Today in Apple history: Steve Jobs flips out at iPad tweet


The first-gen iPad in all its glory.
Photo: Apple

Feb8 February 8, 2010: Steve Jobs reportedly flips out over a tweet sent from an iPad by a Wall Street Journal editor

The reason? Because the iPad was being shown to the news outlet months ahead of its official release. While Jobs had already unveiled the device to the public, the suggestion that people outside Apple gained early access to the tablet was apparently enough to upset the CEO.

The tweet was rapidly deleted.

Google Putting Finishing Touches On Official Google Maps App For iPhone [Report]



Google is putting the finishing touches on its standalone Maps app for iOS, according to a new report today from The Wall Street Journal. A beta version of the app has reportedly been distributed to select testers within and outside Google as the search giant gets ready to submit the final version to Apple’s App Store.

Since Apple introduced its own Maps app in iOS 6, there has been much speculation surrounding Google’s plans for its own mapping service on the iPhone. Unless Apple says no, Google Maps should be arriving in the App Store soon.