iPhone 5 Set For October Launch & Coming To Sprint, Leaked Doc Reveals



Best Buy is expecting pre-sales of the iPhone 5 to begin in the first week of October, a leaked internal document from the retail giant reveals. In addition, the document says Apple’s eagerly-awaited handset is coming to the Sprint network.

Published by BGR, which has good retail sources, the document says:

BBYM: iPhone 5 product introduction expected, pre-sales begin for expected October week 1 launch/Sprint launches iPhone 5 (Apple product introduction/launch dates subject to change)

The internal document is dated “Week 9/4” and looks genuine. It tallies with earlier rumors of an early-October launch and a Sprint iPhone. Note, the dates are subject to change, as the BB document says, and that BB doesn’t have the exact date — either because Apple hasn’t finalized it, or hasn’t revealed it to BB executives, who can’t keep a secret.

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21 responses to “iPhone 5 Set For October Launch & Coming To Sprint, Leaked Doc Reveals”

  1. Cubalaw says:

    Give it a rest already. We all know when its coming. Do you really have to hang on every comma and verb that gets written? Chill out. It’ll be here soon enough and you’ll all find out then. Sheesh!

  2. vbethanyv says:

    Best Buy can’t spell “Entertainment?”

  3. MrSarcy says:

    Pre-sale. What kind of nonsense is that? It’s either for sale or it isn’t. If it isn’t and they’re taking money, they’re taking reservations.

  4. Penantrbp says:

    wait, what? when then?… i somehow missed that date announcement by Apple. the fact is, that no one KNOWS for sure until Apple really announces it so, while this article and ‘leak’ gives further hope to the most common suspicions and rumours… it affirms nothing as we all know it HAS TO COME FROM APPLE to be real. 

  5. bondr006 says:

    Seems kinda funny that that little October blurb is even in there. Everything else is centered around the first week of Sept. and Labor Day stuff. Looks fake to me.

  6. Harold Kelly says:

    omg i was just thinking the same thing!

  7. Apple Fan says:

    I work for Best Buy Mobile…and this looks nothing like our internal memo’s or product info we get. Just saying…

  8. patelpranay1 says:

    Yes its very true, as I have also written such article in my blog. We hope this rumor will be fine with everybody. By the way very nice explanation of your. _Thank you

  9. kavok says:

    “Apple product introduction / launch dates subject to change”
    To me this says it all.  It’s a fake.  I don’t think Best Buy would be going through all the hassle until they knew for sure when it was really going to happen.

  10. lilcy says:

    Hmm, is this reliable?
    Awesome! Think this is another good ad for Apple iPhone 5!There are also rumor: iPhone 5 to Have 8-Megapixel Camera what I read from ifunia news blog. What do you looking forward to the iPhone 5? 

  11. Amara Dolan says:

    Can I have that on my birthday..? It’s on October 1st and u pass my biirthday.. ( I WANT IT NOW ) i’m desprite>_<

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