness I’m off tomorrow!

  • Kyle

    And you would know this how? face it, that’s just your opinion and we all know about opinions don’t we.

  • jfc123

    maybe the iPhone 4s was a controlled leak.

  • me2, me 3, me 4, i5

    only works with an A5 chip which only the I4S or the I5 will have… Sorry

  • ArrowSmith

    According to the Siri founder the integration of their AI-tech into iOS is going to be a “world changing event”. I’m shuddering!

  • Brian

    …Which kinda sucks since it’s mostly server based. I’m sure we’ll see something once the jailbreak community gets ahold of it.

  • bostrm

    Okay, apple might not release a redesigned iPhone, BUT while not doing so iPhone is slowly going to die. Samsung galaxy II will be competing with the iPhone 4s,slimmer, same camera 8pmix), bigger screen, sure specs are a bit worse on the samsung. In 4 months samsung galaxy III will come, and it’s still 9 or 15 months for the next iPhone.

    It’s not like 2 1/2 years ago when they updated the 3gs, iPhone 3gs was almost the only “touchscreen” smartphone worth buying anyway and when the HTC desire came within a few months it had competition. Now, there is plenty of options…

  • David

    I am of the opinion that iPhone 5 will match the iOS5 … two major upgrades.  With Voice Assistant … a block buster.

    The budget phone is likely a 3GS with upgraded processor A4 and a bit more RAM and 8 GB storage max.

    Like the 3GS continued to be available, it will likely be replaced and designated the 4S. If the current iPhone 4 is kept as is, then it will be the median tier phone. In summary, 4s is the upgraded 3GS, 3GS dies, iPhone4 is the middle tier, and iPhone 5 is the block buster.

  • MacGoo

    I’m not sure if you realize how silly that sounded. You basically said “You can’t change the resolution unless you stretch the screen (true). But if you make a screen bigger, you change the resolution (by adding pixels).” You contradicted yourself.

    If you make a screen larger, but maintain the pixel count and aspect ratio (currently at 960×640 pixels for the iPhone 5’s 3.5″ screen) you will reduce the DPI (dots per inch). Maintaining the current resolution is the only solution that makes sense for a larger iPhone screen, in order to preserve pixel doubling (the other “solution” would be to double again, to 1920×1280, which would give even a 4″ screen a ridiculous DPI of 577).

    So scaling up the size of the iPhone’s screen to 4″ while maintaining the pixel count would reduce the pixel density to around 290 DPI, below the 300 DPI threshold at which the human eye allegedly ceases to differentiate individual pixels. That said, it would realistically look almost identical to the current retina displays.

  • jamesbarsby

    ‘Lets talk iPhone’ is referring to the new assistant feature… As in talk ‘to’ the iPhone itself.

    If I wanted to talk to you I could say… “Lets talk Uriel” …see what I mean. It’s a subtle double meaning.

  • TeeJay1100

    The iphone 4S is the iphone killer!!

  • aardman

    What is the standard Apple practice?

    13, 15, and 17 inch laptops.
    Shuffle, Nano, Classic and Touch
    21 and 27 inch iMacs

    Three iPhones really that preposterous for Apple?

  • Clint Eastwood

    Well put!

  • Clint Eastwood


  • TeeJay1100

    Looks like they will try to milk you again since the new voice feature won’t work on existing iphone 4’s. They are outdated already and apple talks about android. Huh

  • TeeJay1100

    No the new iphone will play the background to the assistance feature, that’s the star of the show.

  • TeeJay1100

    What if all these leaks are fake and they introduce one iphone with a 3.5″ retina screen and it looks like the iphone 4? What if the new design is for the ipod touch with increased storage? Everybody and their momma would be utterly disappointed!! We will see 12hrs from now!

  • jayoen

    Maybe Apple leaked a fake design so everyone would be led to believe that that was going to be the new design, but then when they reveal the actual design, everyone will be blown away! 

  • jayoen

    It’s probably not going to recognise my Australian accent so, f*** it.