Internet musical asks, ‘What would Steve Jobs do?’


Who better to turn to in your moment of need?
Photo: Burning Man: The Musical

If you ever find yourself asking “What would Steve Jobs do?” in a bleak moment of crisis, you may well find yourself enjoying the latest would-be viral video.

Called Burning Man: The Musical, the short music video portrays the excitement around the annual Burning Man hippie-fest-turned-tech-networking-event, where zillionaire CEOs get together and pretend to be penniless beatniks for a couple of days, while staying in air-conditioned wigwams and attending $15,000-per-head parties.

Oh, and the video’s got a great Steve Jobs-themed song, too.

Steve Jobs movie isn’t really about Steve Jobs at all, says Kate Winslet


Winslet says the Mac's legendary marketing guru was one of the few people who didn't need anything from Steve Jobs.
Photo: Kate Winslet/Joanna Hoffman

The Steve Jobs movie isn’t really about Steve Jobs at all, claims actress Kate Winslet, who plays Joanna Hoffman, the legendary Macintosh marketing chief, in the upcoming film.

In a new interview, Winslet opens up about the movie, and says that it is more about one man’s ability to change the world — for better or worse.

Former Apple and Samsung employee dishes dirt on rivals’ innovation


Samsung's method of innovation is way different than Apple's.
Samsung's method of innovation is way different than Apple's.
Photo: Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr

Apple and Samsung are bitter rivals in the tech industry that make a lot of the same type of products, but when it comes to innovation, the two are complete opposites.

Arno Lenior is one of the few people on the planet who’s worked at both companies, and while Samsung gets a bad rap for copying Apple’s products, the former Apple marketing director reveals that in many ways, Samsung takes innovation just as seriously as they do in Cupertino, otherwise it would have never been able to go from a company that sold rice nearly 100 years ago, to transforming into one of the world’s top TV and smartphone manufacturers.

Now that Lenior left Samsung back in May, MarketingMag sat down with the Australian marketer to get his viewpoints on innovation and how it’s become part of the mindset at Apple.

Apple’s grab for street cred could bite it in the ass


Dre's finally apologizing for his misogyny.
Apple has its fair share of controversial characters.
Photo: Beats

Apple might be unfairly painted as an aging company run by middle-aged white dudes with “dad dancing” moves, but it’s certainly not shying away from controversial characters.

Cupertino’s roster today includes employees like Dr. Dre — a man who was the epitome of gangsta rap before becoming “hip-hop’s first billionaire” — and Trent Reznor, aka the singer who once made public his desire to, erm, sleep with you in an animalistic fashion.

It’s a safe bet that Apple wants to be down with the kids, but this controversy-seeking behavior comes with a fair share of risk. And it’s only going to be a matter of time before Apple is hit by it.