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Preserve memories forever with this Kodak film and slide scanner


Get a Kodak film scanner for only $169.97 through October 15th!
Turn dusty photographic relics into vibrant digital images you can look at (and share) anywhere.
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Don’t let your analog memories fade into the past. Instead of piling up photo albums, you can scan your film to view the images on digital displays, computers, TVs, phones and any other device you’d like.

You can preserve precious memories by digitizing them with the Kodak Slide N Scan Film and Slide Scanner, on sale for $169.97 (regularly $224) with code KODAK through October 15.

Digitize old film and slides with a Kodak Slide N Scan scanner


Keep your past Labor Days close with $54 off the Kodak Slide N Scan.
Save $54 on scanning your Labor Day memories with the Kodak Slide N Scan.
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If you’ve got old photos and slides, digital preservation is the best way to make them accessible. The Kodak Slide N Scan makes keeping these memories easy. And it’s on sale now through September 4 for Labor Day. With code KODAK, you can save $54 off the original MSRP.

Preserve photographic memories with the Kodak Slide N Scan scanner [Deal extended]


Preserve photographic memories with the Kodak Slide N Scan scanner.
Turn analog photos digital with the Kodak Slide N Scan scanner.
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While today’s iPhone snapshots are easily preserved and shared, families can struggle to retain older memories recorded on film. The Kodak Slide N Scan can not only preserve negatives and slides, but it can also restore them with a few button presses.

Apple suppliers confirm two of iPhone 8’s biggest features


iPhone 8 facial recognition
We could be waiting a long time for iPhone 8.
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Apple supplier Largan says it will ship its new 3D sensors in time for iPhone 8, while another supply chain vendor confirms waterproof wireless charging technology.

Largan’s sensors are capable of carrying out facial and iris recognition and provide an alternative to fingerprint scanning. They could be the solution Apple turns to if it is unable to embed a Touch ID scanner beneath the iPhone 8’s display.

Doxie Scanner Software For Mac Adds ‘Send to OneNote’ Compatibility




OneNote is one of the few Microsoft apps that Mac users seem to have actually been pining for. Like aging pro wrestlers, Excel, Powerpoint and Word have become bloated, slow and boorish over the years, and have been forgotten for more nimble Mac-friendly options like Keynote and Numbers. OneNote, on the other hand, is fairly unique and remains extremely useful and hugely popular — so it was no small thing today when it finally popped up at the Mac App Store (an iOS version has been around for a while).

Apparent, the company behind Doxie scanners, lost no time in partnering up with Microsoft to make their software OneNote compatible — the Doxie desktop software already contains a one-click button that sends any scanned document straight to OneNote.

Structure Sensor Turns The iPad Into A 3-D Scanner




When it comes to screens, 3-D=lame: our own brains are more than capable of turning 2-D cues into full 3-D scenes without any weird glasses or other trickery. But 3-D scans are totally useful for all kinds of fun and frolics, as well as real, serious applications. And now you can turn your iPad into a 3-D scanner with the Structure Sensor.

Doxie’s New See-Through, Handheld Flatbed Scanner Will Make You Flip [Review]



Flip byDoxie
Category: Scanners
Works With:Mac, iPad
Price: $149

I have one of Doxie’s neat candybar-shaped paper scanners, and it’s great for getting through piles of paper. I can scan bills, flyers, photos and even whole books – I ripped all the pages from a beloved but falling-apart cookbook and scanned the pages one at a time to make a PDF.

But for anything less sheet-shaped, it’s useless. And often the next best option – your iPhone’s camera – isn’t much better. You have to focus it, hold it steady, and somehow wedge the pages of your Moleskine notebook open with one hand while lining up your scanning app with the other

That’s the slot that Doxie’s Flip wants to fill. It anything that’s not a big sheet of paper. Although it can kinda do that too.