How To Activate Passbook In iOS 6 Beta


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Itching to try out Passbook already? Here's how to activate it.

Apple released its second iOS 6 beta to registered developers yesterday, and it included a number of new changes. The Cupertino company’s new Passbook app remains inactive, however… unless you know about the workaround.

Although nothing you can do within the Passbook app itself will get it working, there is a little trick you can perform in mobile Safari. Here’s what you need to do.

First, open up Safari on your iOS 6 device and visit Here you’ll find a number of Passbook templates for all kinds of different things, including boarding passes, coupons, store cards, and more.

Tap on one of the templates to set up your card, coupon, or ticket. You will then need to enter the relevant information — this will be different depending on what kind of template you’ve chosen.

Once you’ve completed the form, hit the ‘Create’ button and you’ll be presented with a .pkpass file. Tap on this to open Passbook, where the card you just created will be added to your wallet. You now have a functional Passbook app (almost), though you’ll still need to create new cards in Safari until Apple updates the Passbook app.

Source: Redmond Pie

  • cpmorris0

    Doesn’t work for me. The only options I get to open this file are LogMeIn and AirSharing.

  • appledrunk1

    It does work and the cards created are functional. For anyone interested in installing iOS 6 betas, you can check out to get your UDID activated to use iOS 6.

  • KnoxDeanne

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  • MagnumShares

    Passbook will work once you delete Logmein, Airsharing, Box, Receipts, etc. all of which interfere with the interface at this time.

  • tomahawk

    Thanks for sharing. I’ve also found a cool site that has sample passes – including a Lady Gaga Ticket example. And a very cool Starbucks card… just refresh it and you’ll see what I mean.
    Simply go to and you can try out a bunch of Passes there. Remember you need iOS6 Beta installed on your phone for the Passes to open. And if you are like me I had to delete GoodReader, and a couple of other apps to make sure that the Mime Type was correct. Once the iPhone knows these passes are associated with Passbook you can reinstall GoodReader and the other apps.
    So – check out Have fun