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Logitech’s UE Boom Is A Seriously Loud, Rugged Portable Bluetooth Speaker [Review]

Where's the single malt?

When I received the UE Boom in the mail and opened the mailing box, I thought maybe the PR rep had secretly slipped me a bottle of Scotch. Not that I would have minded, of course.

UE Boom by Ultimate Ears/Logitech
Category: Bluetooth Speaker
Works With: Any Bluetooth Audio Source
Price: $199.99

It turns out that this ruggedized little portable Bluetooth speaker by Logitech-owned Ultimate Ears (UE) comes in some slick packaging that I’m loathe to get rid of, it’s that cool. The cylindrical speaker fits snugly in the center portion of the box, and each side has a cute little compartment where the bright yellow power plug and flat premium micro USB cable fit in, each with its respective symbol printed on a little flag. It’s striking packaging, which should go over well with consumers.

Luckily, the actual speaker here, a smallish cylinder made to be set on end vertically as well as on its side horizontally, is a fantastic sounding Bluetooth speaker, with a full, clear tonal spectrum that’s surprising in something so small. The bass response could be a bit punchier, but I don’t find that to be an issue at all, and actually prefer the more balanced tonal approach.

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Is This One Of The First Apple-Approved Game Controllers For iOS 7?


This somewhat blurry image of a game controller built by Logitech is believed to be one of the first Apple-approved controllers for iOS 7 that will join the “Made for iPhone” program. It’s built for the iPhone 5, and it’s been designed to meet Apple’s new guidelines for Mac and iOS game controllers.

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Logitech Buys TidyTilt Maker, Immediately Starts Accepting Pre-Orders


Logitech has today announced that it is acquiring TT Design Labs, a two-person startup responsible for the TidyTilt cover for iPhone. The deal will make Logitech the owner of TT’s assets, and the accessory giant has already made the TidyTilt available to pre-order.

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Logitech Now Makes Toughened Lightning Keyboards For iPad-Toting Kids

Apparently the OLPC cemented the colors green and white as the color scheme of choice for the education market, because now the new Logitech Wired Keyboard for iPad is similarly hued.

I have no problem with that: the combo is so ugly that it’ll seriously diminish the resale value should light-fingered pupils decide to earn a little extra pocket money.

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The Logitech FabricSkin Brings A Surface-Like Fabric Keyboard To Your iPad


Logitech has today announced a new addition to its growing family of iPad keyboard cases, but this one is unlike anything the company has offered before. It’s called the FabricSkin, and it offers a fabric keyboard much like that that comes with the Microsoft Surface tablet.

The great thing about a fabric keyboard is that its super slim and liquid resistant.

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Logitech Launches New Keyboard Folios For iPad & iPad Mini


Logitech has today announced the launch of its new Keyboard Folio cases for iPad and iPad mini. Built from refined fabrics — and available in a whole host of pretty colors — the Keyboard Folio is designed to provide your beloved tablet with all-round protection as well as a physical keyboard that’ll let you get things done on the go.

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Showdown! Noise-Cancelling Headphones: Klipsch Mode M40, Logitech UE 6000, Monster Inspiration ANC [Review]


Noise-cancelling headphones are suddenly all the rage. It certainly seems as if every big player in the audio game has at least one model that features active noise-canceling, usually accompanied by other luxury features — and with a corresponding luxury pricetag. Even manufacturers who’ve only recently begun making cans, like Logitech UE and Klipsch, prominently feature active noise-canceling in their model lineups.

It may even seem as if the technology has been added to some models simply because it’s become the feature du jour — an impression strengthened by the fact that not all noise canceling is the same. Not even remotely.

None of the headphones in our showdown — the Klipsch Mode M40 ($350), the Logitech UE 6000 ($200) or the Monster Inspiration ANC ($300), the noise-canceling version of the regular, passive Inspiration model we reviewed last year — exhibits the powerful noise-canceling ability that can almost completely drown out noise, like that of the Bose QuietComfort 15. Nor do they sit on the next level down, with NC performance similar to, say, Audio Technica’s ATH-ANC7b (although one here comes close).

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Logitech’s Easy-Share Keyboard Is So Good, We Reviewed It Twice [Reviews]

Logitech’s Easy-Share Keyboard Is So Good, We Reviewed It Twice [Reviews]

This is the last keyboard you’ll ever need.

K811 Easy-Switch by Logitech
Category: Keyboards
Works With: Mac, iPad, iPhone
Price: $99

This review is slightly unusual: We already published a review of the same device a couple of weeks ago: the Logitech Easy-Switch keyboard. I liked the look of it so much that — on Killian’s recommendation — I went out and bought one of my own. Or rather, I bought one, returned one and searched the internet high and low for another one.

So why the “duplicate” review? Because I use a keyboard in a different way than Killian. Where he sits at the dining room table surrounded by iDevices and Macs, I work not only in different rooms but in bars (cafes), on buses, wherever I might be. So I figured I’d write a very different review.


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Logitech’s Tiny iPad Mini Keyboard Case Is Just Too Small [MWC2013]

mwc2013bug-coaBARCELONA, MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS – Unless you love the cramped, sweaty quarters of a netbook keyboard, I’d advise you to stay away from the Logitech Ultra Thin keyboard case for the iPad mini. It looks great, and as a keyboard, it makes and excellent case.

But as soon as you try to type on it you’ll wish you’d saved your $100.

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Logitech’s Ultraslim Keyboard Case For The iPad Mini Packs Full-Sized Keys

Logitech’s Ultraslim Keyboard Case For The iPad Mini Packs Full-Sized Keys

You know what surprised me last week? That the iPad mini is almost as capable a work computer as my Retina iPad. The screen isn’t quite as readable, and you have to wait for Safari to reload pages and for apps to cold boot more often thanks to the lack of RAM, but as a machine to write on, it works amazingly well.

Which is why Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard for the Mini is a very welcome little accessory.

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