iPhone 4S Name and Dual-Mode Baseband Referenced in Latest iTunes Beta



9to5Mac has dug up a hidden gem in the latest iTunes beta that directly references the iPhone 4S. This is different from all of the other 4S rumors. This time it’s coming directly from Apple itself.

Not only does iTunes beta 9 mention the iPhone 4S, but it also affirms that rumor that Apple’s next smartphone will strongly resemble the iPhone 4 and feature a dual-mode/GSM + CDMA baseband.

The image associated with the “iPhone 4S” in the latest iTunes beta code is of a CDMA iPhone 4. Apple could very well just have the image there as a placeholder until Apple announces the real thing, but 9to5Mac feels certain that the iPhone 4S will be an evolutionary update based closely on the Verizon iPhone 4.

There are only two color references for the iPhone 4S, while the iPhone 4 has 4 direct references for both colors in GSM and CDMA flavors. It’s been a long-standing rumor that the next iPhone will be a “world phone” capable of running on both GSM and CDMA networks, and this finding in iTunes only reaffirms that speculation. Apple briefly pulled iTunes beta 9 this afternoon from the Dev Center, but the download has reappeared with this 4S reference still present.

Rumors of a redesigned iPhone 5 with a tapered, ‘teardrop’ design have started dying down leading up to the actual announcement this Tuesday, with the exception of some case leaks from China. More evidence suggests that the iPhone 4S will be unveiled on Tuesday with a design based heavily on the iPhone 4.

The device will likely feature internal upgrades in the processor and camera department. The real killer feature is expected to be iOS 5’s “Assistant” voice recognition technology.

Update: MacRumors has confirmed that the first iPhone 4S reference from Apple was actually in iTunes beta 6.1. That particular beta was released on August 29th, 2011. It’s coming, folks.

  • TeeJay1100

    Ugh Oh, and here comes the disappointment to all the Apple maniac’s come Tuesday!

  • TeeJay1100

    The iphone 4S is the iphone killer!

  • CharliK

    Don’t be so sure. apple may have left out references to an iPhone 5 on purpose. They might be using 4s for an 8th dual band to match an iPhone 5 dual and in 16 and 32 in both white and black. Streamlining the lineup top to bottom

  • OPe

    I wish that the moment they say iPhone 4s all the press people say “booooooo” I think maybe than apple would relalize their mistake, cuz not many people are gonna buy that iPhone 4s, I’m sooo disappointed.

  • Drchrista

    Fine by me. My iPhone 4 is in great shape, but I’d love to have the features of iOS 5. If I can just upgrade my iPhone 4 to iOS 5, I can save myself a couple hundred on new hardware.

  • MacsFuture

    you can upgrade to iOS 5.  But some features like the new Assistant feature might not work.  But the vast majority of new features in iOS 5 will work.  I know that because I have tested iOS 5 beta on my iPhone 4 and it works.

  • Aj Tk427

    You think Apple would be dumb enough to out both the 4S and 5 in iTunes code before they themselves announce it?

    What the hell are you talking about rumors dying down for the 5, AT-T is getting iPhone 5 cases, Radio Shack lists the 5 in there system…

    We’ll find out soon enough on Tuesday, CoM you guys flip flop so much, come Monday something else will come out and you’ll be claiming that the 5 is coming.

  • TeeJay1100

    Whatever floats your boat to keep hope alive. Come Tuesday I expect to see 90% copied features from competition and 10% innovation.

  • Ralph

    For me apple needs to release a iPhone 4S, here is why:Na minha opinião, mesmo sendo bastante otimista é que: -It was innevitable to release a modified iPhone 4, if they didn’t they would be stuck with 3 iPhones, a iPhone 5, a 4 GSM and a 4 CDMA, and it would be too complicated
    -Also, the iPhone 3GS HAD to bem named that, since there were 3 iPhones, the 3G wasn’t 3th generation!! So, it makes a lot of sense that the iPhone 4 hybrid would be called 4S!

    Ok, i’m being a litte optimistic, but it makes a lot of sense! The case makers wouldn’t be so ridiculous to “guess” a new format. They know how it will be, but don’t know its proper dimensions yet!t

  • Erik Maier

    I hope so much that this 4S stuff is bullshit. All I want is a 5. The 3GS was a joke and so will be the 4S if it exists. I normally wouldn’t care but we had to wait an entire year and a half for a minor update? Really? I was really looking forward to another innovation

  • Ed_Kel

    Damn you’re spot on dude! Apple is the most secretive company in the world, yet dumb enough to, like you said, out themselves in their own source code before they publicly announce it.

    The most solid evidence seen yet on any front are the ATT cases and RadioShack databases but since we haven’t seen any photos leaked from some sweat shop worker yet, then it must be fantasy.. Sometimes journalists are just plain stupid.

  • Eastgate


  • baby_Twitty

    Listen. i am a user that always hold my iPhone 4 in horizontal mode for games, sms, websurfing, etc etc.. And sometimes i lay it on my desk also in horizontal mode for using other apps too.
    THUS, i really DO NOT WISH FOR a teardrop design on the next iPhone!
    Coz holding a teardrop iPhone 4s/5 in horizontal would be awkward and UNBALANCED, same goes for placing in on a desk, it would be slanted to one side and thus would be a DESIGN FAIL.

    Just give me a new iPhone 4s or 5, but NO TEARDROP PLEASE!!!

  • lumpia91791

    How was the 3GS a joke? Most of the changes were internal or subtle, reason for a “S” lol
    -faster processor
    -better 3.0mp camera with video recording
    -supported better graphics
    -compass added
    -longer lasting battery
    -Oleophobic screen coating

    That was then when technology wasn’t moving as fast as it does today. I would be pissed too with the long wait and its a “slight” upgrade, that’s how Android treats phone releases.
    I’m with you on Flagship iPhone 5 or nothing.

  • lumpia91791

    Seriously right? Was her old phone a Samsung Galaxy Android phone lol. Even though there is only one big iOS update a year it does make it to at least the current and previous phone generations. The only ones that won’t make it are the hardware specific features.

  • CharliK

    And then get themselves banned from all future events, press release lists, sample lists etc. Thus cutting themselves off from a major hit fodder. 

    Nope, won’t happen

  • CharliK

    Must really piss you off that even with 10% innovation they sell millions of units

  • lumpia91791

    Unless they schedule another presentation later in the month…..

  • Gregintosh

    Wrong, even the regular 4 is still flying off the shelves. Apple never made any promises to anyone, so they don’t owe us things we hyped up ourselves. Apple has product launches down to a science and I’m sure whatever they announce will be solid.

    The iPhone is still one of the most desired phones in the world and a spec bump will help keep it competitive. Though, we may yet see a full redesign, we just don’t know.

  • Hampus

    Thank you, ha not thought about that, now I feel relatively confident we won’t ever see that shape :p

  • Hampus

    I really hope they won’t lock the new assistant feature or anything else to the new iPhone 5, if they do I’ll really lose respect for Apple as there is no reason for it other than selling the new phone. They can say it needs the new CPU or more Ram but it would all be BS…

    If they end up doing this I guess I can just enable the feature when a new jailbreak comes out but still :p

  • Arn ain’t happy

    Sadly, Apple will try and put a positive spin on Tuesday’s keynote, making the new iPhone 4S out to be so much better than reality. Apple has held up this phone’s release due to overrated iOS 5 with iCloud, Assistant and Twitter/Facebook integration. How boring! While an A5 and possibly better camera are okay, this is seriously shaping up to be all quite dull. Seriously now, am I supposed to get all excited because I can now give talking commands to my phone, like it’s some trained monkey? I don’t care about that. iOS 5 beta works perfectly well on my current iPhone 4 (with no Assistant). My iPhone 4 is quite snappy with its current processor AND takes great photos with its existing camera! So we waited almost two years for useless crap.

    Hey Apple, stop being so pompous and complacent and let’s keep up with your Android and WP7 neighbors. Hey, maybe after almost 2 years, what users REALLY want is an overall new design. Not a measly spec-bumped version of the same old phone. I’m actually offended at Apple regarding it users as simple-minded children, being spoken down to. Go ahead Apple keep sitting on your hands.

    Not happy about no iPhone 5.

  • Rav

    The shape if it changes will be not tear drop but like the iPod touch similar to the iPad 2

  • Felfac

    Despite this happening this is the nature of rumours duh! its not like your gonna get one statment for an apple engineer saying this is gonna be this rumours come and go and come backfrom different sources there is no such thing as rock-solid rumour otherwise its fact when tim cook releases the next iphone it wont be treated as a rumour it will treated as face cos tim KNOWS FOR SURE get the difference between fact and rumour right people?!?!?

  • Sean

    just got the 4S and i cant seem to sms, or surf the web in horizontal …WTF

  • Sean

    reboot and its all good. insane device!

  • baby_Twitty

    IT’S BECAUSE YOU got your iPhone’s screen orientation locked at ‘vertical mode’.

    Just double press home button, swipe the bottom task bar so that the orientation lock button appears from the left on the task button. Unlock it and now you are should be able to sms and surf in horizontal.

    Be sure to remember any steps or changes you make to your iPhone settings prior to your ‘problem’ with your iPhone. Most of the time, users just accidentally activate some functions and mistake it as a fault with the phone later on.