Foxconn Spy Leaks Real Pictures Of Apple’s New Budget iPhone! [Gallery]





Gizmodo’s been locked out of Apple events indefinitely since they bought a stolen iPhone 4 prototype, but that doesn’t mean they are without resources to get scoops: they sent a spy into Foxconn’s new factory in Brazil, and walked out with proof that Apple will unveil a cheaper iPhone 4 sometime soon with the model N90A.

Pictures after the jump!

  • Nutz320

    Fuck you, Gizmodo! Apple was going to surprise us, everyone could feel the tension this year. It was almost perfect… *sob*

  • Steven Chaffer

    What a shitty move on Gizmodo’s part. And after the whole iPhone 4 debacle back in 2010? Shame on COM for even going there with this. No wonder Apple is done with Gizmodo. Sending in spies? Seriously? 

  • J1powel1

    I you wanted to be surprised, why are you reading a mac rumor blog?

  • Daniel Baker

    Looks like the current iPhone, anyone can put N90A

  • Erik Maier

    This doesn’t prove anything. I could take pictures of my current iPhone 4 and tell you that it’s proof that it’s the new model and it flies, shoots fireballs, and makes witty remarks when you’re trying to sext some girl and she’s denying you. Doesn’t make it true.

  • Rounak Jain

    No link back to the source?

  • Mister Hedge

    Just visit Gizmodo’s website, It’s right on the front page.

  • Mister Hedge

    So we’re back to the budget phone idea now? ;P

  • Mister Hedge

    Just visit Gizmodo’s site. It’s on the front page.

    Apparently I can’t post links. ;)

  • John McLachlan

    Yah, I don’t get it either.  Can’t you get a 3GS for like $50?    The phone cost isn’t the problem – it’s the cost of the service where they rake you over the coals….

  • S. Mulji

    The thing is you can get a 3GS for $50 or in some cases for free on a CONTRACT.  The premise behind this budget phone is so people can buy an iPhone for much cheaper WITHOUT signing a contract (ie: Prepaid phone).

    I may be wrong, but I genuinely believe this time around Apple is going to push hard to get iPhones into as many hands as possible by introducing unlocked iPhones at different price points.

  • grow up


  • SevanGrim

    the idea is that the 3gs is a dated product. Its finally reaching its shelf life. whats the point of buying an iphone if you cant do half the things  an iphone is good for? Facetime. many of the apps out there. retina display. the list of things the 3gs cant do is growing every day, and it cant be easy for apple to make innovative programs on the iphone4 and its A4 chip that can still run smoothly on the 3gs.

      people would rather buy a cheap NEW android phone than a 3gs, and Apple wants to quell that. so the idea is to give people something that looks JUST LIKE the current premier phone, but costs less. (the super popular RAZOR phone did the same thing, and Mustang does it every year with super cars and their budget twins)

     most people factor coolness into buying phones. the 3gs is no longer cool. teens and young adults would rather enjoy the luxuries and coolness of a 4. but neither of those demographics can afford a 200 phone. So offering up a phone that can be sold for 100 bucks or less by carriers is a great way to still get alt least some of those people.

  • Nutz320

    You’re the one who has not registered! Hypocrite!

  • PedroCaria

    The second picture says this batch was refused, the handwritten note seems to say:

    Stained lenses

  • Nutz320

    True! But it was meant to be a joke. I wouldn’t really be sobbing in real life because a new model of an electronic device was unveiled before it was time.

  • Nutz320

    It’s a an Apple blog, not a Mac rumor blog! You can go as far as Mac blog, but NOT Mac rumor blog.

  • Nutz320

    The list of things the iPhone 3GS can’t do is not GROWING, it’s always been the same. Since before FaceTime was introduced, it couldn’t do FaceTime. If you can’t stop noticing the stuff it can’t do, you’ll never be happy with anything but the latest.

  • CharliK

    looks like an iPhone 4 screen to me

  • Sebastian Herzog

    your nutz

  • Jeremey Laflamme

    I have one of these in working condition on my office desk! It is called an iPhone 4. I can send you a pic ….. so it can be one final (next generation) iPhone sneak peak before the conference on Tuesday. Give us something good to drool about….

  • Mister Hedge

    I find this “coolness factor” debate to be rather silly and a little annoying, to be frank. I am 19 and I think my 3GS is cooler than the iPhone 4. The latter is a little too boxy for my tastes, and I despise the white version of the current phone (while the white 3GS still looks great).

    To put it simply, you cannot force an entire age demographic into one generic box. Different people are going to have different tastes and that’s that.

  • Phil

    Now comes the suicide story of this particular individual… That little white square box with the funny looking boxes in the bottom right of the device (I really don’t know what they’re called) will sure give officials exactly the history of where that device has been… CofM, you have blood on your hands now.

  • Allan Cook

    Me, too!

  • Huh

    Are you for real?

  • UNOwenNYC

    O-Kay…l so…., now what?


    That’s all that’s accomplished – salivating over something that (technically) doesn’t exit (yet). Can’t: buy it, use it….


    And pouring over pictures like this – commenting about this, or that – all in a plastic bag, in a blurry pic.

    It’s intangible.

  • TechHog

    And yet they still refuse to put it on T-Mobile.

  • Joshua Smith

    My nutz?

    You’re nutz!

  • Phil

    Yeah, I really don’t know what their called.

  • Snoop Dogg

    Deeez nuts!!!

  • Julio Mourão

    QR codes

  • Mikesemail3

    It’s only one day why care were all going to tune into the keynote

  • SevanGrim

    it is growing. as apps that require a A4 or A5 chip start to surface, or accessories that have a different power output requirement become the standard and the old 3gs accessories fade away (they are showing up on bargain shelves all the time now). Right now its the same, but with every new iteration of the phones and iOS, another couple things are excluded from the 3gs.

  • SevanGrim

    of course its not the entire. But you cant tell me a majority of teens and 20-somethings trying to be popular would buy the 3gs over the others. They would not. They would (and do) buy every version whenever they can afford it, so that they can keep with the new hip things.
      you have a personal preference that outweighs your desire to be “cool” (or maybe you think its cool to be a non-conformist). But hopefully at 19 you realized that the young people around you are idiots, doing things purely for sex and attention. And new shit puts points in both those categories.

  • Nutz320

    I don’t think you understand. Read my comment again. Even before those apps that require A4 or A5 were introduced, it could never run them. Old accessories will still be able to be bought and you still have YOUR accessories you bought from when the 3GS was current. You can buy a Mac 128k and accessories for it today, no reason old iPhone accessories can’t be bought decades from now.