The iPhone 5S Will Have A Fingerprint Sensor And Launch In June [Analyst]




There have been all sorts of crazy rumors about the iPhone 5S. Some have said it might launch in June. It could have NFC built-in with a ‘Super HD’ camera. There might even be multiple iPhone colors for you to choose from.

If you want high-tech security in your iPhone, then maybe this new rumor will get you excited. According to one analyst, the next iPhone will be rocking a built-in fingerprint sensor, and it’s going to debut alongside a cheaper iPhone model.

Ming-Chi Kuo, over at KGI Securities, has made some correct predictions on Apple product launches in the past, so while we trust him a bit, we’re also skeptical of the timeframe he’s pushing.

Apple acquired the fingerprint sensor maker, AuthenTec last year. They also signed a deal with an Australian company that specializes in biometric security called Microlatch. Both of those deals didn’t come through till the last half of 2012 though, so we’d be surprised if Apple was able to integrate them in time for the iPhone 5S launch.  It’s more likely that we’ll see biometric security make its way into the iPhone 6, but we’d be pleasantly surprised if we see it sooner.

As for other features the iPhone 5S might get, Kuo says the new device will have an improved camera, and an A7 chip (both are obvious guesses).

Along with His new report for Apple’s 2013 product roadmap claims that Apple will launch a cheaper, plastic iPhone alongside the iPhone 5S that has the same appearance as the iPhone 5, but it will come in different colors. We’ve heard similar reports from both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg that Apple is considering a cheaper iPhone. Some rumors have suggested that Apple is already talking to carriers about selling the cheap iPhone and that it will retail for $99 to $149.

Both the cheap iPhone and the iPhone 5S should be announced in June or July, according to Kuo, and Apple is expected to begin preliminary builds of both devices in March.


Source: Macworld

Image: Ars

  • ronmason

    why would they have a fingerprint scanner? That’s old legacy tech that doesn’t work well and would blemish the phone… Facial recognition sound more like it.

  • Whodakat

    why would they have a fingerprint scanner? That’s old legacy tech that doesn’t work well and would blemish the phone… Facial recognition sound more like it.

    Shortsighted. Imagine 1Password built in. Every time you go to login to an app or to a website, you just touch the home key for authentication. No more 4 digit pass code, just touch. No more typing in your iTunes password! There isn’t anything “legacy” about that.

  • FriarNurgle

    How can I become an analyst? Pretty sure my educated guesses would be sooooo much better than some of this crap.

    No way Apple will do anything more than a simple spec bump with the 5S. And the “cheaper” iPhone rumor is ridiculous.

  • rellimnitsuj

    Iris identification would be a much better choice for the iPhone than fingerprint or face, as it’s undisputedly the fastest and most accurate biometric (I worked in the biometric industry for 10 years). Apple’s purchase of Authentek never made sense to me because fingerprint recognition requires that a fingerprint sensor be embedded into the phone, while iris (or face) identification technology is so advanced now that it works even with shoddy cameras like the front-facing one on the iPhone. Apple would be better served if they would team up with someone like and integrate iris technology into the 5S rather than fingerprint.


    Cheaper iPhone! How embarrassing! Time to sell my Apple stock.

  • Matthew Gonzales Landry

    I can’t imagine the iPhone 5S with an A7. I figured Apple would camp the A6 for two generations. I’d don’t know. Damn, the A8 is coming out soon. This is getting too crazy.

  • youngnerves

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