Apple Store Announces Black Friday Event



Update: A new Apple Store Black Friday “ad” leaked again to Boy Genius Report – this time from what the site described as a “pretty credible” source bearing “more reasonable” sale prices. Among the items, iMacs and MacBook Pros starting at $1098, iPod nanos for $138 and iPod touch for $178. Apple TV reportedly going for $208, Airport Express for $88 and the Magic Mouse and wireless keyboard for $64 each.

Apple today unveiled a teaser ad on its U.S. and UK online stores, offering no details on what bargains could be available for Mac fans. The official announcement comes just days after a purported flyer (later shot down) indicating up to a 30 percent discount on items.

“Come back to the Apple Online Store this Friday for a special one-day-only shopping event,” the ad urges. “You’ll find lots of iPod, iPhone and Mac gift ideas – all with free shipping.” Unlike the UK, where the upcoming holiday is not commonly observed, the U.S. online store mentions “the day after Thanksgiving.”

Last week, the Boy Genius Report wrote about an “unconfirmed” Apple sales flyer it received promoting 25 percent off on Macs and 30 percent off on iPods November 27. The “ad” was later determined to have used home-made graphics.

Although Apple released no details on this year’s Black Friday deals, judging by last year’s bargains, the price chopping was more like a subtle nick. In 2008, the Cupertino, Calif. shaved between $50-$101 off iMacs, $21 off the iPod touch and $21 off Apple TV, for example.

[Via 9to5Mac and MacRumors]