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App searches now have a lot more in store for developers.
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The most awesome new apps you might have missed this week



Awesome Apps of the Week

It’s the weekend, which means that Cult of Mac is ready to bring you a roundup of the last week’s best new app releases and updates for iOS and Mac.

From the week's best new iOS shooter, to a significant live-streaming app update to Twitter, to a gorgeous new Mac Twitter client, we've got what you need to make your next week an 'appy one

Pun fully intended!

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Opener solves a problem many users have with web-links on iOS: namely that links routinely ignore the native apps users already have installed on their phones. As an example, tapping a news article featuring a tweet will likely direct you toward Twitter’s mobile site as opposed to the Twitter app.

Opener gives you the option of choosing which native apps you want to open each link with. Apple may well add this feature to a later version of iOS but, for now, Opener is your best available solution.

Available on: iPhone

Price: $1.99

Download: App Store

Photo: Opener


Sure, live-streaming app Periscope has been around for more than the last week, but it got a pretty significant update over the past seven days.

Anyone who has used Periscope knows that the search function is one of the app’s weakest points. This week’s 1.1 update gives you the ability to sort streams by location using a new map view which appears on the ‘global’ tab. It also now lets you replay streams immediately after they end, rather than having to wait until users upload them.

Bit by bit, Periscope is becoming the game-changing app we want it to be.

Available on: iPhone

Price: Free

Download: App Store

Photo: Periscope

Hitman: Sniper

Speaking of games, Square Enix’s Hitman: Sniper is up there with the week’s most anticipated releases. Putting you back in the shoes of Agent 47, Hitman: Sniper asks you to stealthily dispatch targets with your trusty sniper rifle across a whopping 150 missions. Following on from the fantastic mobile Hitman: Go game, Hitman: Sniper is a whole lot of fun. Albeit perhaps not one for the kids.

Available on: iPhone

Price: $4.99

Download: App Store


Some apps flashily announce their presence. Others just run quietly in the background, while providing us with incredibly useful functionality. TrakCar is an example of the latter. Designed to help you find your way back to your vehicle after you’ve parked it, the app automatically records your parking location when you arrive somewhere, and then guides back there when you’ve finished.

On top of this you can enter manual parking locations where required. The only downside is that running GPS in the background on your iPhone can have an effect on battery life. But, hey, so can walking around for hours without remembering where you left your car!

Available on: iPhone

Price: Free

Download: App Store

Photo: TrakCar


Our last recommended app of the week is an update to the popular third-party Mac Twitter client, Tweet. Not only does Tweetbot support features like GIFS, group DMs and embedded video (which Twitter’s official app doesn’t), but it looks just plain beautiful on OS X Yosemite — with the kind of streamlined UI we can only dream of Twitter adding.

To put it simply, if you use Twitter on your Mac, this is the app you want to use to do it. ‘Nuff said.

Available on: Mac

Price: $12.99

Download: Mac App Store

Photo: Tweetbot

New versions of Tweetbot for iPhone, iPad and Mac are on the way


Photo: Mark Jardine
Tweetbot is ready for an upgrade. Photo: Mark Jardine

Many of us have been eagerly awaiting a new version of Tweetbot for iPad for quite a while now, as well as an updated version of Tweetbot for Mac. The wait seems like it’s drawing to a close though. Today, developer Tapbots shared some updates, giving us a roadmap for the next updates to both Tweetbots for Mac and Tweetbot for iOS.

Tweetbot for Mac disappears from the Mac App Store


Tweetbot for Mac has been pulled from the Mac App Store. Photo: Tapbots
Tweetbot for Mac has been pulled from the Mac App Store. Photo: Tapbots

In 2013, Twitter introduced a new policy that was designed to prevent third-party Twitter clients from gaining too much popularity. The design to the Twitter API basically capped the number of API “tokens” a third-party developer have. Each token is tied to a user, so the effect is that if a third-party Twitter client gets too popular, Twitter will stop allowing new users of that app into the service.

Over the weekend, it appears that Tapbot’s third-party Twitter app, Tweetbot for Mac, finally ran up against its token limit… and as of right now, has been pulled from the Mac App Store.

These killer apps turn your Mac into a social media machine



While looking at social media on your favorite iOS devices is smooth, making the transition to the Mac just isn’t quite the same. Though there are plenty of top-notch applications for looking at Twitter or Snapchat on iOS, the social media gems on Mac can be hard to find.

In today’s video, we’ll show you the top social media apps for Mac so you can transport the fun from iOS to your desktop in the most efficient ways possible. Here’s how to enjoy the fun of Snapchat, Instagram and more, all on your Mac by downloading some killer social apps.

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Infinite Tweet 2 Lets Jailbreakers Tweet Infinite Jest


Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 6.48.03 AM

The arbitrary 140 character limit of tweets can oftentimes seem as maddeningly arbitrary as it is maddeningly short. It’s not arbitrary, actually: Twitter was originally designed to work over dumbphones as an SMS service, and 140 characters is the maximum size of a single SMS (longer SMSes are actually sent as multiple messages and pieced together by your phone). In turn, the reason SMSes are 140 characters is that’s the maximum amount of information that fits into the small pocket of bandwidth that is left over with all the cellular voice calls whizzing through the air.

Interesting, huh? And, of course, Twitter’s cultural tersity has its benefits. Still, sometimes you just want to send a longer tweet, only to be thwarted by Twitter’s hardline stance. For just those moments, a new jailbreak tweak called Infinite Tweet 2 has come to make things easier for you.