Sprint Isn’t Getting The iPhone 5 In October, Just The iPhone 4… Along With 4G iPad 2s? [Report]



Are you a Sprint customer salivating over the thought of getting your hands on the iPhone 5 this October? Don’t hold your breath. A new report says that while Sprint will get an iPhone in October, it’ll be an iPhone 4, not an iPhone 5.

TUAW reports:

A Sprint Nextel sales associate told TUAW that the carrier has started briefing its employees on an imminent Sprint iPhone 4 launch.

The briefing reportedly told the sales team that Sprint will begin offering the iPhone 4 in October 2011 (next month) with standard Sprint data plans; they will include a $10 data smartphone premium that is not specific to iPhone.

That’s disappointing news, as it suggests that Sprint won’t get the iPhone 5 until 2012… if then.

There is, however, at least one reason to suspect the report might be false. According to TUAW, the same Sprint source also said they’ll start selling “4G iPad 2s” next month, which could just refer to the existing 4G iPad case Sprint sells. If not, though, chalk this one up to total nonsense: Apple’s not about to design a WiMax-capable iPad 2 at this stage when nationwide LTE access is so obviously on the horizon.

  • Bunnytrifecta

    Noooobody knows…..

  • Gregintosh

    Probably B.S. BUT maybe there is some truth in it. Perhaps the iPhone 5 is going to be a small upgrade, so for many people it materially won’t make a difference. Another possibility is that Sprint maybe has an arrangement with Apple that will allow them to give away the iPhone 4’s for free on contract where as everyone who sells an iPhone 5 will have to charge $199 for it.

    That’s the only way I see Sprint seeing any success with a last gen model while everyone else has the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED brand new one.

  • speedmaster

    Wow, if true, that’s a COMPLETE buzzkill.

  • Jay

    if this is true, then I have to say goodbye to sprint and head over to att. unless iphone 5 is minor update with only speed boost and sprint willing to give iphone 4 for free(or 50 bucks) on contract.

  • Mac_Atty

    May Apple is penalizing Sprint for these daily leaks their people keep putting out…  If I were Apple I certainly wouldn’t share any iPhone 5 info w/them given the number of leaks they’ve had already!

  • apple ‘insider’

    total BS and speculation.  They will get the iphone 5 and it will be a world phone featuring a qualcomm chip. im just sayin.

  • Brandon Pacheco

    these reports are different EVERY SINGLE DAY. They are called ANALysts because they talk out of their asses.

  • MacHead

    The 4 will NOT be free on contract it will be 99 bucks just like every previous gen iPhone sells for when the new model is released.

  • Bob

    Wow everyone is so set on there being an iPhone 5 coming out next month…  Do any of you think it might not happen??  I still say February of next year before we see something…  

  • Sevan Grim

    right? The only ideas that have any real supporting evidence are the slim and a multi–carrier version of the 4. But you know how people are with this crap. There was talk of a 5 6 months after the 4 was released. and even now, a mere 6 months after apple practically doubled iphone users with the verizon phone, people seem to believe apple is so bad at business that they plan on pushing a new phone?
     My guess is that if we ever do see a 5, it will be a year and a half from now, after everyone on every carrier has had a 4 for a year, and the 4g market has leveled out. THAT is business. These stoopid articles pretending to be journalistic scoops are really just fan fiction.