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Today in Apple history: Original iPhone goes large with 16GB of storage


The original iPhone
The O.G. iPhone was a thing of beauty.
Photo: Traci Dauphin/Cult of Mac

February 5: Today in Apple history: Original iPhone goes large with 16GB of storage February 5, 2008: Six months after the first-gen iPhone went on sale, Apple releases a supersized version with a whopping 16GB of storage.

For some users, there’s never enough memory,” says Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of worldwide iPod and iPhone product marketing, in a statement. “Now people can enjoy even more of their music, photos and videos on the most revolutionary mobile phone and best Wi-Fi mobile device in the world.”

New SVP of Worldwide Marketing Greg Joswiak joins Apple’s Leadership page


Greg Joswiak
Joswiak's bio as it appears on Apple's Leadership page.
Photo: Apple

Apple has updated its Leadership page to officially show Phil Schiller’s replacement by Greg Joswiak as Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing.

Schiller was named an Apple Fellow in August, an honorific title that Apple has given to a handful of top employees over the years. Schiller, who still appears on Apple’s list of leaders, will continue to head up the App Store and appear at Apple Events.

Phil Schiller’s new role as Apple Fellow means big promotion for Joz


Phil Schiller
Schiller has guided Apple's marketing efforts for more than 30 years.
Photo: Apple

Apple on Tuesday said that Phil Schiller, the company’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, will move on to become an Apple Fellow.

Schiller continues to report directly to Apple CEO Tim Cook in his new position, which involves leading the App Store and Apple Events. Greg “Joz” Joswiak takes up Schiller’s previous role.

Apple execs talk WWDC’s big announcements in video podcast


After Monday's successful WWDC keynote, Apple software chief Craig Federighi can breathe a sigh of relief.
After Monday's successful WWDC keynote, Apple software chief Craig Federighi can breathe a sigh of relief.
Photo: The Talk Show Remote

WWDC 2020 Apple SVP of software engineering Craig Federighi and VP of product marketing Greg Joswiak discuss all the news coming out of Monday’s WWDC keynote in an interview with Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber.

Topics include the transition to Apple Silicon, the virtual WWDC, iOS and iPad OS 14, macOS Big Sur, tvOS 14 and watchOS 7. They even touch on issues like the current App Store controversy, which may trigger a Department of Justice investigation into Apple.

Check it out below.

Apple hints Touch ID is here to stay


Touch ID
But don't worry — Apple still has plans for Touch ID.
Photo: Apple

Apple doesn’t plan to completely kill Touch ID anytime soon, according to Greg Joswiak, Apple’s VP of product marketing.

In a recent interview discussing the progress of Face ID, Joswiak championed Touch ID on the iPhone 5s as the first mainstream biometric security system. Even though Face ID is being added to more devices, Joswiak hinted Touch ID will still be hanging around for a while.

Apple praises ‘unbelievable’ response to ARKit


AR Measure
One of the many great AR demos we've seen so far!
Photo: AR Measure

Apple calls developers’ rapid response to ARKit “unbelievable.” The company unveiled the framework for making augmented reality apps at the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this month. Already, coders have created tons of amazing AR experiences that inject virtual objects into the real world.

“They’ve built everything from virtual tape measures [to] ballerinas made out of wood dancing on floors,” said Greg “Joz” Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of product marketing. “It’s absolutely incredible what people are doing in so little time.”

Cheaper iPhones? Don’t bet on it, says Apple exec


Photo: Re/Code
Apple exec Greg Joswiak at the Code/Mobile conference. Photo: TechCrunch

Particularly as Apple extends its tentacles overseas into new markets like China and India, many pundits have suggested that Cupertino needs to make low-cost iPhones to compete with lower-end Android devices.

So will it? According to Apple’s product marketing executive Greg Joswiak the answer is a resounding, emphatic “hell no!”

Ferrari Shows Off CarPlay In Geneva With Apple Exec Greg Joswiak


Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo and Apple's Greg Joswiak at the Geneva Motor show
Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo and Apple's Greg Joswiak at the Geneva Motor show

Yesterday Apple announced CarPlay, and we’ve already seen the software working in Volvo and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Apple’s head of iOS marketing, Greg Joswiak, took the stage with Ferrari at the Geneva Motor Show to unveil CarPlay in the Ferrari FF, the world’s fastest four-seater.

CarPlay is launching this week with Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Volvo on board. Apple says more partners are coming later this year, including BMW, Ford, Kia, Land Rover, Nissan, and Toyota.

Greg Joswiak Isn’t The Only Apple Employee At CES — There Are 249 More Of Them



Apple’s vice president of worldwide iPod, iPhone, and iOS product marketing, Greg Joswiak, was spotted roaming the show floor at CES in Las Vegas yesterday, despite no official appearance from the Cupertino company. Joswiak admitted he was there “scouting the competition,” but it seems he’s not the only one. According to one report, more than 250 Apple employees altogether are in attendance this year.