Apple’s Black Friday Sale Is Now Live: iPads, iPods, Macs & More Are Reduced


The best time to upgrade your Mac or iOS device.
The best time to upgrade your Mac or iOS device.

Apple’s Black Friday sale is now live at As expected, the Cupertino company has reduced the price tags of several Macs, the iPad and iPad mini, and the iPod nano and iPod touch. A lot of its own accessories, such as iPad Smart Covers and the Magic Mouse, are also included in the sale.

Apple’s reductions are almost identical to those we predicted earlier this month. You can save $101 on the new MacBook Pro and Retina MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air. However, the new iMac, which is still yet to go on sale, is not included in the promotion.

You can enjoy $41 off the new 16GB iPad, $51 off the 32GB model, and $61 off the 64GB model. Those discounts are identical whether you choose the Wi-Fi-only model, or the one with built-in LTE. As for the 16GB iPad 2, that has $31 off. Surprisingly, the iPad mini — which is expected to be a smash hit this holiday season — has not been reduced.

The new iPod touch has $31 off the 32GB model, and $41 off the 64GB model. The fourth-generation iPod touch is also included in the sale, with $21 off both the 16GB and 32GB models. The new iPod nano also has $11. The iPod shuffle — as expected — isn’t included in the sale.

Other Apple hardware featured in in the sale includes the AirPort Express, which has $11 off; the AirPort Extreme, which has $21 off; and the Time Capsule, which also has $21 off. Apple’s Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and Wireless Keyboard all have $11 off.

You can check out all of Apple’s discounts via its online store, or in your local Apple store. However, before you make any purchases, it may be worth comparing prices with other third-party retailers. The likes of Amazon and Best Buy traditionally offer better discounts on Apple gear than the company itself does.

Source: Apple