Here’s What CarPlay Looks Like In A Mercedes-Benz [Gallery]



Months of iOS in the Car leaks finally culminated this morning with Apple revealing its new CarPlay system. It’s not quite the name we were expecting, but automakers like Ferrari, Volvo and Mercedes have already integrated Apple’s system into future cars.

Volvo showcased CarPlay in its new XC90 SUV this morning, but here’s what CarPlay will like like for those rolling in a Benz:




Nothing exciting on the homescreen other than apps for Phone, Music, Maps, Messages, Now Playing and Mercedes own COMAND app but hopefully you’ll be able to add Spotify, Podcasts, and others.




Like the iOS Music app, you can search for tunes based on Artists, Songs, Playlists, Radio and others.




The Maps app comes with both a light and dark mode.



iMessages are composed using nothing but Siri. Better hope she digs your accent.

Source: Daimler
Via: iMore

  • JohnJohnJ

    To me the mounting looks like a tacky afterthought…

  • barnsey_00

    Volvo’s intergration kills the Merc!

  • Barrett Jasper

    Down lower near console would be better but I also hope it can be easily removed if they aren’t flush-mounting it then. At least it could be taken inside overnight or put in purse or briefcase etc.

  • Butt fugly. It is mounted terribly. This looks like a piece of junk designed only to attract trouble.