Apple’s Mac App Store Is Great For Consumers But A Big Problem For Business


  • jsaligoe

    Thanks for posting this article – you’ve covered all the bases. I am co-founder of Mapdiva and we offer Artboard exclusively on the MAS. Since our launch last February, we’ve been turning away educational customers seeking volume licensing for classrooms. It is painful.

  • ralphtweety

    I was wondering how long it was going to take for somebody to notice this issue. I’ve Mac OS to every company I’ve worked for since 1985 and this is just plain ludicrous. It just demonstrates how consumery Apple has chosen to become. Nobidy gets what a powerful enterprise machine Macintosh really is – not even Apple. (Need I even bring up sore points like XSAN and XSERVE, Final Cut Pro and

  • yourstruely101

    I hate to say this, but have you done any amount of research on this article at all? Apple has a Volume Purchasing program for both the Mac App Store as well as the iOS App Store. There is a limitation on these licenses in that you must be purchasing 20+ in order to qualify for the program (for the Mac App Store at least). Did you bother to contact Apple’s business support? That would have been my first suggestion.

  • yourstruely101

    Oh and one more thing…if I wanted to do a volume purchase from multiple software companies, that would be a much bigger hassle than if I were able to go to one company to supply me with the means to purchase multiple license of software from multiple companies all while working in 1 marketplace. AKA what Apple is doing. 

  • jsaligoe

    Unfortunately, the article is spot on. This is easily confusing because Apple has advertised that volume licensing is available for the Mac App Store, however it is limited to include only Apple’s own software titles:… .

    Conversely, the iTunes App Store (iOS) DOES offer volume purchasing (business and education) that is open all software titles, and any developer selling through the App Store can participate

    Unfortunately, there is no volume purchase on the Mac App Store (OS X) that is available for the hundreds of 3rd-party software titles that are currently for sale through the Mac App Store. Independent developers are not able to offer volume licenses to education and business through this channel. Hopefully, since Apple has developed the technology and process for their own software, as well as for all through the iTunes Apple Store (iOS), the MAS volume licensing (for all titles) will soon follow.