In its first five years, the App Store becomes an unstoppable money machine, paying out $10 billion to app developers.
In its first five years, the App Store becomes an unstoppable money machine.
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Apple joins White House effort to help workers find the jobs of the future


Find Something New
If you thought switching from PC to Mac was strange, try jumping to an entirely new career.
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With nearly 18 million Americans out of work because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Apple, IBM and other companies teamed up with the White House to help workers find new jobs.

The result is the Find Something New campaign. The program encourages to people explore a wide range of education and training options beyond the traditional four-year degree.

New Apple course shows educators how to teach coding with Swift and Xcode


A new course taught by Apple will help educators learn to teach Swift and Xcode.
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Apple on Thursday unveiled a free course to train educators to teach others how to program in Swift and Xcode, tools used to write apps for iPhone and Mac.

In addition, Apple improved its Develop in Swift and Everyone Can Code curricula. And it’s adding new remote learning resources for parents and teachers educating children at home.

Take the weekend to boost your marketable skills [Deals]


Skills Weekend
Learn Excel, a new language, online marketing and more with this roundup of weekend skills training.
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For a growing number of people, the COVID-19 lockdown makes it unclear where the next paycheck will come from. That makes it a good time to brush up on skills so that wherever opportunity arises, you’re ready. The courses in this Cult of Mac Deals roundup will teach you vital, resume-boosting covers skills like iOS development, Excel, digital marketing and foreign languages.

Grab one (or more) of these deeply discounted educational bundles today. And then start racking up certified skills so you’ll be ready to jump on future hot jobs.

Swift Crypto will help more developers than ever to build secure applications


Swift Crypto will help more developers than ever to build secure applications
Apple is helping Swift apps become more secure than ever.
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Apple has introduced a new open-source Swift Crypto package which makes the secure capabilities of Apple’s CryptoKit available to the wider Swift community — even if they’re deploying their software on platforms other than Apple’s own.

The new library bolsters the security-minded CryptoKit API Apple introduced at last year’s WWDC event.

Apple helps teach Swift coding lessons to kids as young as 5


Apple helps teach coding lessons to kids as young as 5
I wish my classroom had looked like this!
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Kids as young as five are learning the principles of coding — courtesy of Apple’s expanding Swift learning curriculum.

As part of EU Code Week, Apple is highlighting how its Swift coding language is helping improve educational outcomes for kids throughout Europe. And not just where you’d expect either.

Swift code usage more than doubles with iOS 13


Swift usage is on the rise again.
Photo: Killian Bell/Cult of Mac

Apple’s own programming language is slowly taking over its mobile operating systems. iOS 13 contains more than twice as much Swift as iOS 12, according to research from Alexandre Colucci.

A huge number of Apple’s own apps and features now contain Swift binaries. A total of 141 have been uncovered in Apple’s most recent iOS 13.1 release.