iTunes Store And App Store Are Finally Getting A Much Needed Makeover [Rumor]




Apple’s OS X version of iTunes is the culprit of one of the worst UI experiences a user can have on a Mac. Even though iTunes is one of Apple’s greatest assests, it is also a horrible swampy mess of a place that most users hate to venture into unless absolutely necessary. Luckily, a report this morning claims that Apple is looking to launch a redesigned iTunes Store and App Store, stat.

9to5Mac claims that the redesign of the iTunes application for both Mac and PC is a top priority for Apple. Even though Apple is the undisputed king of the digital music market, the recent pressures of Spotify and Amazon’s online music store have necessitated a redesign if Apple hopes to maintain their footing as Lord of the Digital Realm. Work on the redesign has been underway for quite sometime and is expected to be unveiled during the traditional music focused event this Fall.

“The new design is said to be even simpler and more user-friendly than the current design. Apple is working on ways to enhance the speed and efficiency of finding new content, such as songs, videos, and applications. The cornerstone element of Apple’s new iTunes Store is interactivity. As Apple vaguely explained to a number of music labels and entertainment partners, Apple is looking to make the iTunes Store a much more engaging experience.”

Because the App Store for iOS strongly mirrors the functionality of the OS X iTunes Store, we imagine that changes would be made to both stores to provide consistency in the experience on both platforms. Apple hasn’t made a significant update to itunes since 2009 when they changed the color schemes and enacted a simpler method of discovering downloadable content.

We’re hoping that the iTunes Store will launch with a shiny, slimmer and easier to navigate version of iTunes, but it the report states it is unclear whether or not this will happen. We’ve been dying for a significant update to iTunes for about four years now, so any modifications made to the experience would be welcomed. Even though there’s not a better product currently on the market (have you tried using the horrific Google Music service?), we think Apple definitely needs to beef up the iTunes experience.

[via 9to5mac]