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Logitech Releases Its First iOS 7 Gaming Controller, The PowerShell

Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 7.44.07 AM

Following yesterday’s somewhat underwhelming release of the Ace Power, the first iOS 7 compatible controller, accessory guru Logitech has gotten into the action, unveiling the Powershell game controller for iPhone 5, 5s, 5c and fifth-gen iPod touch.

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MOGA’s New iPhone Gamepad Leaks, And It Looks Incredible


MOGA’s new gamepad for iPhone has been leaked ahead of its official debut, and I think you’ll agree that it looks pretty incredible. The device follows Apple’s guidelines for game controllers designed for iOS 7 — so it has all of the buttons that will soon become standard for iOS gamepads — as well as a built-in battery and a nifty design that closes up for portability.

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Logitech’s Upcoming Gamepad For The iPhone Looks Pretty Nice


With iOS 7, Apple added official support for third-party game controllers. The new framework is part of the company’s MFi program, and we’ve already seen some Made-For-iPhone controllers in the wild. Logitech teased its own iPhone gamepad just last month along with ClamCase, and now Logitech’s upcoming controller has been leaked.

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First Two iOS 7 Game Controllers Teased By Logitech, ClamCase

Awwww, yeah.

Awwww, yeah.

As we noted earlier this week, iOS 7 includes some code that will allow third party manufacturers create universal controllers for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch using Apple’s latest mobile operating system. It’s groundbreaking stuff, especially for a traditionally game-averse tech company, but we’re starting to see the first wave of controllers to come out.

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Logitech Ultrathin Mouse Works Like A Trackpad

mouse is thin

The one thing I’ve never thought about my mouse is that it’s too thick, and yet here comes Logitech, fresh off its success with the Ultrathin Keyboard Cases for the iPad and iPad, making an Ultrathin Touch Mouse for your MacBook Air (or “Ultrabook,” as the gender-neutral marketing parlance has it).

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New Logitech Ultrathin Touch Mouse Makes Me Want To Lick The Screen


It’s been a while since a mouse had me licking my MacBook’s screen with gadget lust, but a few seconds after first looking at Logitech’s new Bluetooth-powered Ultrathin Touch Mouse T630 and my rMBP’s glossy panel was covered with a thick coat of saliva. (Seriously, doesn’t anyone else lick their screen? Am I the only one?*)

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Take Two: Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Case For iPad Mini

Screen Shot 2013-08-20 at 11.09.45

Logitech is taking another stab at making a good keyboard case for the iPad mini, and it certainly looks hot. It’s called the Ultrathin Keyboard Folio for iPad mini, and it’s a tiny and lightweight book-style case with built-in Bluetooth keyboard. But can any iPad-mini-sized keyboard actually be good enough to type on?

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Logitech’s UE Boom Is A Seriously Loud, Rugged Portable Bluetooth Speaker [Review]

Where's the single malt?

When I received the UE Boom in the mail and opened the mailing box, I thought maybe the PR rep had secretly slipped me a bottle of Scotch. Not that I would have minded, of course.

UE Boom by Ultimate Ears/Logitech
Category: Bluetooth Speaker
Works With: Any Bluetooth Audio Source
Price: $199.99

It turns out that this ruggedized little portable Bluetooth speaker by Logitech-owned Ultimate Ears (UE) comes in some slick packaging that I’m loathe to get rid of, it’s that cool. The cylindrical speaker fits snugly in the center portion of the box, and each side has a cute little compartment where the bright yellow power plug and flat premium micro USB cable fit in, each with its respective symbol printed on a little flag. It’s striking packaging, which should go over well with consumers.

Luckily, the actual speaker here, a smallish cylinder made to be set on end vertically as well as on its side horizontally, is a fantastic sounding Bluetooth speaker, with a full, clear tonal spectrum that’s surprising in something so small. The bass response could be a bit punchier, but I don’t find that to be an issue at all, and actually prefer the more balanced tonal approach.

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Is This One Of The First Apple-Approved Game Controllers For iOS 7?


This somewhat blurry image of a game controller built by Logitech is believed to be one of the first Apple-approved controllers for iOS 7 that will join the “Made for iPhone” program. It’s built for the iPhone 5, and it’s been designed to meet Apple’s new guidelines for Mac and iOS game controllers.

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Logitech Buys TidyTilt Maker, Immediately Starts Accepting Pre-Orders


Logitech has today announced that it is acquiring TT Design Labs, a two-person startup responsible for the TidyTilt cover for iPhone. The deal will make Logitech the owner of TT’s assets, and the accessory giant has already made the TidyTilt available to pre-order.

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