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WaterFi Will Let You Swim Laps With Your iPod Or Nike+ Fuelband [Review]


There is an ocean of fitness trackers out there, but not many you can take into the ocean with you. There is still a large pool of sports MP3 players out there, but not many that can go swimming. We take for granted the reason for this sad set of affairs. Water may be the giver of life to this planet, but it is the supreme enemy of gadgets everywhere.

Waterproofing by Waterfi
Category: Fitness
Works With: Nike+ Fuelband, iPod Shuffle
Price: $224.99, $139.99

That’s an annoyance even for the best of us. How many times have you been jogging, only for your MP3 player to get shorted out in the rain, or for your headphones to short out from your own sweat? And it’s doubly annoying for swimmers like me, who not only can’t take an iPod into the pool with us when we’re swimming laps, but who can’t even track our swims using fitness trackers like the Nike+ Fuelband.

That’s where WaterFi comes in. A Californian company, WaterFi specializes in taking other company’s gadgets and waterproofing them with a dual-coated, patent-pending process. WaterFi’s promise is that their process will make any gadget utterly resistent to even the most through dunking, but how well does it work in practice?

WaterFi was kind enough to send Cult of Mac two of their products for review: their waterproofed iPod Shuffle swim kit and their Waterproofed Nike+ Fuelband. But how well does it actually work?

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What iOS 7 Interface Might Look Like On The Square iPod Nano


iOS 7 received some mixed looks at first glance when it debuted on the iPhone. Maybe you hate Jony’s new icon grid or love it, but Chris Harris decided to see how the new interface faired on the old iPod Nano screen.

Even though the sixth gen iPod Nano doesn’t run full iOS, upgrading the layout to to the new grid wouldn’t look too bad. Here’s what Chris had to say about his mockup:

“I am not a ‘designer’ and I always choose clarity above style when I have my App Director hat on. Notice how the overly enlarged Safari circle, which some have called wrong, actually works really well in this particular situation.”

Misleading Corduroy Nano Case Made From Silicone, Not Cotton

Here’s a practical case for you. It’s called the Corduroy Clip Case, and — while only half of its name is true — it does appear like the perfect way to both carry your iPod and make yourself look like a kind of creepy, Robin Williams-esque man-child.

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Nanox Watch Kit: A Stylish Watch Converter For iPod Nano [Deals]

CoM - Nanox

A lot of people were saddened when the new iPod Nano sported a design that was no longer “watch-like”. That meant that the idea of making a watch out of the device was no longer an option. But with this Cult of Mac Deals offer, iPod Generation 6 owners get a stylish, hands-free solution in Nanox. And it can be had for just $34.99 – and this sale price includes the cost of shipping anywhere in the continental USA.

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Apple Patents Futuristic iPhone With Flexible, Wraparound Display


We’ve been waiting for Samsung to launch a new smartphone with a flexible, wraparound display ever since the Korean company began showing off its new technology at trade shows like CES. But it may need to move a little faster if it wants to be the first to market with this new form factor.

A new Apple patent published today by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office shows the Cupertino company has been also experimenting with wraparound displays for the iPhone, which provide a more rounded form factor not too dissimilar to that of the fourth- and fifth-generation iPod nanos.

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Bloomberg: Apple Wants To Launch The iWatch This Year

An iWatch concept.

An iWatch concept.

Bloomberg recently revealed that Apple has a team of 100 people working on its new iWatch, and according to its latest report, the Cupertino company is hoping to launch the device this year. The smart wristwatch, which could make calls, provide maps, and offer a pedometer, is expected to become more profitable than Apple’s much-anticipated television set.

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Apple Looking For Anodizing Engineer To Possibly Bring Color To iPhone 5S


We’ve seen quite a few rumors over the last couple of months that the next iPhone will come in a variety of colors. Last month we even detailed exactly how Apple will colorize the iPhone 5S, and it looks like we’re probably right.

Apple just posted a new job listing today that shows they are looking for an Anodizing Engineer to help add color to the next generation of Apple products like the iPhone 5S.

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Apple Teases January 25’s ‘Red Friday’ Deals For Asia


Apple celebrates the Chinese New Year by offering its fans in Asia one-day “Red Friday” deals, similar to the Black Friday sale it holds for customers in the United States. And the Cupertino company has today begun teasing the event via its online store with a big red advert that promises “great gifts for everyone on your list.”

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Loop Attachment’s Awesome Mummy Case Finally Comes To iPad Mini [CES 2013]


I’m a big fan of Loop Attachment’s Mummy cases for iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 5; I’ve reviewed them both in the past and found them to be two of the best silicone cases you can get for Apple’s smartphone. And so I’m delighted that the Mummy for iPad mini has finally be unveiled at CES in Las Vegas this week — alongside a nifty clip for the latest iPod nano.

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Weird Rumor Says Apple & Intel Are Working On An iWatch For 2013

Weird Rumor Says Apple & Intel Are Working On An iWatch For 2013

For a couple of glorious years, Apple’s iPod nano came in a form factor that could be worn as a watch. Then this year, as Apple is wont to do with the permanently schizo iPod nano line, Apple switched to another design entirely, leaving fans who want a bonafide iWatch in the lurch. But perhaps there is method in Apple’s madness, as a new rumor suggests that Cupertino has phased out the watch-like nano to build their own Bluetooth Smart Watch for 2013.

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