Apple Gobbles Up Chomp App Search Engine


Chomp, chomp. Apple gobbles up the startup app-search service
Chomp, chomp. Apple gobbles up the startup app-search service
  • FriarNurgle

    I never just browse the app store, instead relying on tech sites and word of mouth for app suggestions. The purchased app section of the app store app is a ridiculously slow. I can perform a normal generic search for an app faster than waiting for my purchased apps to load. Hopefully all this iCloud stuff will get better.  

  • Len Williams

    I keep running into people who say that iTunes is a miserable experience, and usually they’re Windows users. Charlie, however, seems to be a Mac user–at least I draw that conclusion from his bio information. I find iTunes on the Mac works just great for my needs. I have a music library that contains 34.35 GB of data that can play continuously for 24.5 days, plus various iPhone apps for my 4S. I’ve never had a problem with it or with the Mac App Store, although I did find that Lion downloaded very slowly. I simply took a break and allowed the thing to download. I’ve been a full-time business and personal Mac user since 1989 and OS 6!

    I don’t usually browse the iTunes or App Stores directly unless I already know what I want, which I usually find by daily reading CoM, and I’m interested to see what Chomp will bring to the table. Anything which will make searching and downloading faster I’m in favor of, of course. But, I don’t quite get how downloads could be speeded up–unless it somehow relieves server congestion on Apple’s side.

  • Al

    Agreed. The App Store has always been dire. And slow. I mean, how difficult can it be to load up a text page with a few screenshots? Some days I can’t load up certain app information at all. I’ve never seen such issues browsing Amazon.