Retina Display, Quad-Core iPad 3 With 4G Set For March 7th Unveiling [Rumor]


image via Bloomberg
image via Bloomberg

Following an earlier report from AllThingsD that the iPad 3 will be unveiled during the first week of March, iMore claims that Apple’s event is set to take place on Wednesday, March 7th.

The rumored tablet will reportedly feature a quad-core A6 processor, 2048×1536 ‘Retina’ display, and possible 4G LTE chipset technology.

Citing “sources who have been reliable in the past,” iMore seems to think that an A6 processor and Retina display are given features for the iPad 3, with 4G LTE considered as a “possible” upgrade.

4G LTE networking has been another mystery surrounding the iPad 3, with a compatible Qualcomm chipset becoming available, but international LTE coverage is still slim, and in some cases a year or more away. It sounds like Apple has 4G LTE lined up for iPhone 5 this October, but we’re still not certain if the iPad 3 will get it earlier.

A Retina display is a given, with several other sources corroborating the same rumor. It also makes sense for Apple to upgrade the processor to the A6, although opinions have been split on whether the silicon will be quad-core. Upgraded cameras and possible Siri integration could also be introduced with the iPad 3 next month.

Apple has been known to hold media events on Wednesday, so iMore’s date isn’t far-fetched. Whatever the exact date may be, expect a new iPad to drop in the next few weeks.

The very reliable Jim Dalrymple of The Loop has given this iPad 3 announcement date prediction a resounding “yep.”

  • iDaveG

    What ever it has (4G, Quad-Core etc) I will be holding onto my iPad2 for now.

  • BuckyThreadkiller

    If it is 4G it will be the real beginning of the exodus from AT&T. By separating iPad and iPhone plans and not allowing them to share accounts/connections/bandwidth AT&T has allowed long time users a means to sample other providers. Those of us who find ourselves being continually squeezed by plan slamming, doubling rates for activation fees and throttled unlimited plans who are tired of AT&T acting like a monopoly can begin to walk away. 

  • Trisjen1983

    Lies,lies,Lies. This won’t be quad core or 4G!! But it will be the same old same old, what we have seen before!!!

  • Omar de la Serna

    Amen to that!

  • Bridger Lowe

    I absolutely cannot wait for this device. I have sold my iPad 1 in preparation for it and I just saved up enough money to buy it. I don’t think it will be quad core. Probably going to be dual core. I would love it to be quad core though. 

  • Dinnie Lim

    I am really looking forward to this iPad. Friend and I have been holding out on buying the first to for one that has retina display. Can’t wait!

  • Fabrice Faury

    Ipad3 : Doubles everything

    quadcore : double power
    retina : double resolution
    4G : double speed
    + 1mm : double battery life

    Apple now 2 laps ahead of the “competition”

  • Mike Rathjen

     Verizon allows you to share bandwidth on iPhone and iPad?

  • Svapo

    Whatever it has, I already sold my ipad2